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Diary Of An Astral Journey

On April 16, 2018, in Leadership T7-Hybrid, by Neculai Fantanaru

Turn your reality into a form of art, being the sole reference of a supposed visual unit about how to think of a life that has defeated time.

I have done great works of art around the world over a time often projected into the fantastical, in which the nostalgia of a life lived for centuries on end still vibrates like an intense-red color thrown into the immortality of a moment of glory. My life, deployed to the idea of aesthetic autonomy, representing the idea of balance and harmony between the parts that make up a whole, apart from the notion of kitsch, is a work that vibrates only under the power of the memories that the artist’s eyes animate as a kind of an attempt to penetrate the darkness of a plastic world through an illustrious taste.

Originally, I wrote thousands of pages to understand life from the perspective of a creator that attempts to mold a new reality through the simple mechanical reproduction of the features of someone eternal, the standard of perfection, in the midst of an increasing expectation of something that is imminent, just so that I could understand myself in all the deep springs of a work that is wanted, at least intentionally, on many stylistic levels. I did not think I would live longer than the number of my pages.

The beauty I have created as a promise of alterity, a suspension between plausible and unreal, between natural and mysterious, lies in that discretion of the image that the world forms in an infinite universe which, from the perspective of ultimate consciousness, is just a dream. The living form of this beauty I extracted from Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting treatises, linked to the fact that the artist’s soul must be a mirror that objectively reflects nature as it is, as a resulting space-time of four cosmic factors: invariability and rectitude, perfection and unity.

Everything can happen and everything can be narrated and accepted. I only succeeded in isolating myself in a world of other dimensions, of borders, in which I thought that what is normal is nothing but a seeming exception to the rule, a strange mixture between the enigmatic reality in which everything is its own contradiction and the heated dialogue with a God who imagines that he can be seen anywhere and in everything. The only starting point for a rich work, stimulated by a vital cause, is the vision of a fabulous journey of no return.

Leadership: Is one of your evolutionary paths that of approaching a work of art from an aesthetic perspective marked by the belief in a supreme reality?

The belief in something higher is strongly related to the courage of not giving up what you are and what you believe in, transposed into a perfect work, a fine fabric of linear tracks covering the entire surface of time. The being built within you, as if time has made a loop or got caught in the knot of a stellar rope dissolved in a vivid watercolor, a simple taste problem of another artistic form, marked by a perfect bilateral symmetry between certainty and enigma, casts beyond the image of the visible world, to the fields of pure spirituality and mystical experiences.

And if such a work still amazes by the living presence of a history that transcends time, in which the beginning of the white of absolute light weaves the appearance of the phenomenal world, I can only stop for a moment at Holofernes, the general of Nebuchadnezzar who was especially cruel to the Jews. He was seduced and murdered by the beautiful Judith, to avenge her oppressed people. Judith Slaying Holofernes.

Here I heal myself from the pain I feel by pressing on the image of my consistency, my own storyline, the feeling that I am equal to the talent of the painter Artemisia Gentileschi by the nature of the mind with which I have to come to a deal with time, the same endowment with which is blessed the divine being in a representation of God looking in the mirror.

The supreme reality that shaped me as a man is the dialogue between a well-trained artist on the road of consecration and the traversal of an unlimited time and space, actively manifesting its by the remembrance or plotting of images capturing the passing moment in favor of images from everyday life.

Leadership: Is the image inspiring you to make art formed from the choice you make in the case of a double direction?

The approach to art, as a transparent message of a more comprehensive reality, keeping the mystery of inspiration always at the limit of revelations, betrays something in the consciousness of a man who creates his patterns of purpose by revealing remote connections to the possible worlds of art theories in the concept of the referential visual image which implies a similarity to the pattern of characters or events that have crucially changed history.

In life, as in art, the color of personality fades more and more in the face of those creative consciousnesses that make sense of the responsible understanding that the space of observation must be colonized by the truths or appearances of the past. The blood of the matter art is made of goes beyond the fulfillment of a universal need, to a vital cause: transforming man into a destiny that is not lost in the darkness of the ages.

Thus, the image that inspired me to make art in all the deep springs of thought that calls for respect for the expression applied in any convention was made up of the choice I made in the case of a double direction: reproducing the past from a different perspective and the perfect rendering of reality from a creative perspective of general-human significance.

The artist always chooses the colors of the painting from which he holds 2-3 samples to remember the beginning of the road. I continued my journey to an unknown destination in a destiny of words that changed shape and linked to each other according to certain rules in search of the deep understanding of the whole of which I was once a part. It is not enough just to have existed, I must also miss myself. Red and blue have always been in my heart.

Everything can be resumed anytime, for any number of times. The promise of the universe is the right transposition of the words from the book of my life into a world of art, in an expression of time from a continuum of immortality: "I will find myself again when I return."

Leadership is the image you build from your transformation into a destiny that is not lost in the darkness of the ages.

The Diary Of An Astral Journey captures the triumph in the posterity of the artist who knows how to accurately express absolutely everything the world knows, but cannot do.


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