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On January 02, 2017
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Leadership Z3-Extended by Neculai Fantanaru

Make a correction and a widening of the decisive concepts of what is meaningful power, amplifying the dialogue you are having with yourself in the reality of a unique experience.

There was something far more than the chance of stability in an original and revealing foundation of meanings. There was a concept of form within the aesthetic of the dream, which I called "The Law". Colored by the impulse of desire after those memorized by an existence dancing barefoot through a multitude of lights and shadows, by the impulse of what is happening outside me, but through me, the law managed to win despite the opposition of those who are not speaking.

That unreal moment when I was pulling from the unseen thread of setting up a sand castle, to free the sack of debris from forgotten time, was finally ready to be born. An unreal springing from a moment of balance, when you do not know who you are and what you want from life, when you do not see the thread of Ariadne and you cannot find the way out of the labyrinth of your own memory, your own search in other times, is asked one last confirmation of its quintessentially problematic nature: why should there be a given of consciousness?

With all the spell of the temporal decadence that distorted the colors of my imagination, in which I did not know who I was, or where I was right, I elaborated with great difficulty a model of the universe. No initial singularity and no limits. Like a wizard who succeeds, from the spirit, to turn the inert matter into heat and light.

Leadership: Can you manifest yourself as a given of consciousness in a creation of the mind whose elaboration continues to test your experience of being present in a dream that is nothing but a meaningless hallucination?

Allow me to make myself clear, because you certainly don’t understand me. I lived between the feeling of being part of a dream, and the urge to seek the explanation for what I would like to be part of. And I imagined living this dream in all its details, even if the dream itself seemed to be part of the demystifying impulse of consciousness to understand my being from a higher point, from a pedestal of the ages to remembrance and eternal oblivion. A single hymn intoned in this new universe, constantly repeating itself without indicating the term or the final result: "Everything is mine ! "

I should have realized, proving grandeur and obstinacy, that recognizing myself as a master and leader in my own oblivion, in my own anonymity, in the fate of the dream where the sky is only the color of the sunny morning, was just a way of distancing myself from the ordinary. But it was also the natural pursuit of the convention of gazes embedded in the unexpected cut of a spectacular creation that wanted to spread a story that you can no longer separate yourself from.

And so, there was a sort of urge to come up, partly vanity, partly outrageous curiosity, partly so much excitement that I was no longer aware of any landmarks in reality. I think a force of contradiction of reasoning based on assumptions, in need and analogy, has worked intensely on my head and brain.

Leadership: Is your subjective experience a confessional, abstract, existential way when higher aspirations awaken in you?

What Dr. Foot Gianina wrote about Romanian writer, Nichita Stănescu, deserves attention: "He tried to impart a sense ineffable and impersonal as a blue color, to become immortal, re-updateable in every reader. He wanted to capture the essence of his soul in poetry, but this compression of the self-hurt him in the end."

If you want to count yourself as a cause of an aftermath, if you want to become a phenomenon which by its nature is capable of producing a change in the world around you, then you open your eyes to the aspirations that exceed the perspectives of reality. Maybe you need to integrate yourself into a dream that puts your conscience to the test: why do you have to exist in a place where everything is superlative, and where everything is arranged just for you? In this case, conscience could also provide you with the answer: because the man who lives a dream lives exclusively for himself, without also living for a noble cause embraced by other people.

The one who aspires to become immortal, re-updateable in every reader, must know first of all where the effects of its incursions into a reality painted by existence in contrasting colors is headed. The power of the mind, the power of thought, struggles, doubts, aspirations, searches, hope, desperate efforts, convulsions of awakening and rediscovering yourself, all shades of colors that can attract attention repeatedly as renewing or inveterate visions.

Another characteristic of the man who lives a subjective experience, such as that of the dream, is to confess, so that his essence (related to the representation of their feelings and perceptions, skills and expectations) may shine and throw sparks in daylight. He is obliged to develop, with great difficulty, a model of the universe without the initial singularity and limits, like a wizard who succeeds, starting from the spirit, in transforming inert matter into heat and light.

The real test is to imagine how the world looks to someone who wants to catch the essence of his soul in his own work without being aware of the depths in which he sinks. One hymn is played in this world, always repeating itself, without indicating the date or the end result: "Everything is mine."

The need to play out a subjective experience, meaning a correction and widening of crucial concepts of what inspiring power and guiding light mean, has as a founding resource the excessive desire for domination: "Everything is mine ! "

Dreams are the symbol of an experience of revealing the reality of the supreme self. The man who often sees himself as a journey through time and space, the man who amplifies his dialogue which he carries with himself, considering itself to be the reflection of a part of himself fabricated beyond what occurs in real life, will always generate the dilation of reality, always in a new wording.

And the dilation of reality is the middle ground of aspirations for self-improvement.

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