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Domino Insights (I)

On November 24, 2013, in Leadership IQ-Light, by Neculai Fantanaru

Connect your mind to a renewable energy source, to have access to a new dimension of possibilities for evolution.

I had fallen into a dangerous state of profound confusion. Because, being an idealist, I had wandered at random through the drained world of mirages and illusions, in which I played an important role. That of self-destruction. And then, of resurrecting with a new attitude and outlook on life. I could find no peace.

I think it was a particular case of resonance, on a certain frequency, with a force that could make me invincible within limits, harmonizing oscillations between "top" and "bottom", between the seen and the unseen world. A bridge between these two oscillations could in particular be harmonized (under the determinism of instinctive impulse) with the implication of an external force, unlimited and invincible, located above the extent of my understanding.

Exhausted by internal conflicts, by requests contesting any super-individual authority, I stopped at the intersection of the two dimensions: of space and time. I felt within me the defensive walls of aspirations of union with the absolute collapsing, because the more I learned, the more the unknown magnified. Overcoming the chaos that almost overwhelmed me sometimes, could only be achieved with the participation of Umberto Eco in interpreting my universe: “Simple people have something in addition to doctors, who often get lost in seeking much too general laws. They have the intuition of the individual.”

Without any resistance, I drew away from myself, from the Ego that prevented me from achieving perfection. The effluvia of subtle matter and amplifying matter, moving in an intensifying way from a minus of meanings to a plus of coherence, huddling together truths and secrets, but not in the name of definitive, closed the transformational circuit.

Leadership: Can the fight between illusion and vision, fueled by your constantly renewed inner forces, keep you awake and incarnate you, in all your becoming, in a deep creation revealed as a sui-generis superiority?

The aspiration of my soul to forge a new destiny detached from a reality inaccessible to the ordinary world, making me a prisoner of interiority in the spirit of creation, crystallized as a symbolic image, referring to the work of the ancient alchemists. To defend their primordial science, alchemists, Hermes’ followers, like the famous Elias Ashmole, whose works have inspired Newton, never ceased to properly address this profound identification of "The Great Work".

These enlightened people beyond science resorted to a coded language, to mysterious and hieroglyphic images, which you could not believe they are real. And to this code of expressing unseen knowledge, hermetical in the eyes of laymen, other creations and visions consisting of various representations of imagination were added.

Lost in the challenging immensity of thoughts seeking to create and transform energy into reality, I felt for a moment the pale sun rays moving along the border line with the prospects beyond the visible horizon of life. I was not the only one who experienced the distant vision in search of a new life, in living a life driven by the force of creation, as a kind of chaos. A character of Jules Verne had arrived at night, in the dark, on top of Mount Sneffels, and before taking shelter inside the crater, had the time to glimpse "the midnight sun" at its lowest point.

Domino Insights, the creative force of thoughts arising from the interaction of the real with the unreal. I was falling into a state of creative ecstasy without taking into account the fear of heights. I was fitting with the gloomy contemplations that connected my mind to a source of renewable energy source, without thinking to the frameworks lit by the unknown that could alienate me from myself.

Leadership: Can you add to your own identity an excellent source of decoding a “mirror image” revealed in two aspects: the creation of self and the self that takes the liberty to change into what it wants?

Reinvention – this is the fruit of continuous self-development, the excellent source of "active income" added to your own identity, which comes from any activity to support and materialize your aspirations. To reinvent yourself means to give your identity a new source of sustainability and impact in the form of decoded creation through a style figure: “your image changed into a statement of permanence”.

The aspirations and impulses to the heights of creation, often difficult, should not at all be hindered by the straight line of a single narrow access road to new possibilities and visions. The sublime and lengthy contemplations of elements of the future, created by thoughts and states of perfection, definitely delimit you to that slumberous mediocrity that most individuals indulge in.

Reinventing yourself, freely branching your network of aspirations to a "test" sequence whereby you stand above your own needs to accept reality, as it is, provides increased safety for your needs to permanently improve. The “mirror image”, which lifts you above the primitive aspirations of humanity, is the vision that gives you your transition into a new reality, so that you can more easily contemplate the wonder of creation.

In the development process, bringing your creative abilities to the level of your wildest ambitions, following the methods of control and management of your own resources, is a way to restore and strengthen your entire functional structure, which is considered to be driven only by your research efforts and the way you relate to your creation.

For you to manage to capitalize the skills you need to gain access to a new dimension of possibilities for evolution, while testing your abilities to cope with change and meet the demands for individual performance, perform an innovative experiment. Connect your mind to an inexhaustible source of energy without thinking about the frameworks lit by the unknown that could alienate you from yourself. Strengthen the defensive walls of aspirations of union with the absolute.

Leadership: Which is the only real thing in leadership that remains after your integration into the space of creation as an expansion of thoughts to a new destination?

He who has the courage to plunge his eyes into an extended framework of space and time previously defined, who dares to investigate the depths of the unknown will be more able to distinguish where the land ends and where the waves of possibility to process knowledge begin to grow in intensity.

As an innovator in the field of leadership, learn to examine how the forces to push the limits of perception of reality are placed. Learn to manipulate the force that can make you invincible in the process of maintaining oscillations between limit and boundlessness. Creation is the highest point of freedom of thought.

The "glowing" explosion of thoughts that cross your mind every day, projecting new ideas, new visions, new models of understanding the various aspects of reality, the surrounding world and past, present and future events develop your ability to absorb what is beneficial to your area of expansion to new trends in leadership.

The only real thing in the whole area of leadership that remains after the "glowing" explosion of thoughts is that significant self-consciousness, which does not want to be confined between some rigorously established boundaries. And has the freedom of decision: to overcome the obstacle called "do not know".

Leadership is the image of the whole being governed by the freedom of thoughts to form a creation whose unique meaning is infinity, the aspiration to unite with the absolute.

Domino Insights highlights, in this case, the ability to achieve an accurate and profound understanding of new perspectives to approach creation, produced in series by the extension of research horizons of your own being. It involves the opening of new perspectives to approach the reality of the world and exploit on your own behalf the unused resources that you need to expand your understanding and knowledge.

Connect your mind to a renewable energy source, to have access to a new dimension of possibilities for evolution.


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