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Burning In The Skies (I)

On September 18, 2015, in Leadership XXL-Pack, by Neculai Fantanaru

Monitor your progress at the turning point between the dream and the palpable, poignantly manifesting your quality of introducing yourself in the existence of a world perceived through the senses of advanced knowledge.

I was reviewing those symbolic words, small mysteries stemming from a percentage of inspiration contained in the transformation field of my creation space: "All I really Want to Do", as a profound mirror of proximity. They put into motion my intelligence considered a skill of perfect virtue, giving the impression of a return to thought towards the coordinated principles of a self that seemed to spring from the divine.

The only spark of reason that illuminates a writer’s world is the idea of being original. To this was added the risk of testing my limits, after the considerations of an empirical distribution of the value of the duration on which the entire conception of a superior invention called "The 6th Sense" was based upon. And this rejuvenation of forces, broke out of an ideal of the eclectic halo, was due entirely to a vigorous protest aimed at my own law of functioning. As if someone had gradually increased my intellectuality, calling to an effect with a blockbuster potential.

Unstoppable, the words snuggled into my world to provide imagination with the material of exploring different contexts of using information. Invasive, all of these came to my mind, as the torch burns by consuming oxygen, during my entry into that dimension called extraversion, when the meaning I attributed to ideas and writing surpassed the limit of experimental knowledge. "I’m swimming in the smoke / Of bridges I have burned."

The reality of an artist is like using a “stop” word under the dominance of a sense of intimacy: it can be confirmed by an act of temporary use of more elaborate notions, but always up to a point.

But the man of endless knowledge, this Jupiter orbiting ageless stories, at the turning point between the dream and the palpable, engages profoundly in the possession of the succession of perceptual agreements, only with the permission of the Ego who incessantly cries out: "Exalt yourself above the heavens". Triumphantly, it embraces what emerges through a YES coming from a categorical NO. I used the deadwood to make the fire rise.

With the rebirth of worlds unseen, by capturing some notions stemming suddenly from a sort of burning of words, from their taming with the help of the process of redefining metaphorical traps, this man self-exploits himself. As if he’d been brainstorming only to produce the active substance, the philosopher’s stone whose particular curvature is characterized through the so-called omega point. He must, obligatorily, be taken as a witness of a true liberating practice. "I’m lost in the beating of the storm."

If I had likened myself to such a man, under the impression of a sense of symbolic power, or in order to awaken an aesthetic pleasure, I should first have to combine the echoes of my heart’s battles with a flow of images that never stops. It was as if I had created a new detachable character in the whole of a work of art as the instant narrative of an endless story.

It could have been said that I was lost or absorbed in a work of art, entering its world on the back door of a life of story that still fills me with wonder.

Leadership: Can you portray the image of a rich creation, setting in the minds of men the aesthetics of a successful story through a comparison that relies exclusively on the materiality of the form and substance terms detached from the joints of the emotions and visions that accompany real life?

Intelligence springing from an overflow of inspiration, as a specifically human activity maker of values that can contribute successfully to achieving optimal aesthetic results, relates not only to the aspirations of improvement of minds prone to a type of advanced knowledge, as much as especially to the trends and demands of functionality of the potential of personal renewal.

The intelligence of the creative man is like the communicative image of a funny idea. It can be highlighted through a combination of foreground frames caught in an alternative version of thinking drawn from the denial or acceptance of any truth. It belongs, therefore, to one of the few classes of combinations, to which an enormous class opposes, which includes the rest of quantification or customization possibilities of what you have achieved through learning and successive assimilation.

The aesthetic of a story can be fixed in the minds of men by a comparison that relies exclusively on the materiality of the terms of form and substance derived from everyday life, but also on the image of a being that becomes truly free in an oneiric way. In fact, we can see the aesthetics of the story as the most vibrant combination of emotion and vision, sensation and perception, when we seek to extract new truths about the world and life using narrative techniques that outline our ability to see the world through the eyes of the protagonists of a parallel universe.

Leadership: Can you bring perfection in all foreground frameworks of a work of art by embracing what emerges by means of the YES stemming from a categorical NO?

In leadership, that poignant quality of man to reintroduce himself in the existence of a world perceived by the senses that advanced knowledge gives to the elements of conceptual structure of ideas and perspectives that promote the progress of science is manifested. Science is not only an uninterrupted search for new perspectives to look at the world and the human being, a permanent struggle to find out how the Universe works, but it is also a process of transforming a hybrid conception into “alternative truth” and then into simply “truth”.

And the way of rationalizing the content of revelations or conclusions drawn from the implications of this process of successive use of information, later transforming you into a critic or an omniscient being, gives your own creative entity more guarantees of functioning.

Foreground frames are subjective representations developed based on the interpretation of those helpful questions coming from the condensation and use of information, which could otherwise mislead the seeker of new scientific approaches when he goes too deep into outlining ideas that distort personality.

But the scientist with leadership skills is "reborn" from what he himself experiences on a level of interpretation. He always embraces what emerges by means of the YES coming from a categorical NO, even if this means running in circles after the same vain mirages that pushes him further away from important truths. Even if this means abandoning himself in the process of assimilating, processing and transmitting information. Such a Jupiter orbiting endless stories, always finds the power and reason for continuing its path.

Leadership is the teaching extracted from the charm of a spectacular artistic creation that wants to spread a storyline that you can no longer divide.

Burning In The Skies suggests that creative part of you, as powerful due to your desire of experimenting with the informational resources that create addiction, and just as vulnerable in the face of the "mirage" phenomenon (something that looks nice on the outside, but doesn’t have a base, a solid substance).

* Note: Linkin Park - Burning In The Skies


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