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Create A New Vision Of The Future

On April 24, 2009, in Leadership That Lasts, by Neculai Fantanaru

Contour your vision so that the road that you traverse towards performance to have the particularity of being excellent.

At one point in the movie "Slumdog Millionaire (2008)" the two brothers, Salim and Jamal, are meeting again after a long period of time on the upper floor of a building under construction. While talking about their past and admiring the view from that part of the town, Salim shows to Jamal on the horizon a certain area and tells him:

- That used to be our slum. Can you believe that? We used to live right there, man. Now, it's all business. India is at the center of the world now. And I, I am at the center of the center.

Triumph in leadership is the spontaneous and faithful reflection of the inner image that you create in the process of evolution to reach the level of "center" of the world you want to represent.

The future is born today, but it shows tomorrow. Moreover, it does not always show itself as we expect to be, as we understand to meet and to prefigure it. However, as someone observed, the present is the one circumscribing the horizon of expectations, with which we look upon the future.

Your ability of projecting yourself into the future and visualizing what it prepares to you, it is like a tenant looking for a new house. However, once he found the house that can provide him some comfort, he refuses to pay rent.

The vision begins with the road that you traverse in searching for "home" – of that place from the future, allowing you to reduce the distance from what makes you feel despised and disoriented, to what makes you feel fulfilled. However, if you refuse to pay "rent" for your stay there, then your future will not be able to overcome the past full of failures, and will not be able to accommodate your most optimistic expectations – and, in this case you will return to where you left, or you will always be on the move like an eternal traveler.

The only experience at a height you deserve to try and which you can afford belongs to the environment that educated your model of perception of the world.

The road that you traverse towards performance has the particularity of having an exceptional value "counted" at the value of a house that often does not belong to you, but to all those who have contributed to its raising. And your success is characterized by an extraordinary consideration of the "cost of your host" in a stable environment during your development.

Leadership requires you to outline your vision so that no matter your budget, and how spacious you want this living space to be, you only opt for the tendencies of expanding your own autonomy.

The future starts and evolves depending on how you manage to exceed the established and permanently measured cost limits obtained at every square meter of the common space of your investment preferences and experiences of a "tenant".

Take into consideration your own pace of development without reducing the costs of your training and your development in time.

A leader must be capable of prefiguring the future first for himself, afterwards being able to express clearly and understandable his ultimate goal, the possible options and the best modalities of application and solving the future plans and projects in order to improve the company activities, including the people’s lives.

It is not enough to set goals in order to be accomplished, you must be able to intuit what changes will occur in the business environment, and to be able to influence those changes on behalf of the company, not in its detriment. Moreover, you should also be able to change under way the company's strategy when things take an unfavorable turn. As a leader you must be a genuine "pivot" of the change.

Leadership: Do you experience the miracle of a vision that highlights the fact that changes can be implemented within a reality that is popularizing your offer through a message of the type: "Final Decision" ?

The one who does not change the vision over future and the direction of moving, will forever remain a spectator at a cheap and unprofessional show.

The final decision, which in practice implies choosing an alternative to exploit your own autonomy from several possible alternatives, in terms of how you fulfill the future, can be viewed through the lens of what you will become, not through the lens of what you are today. This decision gives consistency to a mind that thinks the pace of a world seen from the height of the sight of an almost fantastic journey, initiative on an imaginary of horizontality, synonymous to a path towards the edges of the horizon, an imaginary of ascension and one of descent.

Without a doubt, Brian Tracy was not wrong when he said: "Every day, what you choose, and what you think is what you become." What we imagine is what we see and what you see is what we become. In other words, our future depends on how we imagine it.

In the movie "Slumdog Millionaire (2008)" of which I was telling you in the beginning, the entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity to give another destination to that slums - by transforming it into a residential area, of offices, had only to gain. They had aspired to a different future from that which had imagined the locals.

Leadership is born when you look down from the height at which you assign a unique meaning to your journey, beyond yourself, beyond what this world gives.

The one, who will have a clear vision of the future and will work hard, will manage to transform it into reality. On the other hand, those who do not have a clear vision of the future will probably be as stupefied as Salim at the sight of the change: "Can you believe it? Can you imagine that? ... "

Are you capable of perceiving the change before it occurs? Do you have the ability of projecting yourself in the future and visualizing what it prepares? Do you contour your vision so that the road that you traverse towards performance to have the particularity of being excellent?


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