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Cosa Sei

On September 05, 2019, in Human Resources, by Neculai Fantanaru

Leadership is the miracle of a creation that can at any time engage in explaining the link between what remains unchanged over time and what comes as an enrichment of the concrete experience transposed into a surrealist vision.

Whenever I am in the presence of roses, which the writers so often contemplate as a storytelling show, which the artists raise to the rank of a muse of the most perfect creation of God, I achieve with great aplomb, with spirit of symbolic interpretation of nature, con quella finezza di dettagli, to put me in the position of experiencing a karmic resonance, a state of grace that unites hearts through love. Even the roses feel the need to speak, in a quiet voice, through the words emerging from the sweet comfort of a sweet gratitude for an eternally creative look.

Art is present where the roses reveal their entire coloristic force, purposely penetrating the viewer’s soul with the meaning that gives the expressivity of a reality captured in the life of the artist’s canvas, worked with diligent hands. The mysterious life of the old portraits, the life from the great book of nature, the material expression of some aesthetic or cultural fixations, passed through the fine, soft and velvety brush of the creator of multi-universes, certifies the potential with which we have been invested since birth: the grace to be a gift to the many faces of creation.

Leadership: What is the characteristic of the picture in the story of your life that can become a manifestation of the possibilities of switching to a form of expressing the most vivid emotions, in order to define authenticity based on the impression of improvisation?

Here is a lady full of naturalness in the tangled maze of the park’s paths, which the elegance of manners praises as an admirer of simple things, a dreamer of an ideal world. It is enchanting by the attractiveness and mystery it unleashes gracefully, as a kind of confirmation of the delicacy of emotions floating in infinite space. Here is what I like most about her: she is alone. Non lo sai neanche tu cosa sei. She blushes like a rose when she feels the presence of someone around her. The pronounced color of her lips, which sketch a slight smile, nevertheless offers room for maneuver to the one who knows how to notice a chance when it appears:

- Forgive me, miss, it is clear that you are quite fond of roses. You are perhaps a painter, are you not?

The discreet smile, the glamorous look, and her warm tone response, are the first sign of goodwill oriented to develop an open and perceptive dialogue, complementary to the surrounding space, becoming movement, gesture, interpretation of a work of art. The characteristic of the painting that no one can decipher in this context is that it can be customized according to the preferences for the thematic idea of “Why Not Otherwise?”

- No, I’m not a painter. I would have liked to be, maybe a long time ago, but I chose a different path. Unfortunately. Do you think I lost sight of something important?

Leadership: To what extent do you follow your passion to create experiences and sketch memories, in order to convey a visual image that has the potential to cause an astonishing reaction to the reality that is stubbornly set to withstand the challenges of the present?

In the novel “Exuvii”, writer Simona Popescu helps me make possible the interpretation of the rose by the awareness of a carefully defined identity, ogni istante anche adesso così, through the simplicity superimposed on an apparent fragility of a confessional order, through the mastery that transforms emotional states into attitudes of aesthetic resonance:

“It is an unknown presence, not knowing itself. In it you discover the beauty about which one cannot speak, the beauty of the mute, the immortal. It is the beauty of the one who does not love himself, because he does not know this kind of love, the beauty of the one who does not know what beauty is. It’s the beauty of the indifferent, her eyes fixate you, until they intimidate you, but in a different way than a foreign look would intimidate you. That look that is yours is not yours. You move away, look once more, in passing, and always see someone else in the same man.”

The rose is the impulse of a momentary inspiration, the witness of a creation of great originality transformed into love. Senza te, io cosa farei? For the first time in my life, I knew that the conjunctions in which you can make comparisons or similarities are not accidental. I was with someone for whom the rose means, on the thin line of melancholy, the identification with another being similar to me, full of warmth and beauty, making possible the obsessive love between music and artist, between the aesthetic sense and the overwhelming force of the memory. Sei qualcosa di più !

