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On December 14, 2019, in Leadership FX-Intensive, by Neculai Fantanaru

The stylistic features of an original art bears the promise of a life from another life.

I am beautiful whenever you see me, adorable by the intensity with which I evoke the freedom of the large spaces, without showing any snobbery in the decision to appear to the world as a single and great building of the image of the “immortal artist”. How much humanity there is in my words, how much nobility in the way I present myself in the face of aesthetic demands. Isn’t the form of expression a process like the inner fire or living through transcendence?

While waiting for the sun’s rays, I allow myself the luxury of looking at the face of the Lord seen from another angle, from another century, from an unparalleled grace, from another reference system, from the aesthetics of a particular world, from the counter-pressure of this living, hot factor, precious pure blood, which is the murmured vibration of a supersensitive self in the midst of a perfect, imperishable autumn sky. I am probably a special rose, the only one leading to the Renaissance.

Only through mysteries does my godliness become known. The obstinate dignity with which I educated my spirit of perfection, only in the light of Amos, the discretion to raise the lining of the vast “sacred fences” in which the Absolute of an incredible image works, by extracting the essence of a creative style imperishable from deciphering the pictorial technique of representation of sensitive appearances, all these led me to assimilate a cuteness devoid of complications.

As a unique-looking rose, I can only clarify the nature and circumstances by which the Holy Work of God is offered as a space of transcendent allusions expressed in terms of mirrors in other worlds and in other lives, to defy time, even if he often speaks to me only in the language of Kabbalists, placing the spatiality of my image in close relation with the successive changes undergone in the perception of the creation space, a posteriori.

Leadership: Can you recognize yourself in the image of a being subjected to a life from another life, in correspondence with the idea of ​​a special creation springing from a self-exalted beginning reflected in the connection with the “Holy Work of God”?

The triumph of my elegance and discretion, deeply significant from the point of view of a landscape reflected in a transcendental subject, hidden under an act of symbolization In Quatro Orbitor, and taking into account the succession of seasons, is in the power of imprinting in the mind of the artist a certain mood that leads to the flourishing of an original identity. The journey into the valley of the soul, of my feelings, of my strong experiences is best rendered in “Precambrian to the Little Soliloquies”:

“There were speeches about me. I was commemorated and praised beyond extent. However, I remember a time when people knew how to put me in the right place, along with the other natural events of life, sharing with me from an immortal urge. But here, everything changes, and I cannot allow myself to remain the same.”

The world has always seen me in the vision of a work with universal echoes, such as Heaven on Earth, although so many times I wanted nothing more than to live among people as a model of inspiration and piety, to strive to stimulate in them different emotions. It has happened to be more than I thought. The scenario I had to imagine in order to reach the condition of the gods was the direct opening of a creation to the perspective space of the Renaissance type, returning 90 degrees to humanity’s attempt to find a transcendent significance to life.

A simple look in a corner of nature will reveal to you an infinity of forms of existence and manifestation of my life, through the interweaving of numerous attempts, corrections and adaptations of the connection between the artist and the object of his art, between man and universe. After all, this is the beauty of a work of art, to perceive the center of the universe and to give depth to the spatial extension that surrounds you.

The Holy Work of God is that higher knowledge obtained by transforming the artist into the intimate substance of his creation, representing the spiritual power to be present as a witness to the manifestations of the world at any time and in any place.

I carry the seal of the strong faith invested with the ability to reproduce the art format only for the chosen ones, projecting in a lively masterpiece my whole experience of probing the humane, of seeing it in various hypostases, of investing it with the eternal, the perishing with the incessant, relative to the absolute. From here the ambition is drawn to reproduce artistically the living factor of the coagulation of Jupiter’s blood with Athena’s godliness, which for centuries has shaped faith with strong devotions.

The seal has the form of the symbol of the infinite, being placed in a certain relation with the art world, el círculo de fuego del libro espiritual,through the act of creating nature repeated in the Aryosthea Cause that my master, the painter of a candid simplicity, inserts in a fantasy world, in this way, aligning their feelings with the primary reflection of the Crystalline Essence.

Faith and affective content are richer in symbolic openings, unlike drawing, in the intimacy of a collection of surrealist collages.

My master only had to transform me into a means of expression, a means of expressing feelings with the help of letters, chromatic stains and firm lines, through a sacramental act of recognizing the eternal world in a personification of the splendor of nature. This unique artist of my existence, immortalizing me with solemnity in a timeless space, passing into other universes, seems to be influenced by the vitality of a thinking style shared by Jorge Luis Borges, who said:

“We easily accept reality, because we can sense that nothing is real. Perhaps the rustic Poem of the Cid is the counterbalance required by a single epithet from Garcilaso’s Eclogues or by a sentence of Heraclitus.”

Leadership: Have you developed the ability to discover the fine line between the hidden interior of things and the noticeable exterior, in order to extend your perception limit of the creative act?

Through depth and complexity, in a representation of life obtained by the Coincidentza Notorius in the field of Inmariasty consciousness, beyond the existence of a work of nature symbolically rendered, the artist can model (with emphasis on the expressive value of chromatic dominance) a world, a reality, a perspective, a personality so as to resurrect the greatness of his passing over time. There is a depth in the relationship with the universe, justified by the need to maintain “a game played eternally before the created”.

With the help of the bloody glimpse of the universe imagined by Thomas Aquinas, supplemented by the ancient notes of the Holy Christian Fathers, the artist triggers in front of the manifestations of the modern sacred affective states and feelings that make the fine line vibrate between the hidden interior of things and the noticeable exterior.

I once heard my master talking to himself, very close to me, with a kind of bent towards the stakes of a dialogue held between two Odyssey titans. I understood him better than anyone else, because the roses understand everything from a particular science of earth space dominance. He thought to himself:

- Sometimes it seems to me that I am someone else, more entitled to move the luminous point of darkness of the Divine, as if a spirit of rare mobility, like Homer’s, would have traveled in time just to find within me the place of redemption of the Great Work. I do not recognize myself in his person unless the most fleeting thought listens to the elemental power of the sublunary world.

You cannot inspire a richer expression, full of meaning in the heights of art, without feeling the charm, the scent of the soul that drives you into the unknown and the esoteric. The rose is more than a composition described in an intended chromatic dominant, it is the exclusive product of a creative act that develops through the exercise of obtaining expressiveness, by combining the elements of artistic language.

Leadership, in terms of the creative act, captures the search for a visual identity built under the conditions in which you feel led by an external force with a strong impact on the performance of achieving the congruence between “a priori”and “a posteriori”.

Divano is the generic name of an incursion into the world of creation seen as a comparison with a true miracle to be protected in the “subjective – divine” alternation, close to the original human-nature-universerelationship eternally constituted in spirit and experienced in the depths of expressiveness, symbolism and the nature by which emotions are transposed into a fabulous image.

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