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Come Vorrei

On August 28, 2019, in Personal Development, by Neculai Fantanaru

The story behind the epic of life is the picture of a guessed, interpreted, but little-known world, to which you must always add something.

Long ago, a garden full of roses won my full interest. The force with which the roses are incarnated individually, in many worldly conceptions, in what is called “well-being”, is built around an approach to modeling the self, between truth and transient things. Here I discovered for the first time the fascination of flowers, the natural landscape and the carefully chosen art and finesse, from which you feel attracted by that artist’s curiosity meant to observe in every detail a new representation of reality based on a formula with emotional extract: “It’s too little of everything that should be said.”

But it is quite sad in life not to have to walk around such a corner of heaven, ideal for a plus of life, when from every moment, peace-bearers, with profound implications, the artist’s talent to make it possible to reach the absolute and enter into another phase of the creative process can be reaped. The perception of a person, or what they think, is a pure reception of the values ​​of the pure spirit, of the vulnerable existence forced to reinvent itself by its supreme force: love, which Leonard Cohen at one time recognized as a piece of the heart of a man of great character.

Now, when I write all this, I can only meet that moment of emotional vulnerability, as in a dream that I continue to experience in silence, with nobility, with grace, by recalling the unspoken joys and the imagined beauties, in the middle of a painting inscribed in the dimensions of an intense red that easily transcends states, thoughts, divine light and diffused concepts.

The memories still haunt me, comfort me with words, with creative impulse, with thinking in images, lifting me with delicacy, with nobility, with pride, at the height of an alleged revelation of the soul. But they never overwhelm me with a content of 100% expressive force. Because what returns to memory, what allows itself to be found at any time is probably sad, painful and brings about disillusion, like a mother’s embrace that you want to extend repeatedly, but never feel coming ever again.

Leadership: Can you increase the impact between what makes you feel one with the soul of another being and what you present to the world through the filter of similarity with a fundamental element of your visual environment?

This moment of the so-called immortal, endless, captivating and endearing memory, complete with chromatic refinement and stimulated with a new flowering of roses, is intensely illuminated by the subtle pleasure of a pleasant company, in honor of an emotional quality with which it the color red is invested: the passion to live by self-giving, by sincerity, by aesthetic fulfillment and by the stories of others. Ci sono giorni in cui non dormo e penso a te…

Unquestionably. I let myself be conquered by the novelty of the encounter offered by another kind of aesthetic intervention, another assortment of breathlessness of mind and soul, which absorbs you completely, without escape, in a whirlwind of attractions of the beautiful, of irresistible temptations, feelings with a strong effect in a universe I call so dearly: My Universe. The roses have the charm of bringing those very special people near you, whom you cannot separate from. Come vorrei che tu mi amassi a modo mio…

For a young and casual girl like her, roses do their best to convey what words often fail to do, facilitating entry into a world without borders, in a world that ends nowhere. It was like my discovery of another life, a spontaneous way of transcending knowledge, permanently enriching the perceived content with one imagined by the force of expressing in image and color a complex inner world. Come vorrei che questo amore che va via…

Leadership: Can the content rendered by the image of your creation be perceived as a sign of superiority in transmitting a diverse range of emotions, depending on what you want to experience through a demonstration of confidence in the value of the proposed artistic act?

The content rendered by the image of my creation, the rose seen as the protagonist of an authentic life story, can be perceived as a sign of superiority in transmitting a varied range of emotions only when they appeal to the seductive idea of ​​timeless elegance, presented in a new way around a sensitive subject, of a romantic and artistic aspect at the same time.

Thus, I induce a certain positive perception of myself, a certain amount of sensitivity that places me above the areas of material interest and transform me into a source of expressiveness which finds no equal in the world, especially on leadership.

She smiled at me. I offered her a Double-Delight rose as a sign of respect for her power to capture attention, to provoke the imagination, to convey states, through the combination between a vivid poetic of the dream and a disguised version of the gesture of covering one’s mouth, as when caught by surprise. Senza parole. No resistance from her.

Viewed with the eye of admiration for the beautiful, the rose makes the transition from instinct to feeling.

She was gentle and loving, endowed with the ability to look beyond the appearance of the one who holds her captive in the moving, uplifting, suggestive picture of a guessed world. The “tamed” version of expressionism. Her beauty seemed to have that quality of artwork that makes you understand what is ambiguous to you, to unravel the great mystery of the autonomy of artistic language in a way that pleases you. Senza cadere in una nuova gelosia…

To belong to nobody, to not belong to any sphere of painting, to live like an exile, is a damn painful feeling. I had to address my heart, like an artist who discovers the delicate touch of nature. This being so cute, polite, beautiful, sincere, spiritual and unique in this world, I will never forget. Just as she will never forget me, because the roses have already created that subtle experience of a good mood, transformed into a feeling of warmth that constantly nourishes you with the magic of an illusione di un bell'aspetto per sempre.

We had the opportunity to see ourselves, quite randomly, in a moment full of sincerity and tenderness, anticipating the aesthetics of the three criteria of human fulfillment: the charm of being empathetic, the grace to give meaning to life and the strength to move forward. We remembered our first date, and we behaved just like roses that bloom all year. Their powerful and conquering fragrance, so sweet, pure and sensual, could only be felt through a beautiful combination of words: “the nobility of the soul and the elegance of small gestures”.

The value of the artistic act proposed by a beautiful lover can be expressed by the attention given to a moment of sincerity from which it is possible to revive that attitude related to nature, but especially that attitude of spirit, humble towards the greatness of the creation called “Starmi Vicino”.

Come Vorrei highlights the instinct to preserve the moment, the state and the feelings of an artist who refuses to alienate the painting that he still considers unfinished, always finding something to add to it.

In the name of love and art, expressed through the red of roses, it is important to never think about how much the constant called “now” will persist, but to permanentize that state of non-separation that the first meeting rather slips into an astral projection, than in the physical plane, in the picture of a guessed world, interpreted, but little known, to which you must always add something…


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