Somehow, it seemed to me that I was experiencing a feeling of déjà vu amidst a picture whose amazing story, full of charm and sensuality, stretches from eternity to eternity, I was so emotional, with such a sublime effect on my heart and spirit, as when you are in front of a secret that pressures to be communicated in any part of the world only through the symbolic, expressive, nonverbal language. Starmi vicino !

My passion is art, the beauty to describe the similarity between that which happens to me and the intensity of the color red. I follow it to the last brush stroke, to the intersection with the metaphor of primordiality, the particular science of expressivity where concepts come together and form a figurative language. E mi ricordi cosa perderei nel perderti !

Leadership: How do you present your creation from the point of view of the “experience beyond the first sight”, when you experience the feeling of the self as a place of meeting with your mirror image?

E mi fai innamorare di te. There was something sensitive about her which serves to remind me something different about myself, precisely the fact that that which leads the artist’s life to be able to fairly accurately judge his work of art is the fascination for the “discreet hero” condition of a love story. Alla fine, puoi incontrare migliaia di persone senza che nessuna di queste attiri la tua attentione. E poi incontri la persona giusta e tutto cambia.

We walked with pleasure, between dialogues and smiles, in this area of nature’s beauty. The world wasn’t paying attention to us, we weren’t paying attention to the rest of the world. I was living this moment through the absorption of images, the reciprocity of sneaky looks and the game of small gestures. I was talking about all the possible things the moon and the sun were not missing from the version of our reality. Nobody counts the time when the mind begins to dream, nobody realizes a sui-generis coordination between the perceived, the real and the imaginary when the affection of the loved person must win.

With gratitude for accomplishments, hope for the future, the roses looked at us with admiration and greeted us with a smile on their lips, as if they were living our story, so simple, so endearing, so well done. They seemed to bow before our reverence to the life by love, in the content of a game metaphorical elements, colors, sounds and smells, in which the spatiality inherent to the artistic image painted with a tendency to monumentality.

Leadership: Does the intensity of expression contained by your own creation manifest itself as a result of a metaphorical transfer of meaning favored largely by the proximity of the need to align to a different context for the construction of the image of “a double of the self”?

While walking idly, in a sweet holding of hands, I remembered an excerpt from Never-ending Story, a comparison that the rose shares with its ability to retain its shape for a long time. The hidden meaning of the rose is highlighted with the creative gaze of the union between the experience of treating the human figure from the profile of a mystical symbolism, with the idea of a metaphorical, spatial-temporal universe. Me and her. We were like two sphinxes that guard the Gate of the Great Mystery.

“The gaze of a sphinx is something completely different from the gaze of any being. We all undertake something when we gaze. We see the world. But a sphinx sees nothing. In a sense, it is blind. Instead, its eyes radiate something. And you know what sphinx’s eyes radiate? All the riddles of the world. That is why the two saints are constantly staring at each other. For the gaze of a sphinx can only be endured by another sphinx. And now imagine what happens to the one who dares to enter the exchange of views of the two. He freezes on the spot and cannot move until he has solved all the riddles of the world ! ”

From here you get an overview of the temptation to merge two pure consciences into one, by inciting the imagination of an artist who shares with others, through a palpitation of the soul, a delicate, mysterious world, open to a synesthetic perception in the context of a moment of deep reflection. At least in my case, the relationship between creative activity and the enjoyment of works of art appears as a desire to be in the vicinity of a form of artistic expression through comparisons, metaphors, symbols.

Therefore, the expression that my creation contains is a revelation of the existence experienced in a parallel universe, in the astonishing scene of a dreamlike story that I will never be able to separate from, which I will gladly remember over the years.

The great masterpiece of art has as its central point the image you want immortalized in a picture of great refinement, about a story you desire as if it were real, when you experience the feeling of unity of style and taste as a place of meeting with yourself in another being.

Cosa Sei is the name of a painting whose theme is that part of nature that delights us with elegance, through the range of varied and vibrant colors, inspired by a story that is written only at the end of a Déjà-Vu experience.

* Note: Ricchi e Poveri - Cosa Sei


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