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Evelyn's Decision

On June 20, 2010
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Leadership sX-Experience by Neculai Fantanaru

Build yourself a strong attitude in leadership by your attachment to other people, and by the commitment towards the mission that you assume.

Towards the end of the movie "The Mummy Returns (2001)" , when the powerful Scorpion King is defeated, the temple of Abu Simbel starts to crumble. Rick O'Connell, as well as the frightful priest Imhotep (who had lost his powers in the meantime) suddenly find themselves thrown into an abyss. They both succeed in clutching with their hands to its edges, but the spirits of the dead are pulling them in the earth's abyss, to hell. Rick barely breathes, his heart was beating so hard, that he was just like a man that was dying and could barely get a hold of his last powers. Inside him, he had almost resigned.

Evelyn, Rick's wife, and her rival, the reincarnated Queen Anck Su Namun, nailed to a safer spot were helplessly looking how the rocks furiously crumbled from the ceiling all around them. It seemed as if nothing could save the two, who were trying with their last powers to get a hold of the edge of the abyss.

A decision that meant death or life. Evelyn suddenly understood that only her energy and determination could save Rick. She probably said to herself: "I love you, Rick. I won't leave you here. Not after everything you have done for me. I don't want to have you on my consciousness. I would never forgive myself if anything would happen to you." So she decided to act.

Filled with impatience and tumult, but armed with great courage and an extraordinary will, she ran to Rick, without worrying about the rain of rocks all around her. Once near him, she grabbed his right arm with both her hands, breathed deeply and full of determination, she started pulling him towards herself with an unalterably obstinacy. With a supreme effort, she succeeded in getting Rick out of the abyss.

Leadership: Does your personality analysis address that kind of psychological intervention that takes into account many perspectives of addressing a task that puts you in need of justification for sacrificial power?

All people are capable of incredible things when they really want something, but few have the courage to risk their lives for someone. Behind Evelyn's initiative was a powerful sense of affection and attachment. She proved that she can take over initiative specific to leadership, being stimulated by powerful feelings towards her husband, exposing herself to dangers with the utmost daringness.

She had a huge amount of energy and trusted her instincts when she had to take important decisions. She covered the ground that separates incredible from credible. Without doubt, Rick has been blessed to have a wife, a partner such as Evelyn – with a lively and energetic spirit, brave and tenacious.

Sacrifice is what you get after you have faced your fears and took your fate into your own hands as you are forced into a life-threatening reaction. When a man gradually defines himself as a "sacrificial hero", building a tendency to manifest himself as a catalyst that propels the transition from experience to faith, he corresponds to that universal tendency towards unity, that work accomplished by the spirit to justify a conception about love, about God, about what is good and what is bad.

Leadership: How do you appreciate the importance of your value as a judge in an evolution of motivation based on the severity of the consequences, in relation to the situational pressure that you feel "from outside" your own will?

Seeing that Evelyn went with such an enthusiasm to save Rick, the high priest Imhotep, desperately asks his lover Anck-su-namun to help him. Even so, she, with her eyes looking over the fire and the rocks falling from the ceiling, fearing for her own life, turns and runs away, hoping to save herself. In other words, she avoided endangering her life for her lover, like Evelyn did for her husband.

Poor rich girl. Charming, but coward and unfaithful. Only in the last hour, when he needed the most help, Imhotep realized this great truth: that a man who doesn't dare, doesn't truly love. That a coward lover is not at all a loving woman, but rather a traitor. The man weak in character reveals his vulnerable side in critical situations.

Filled with a deep sorrow, which tore his heart apart, the high priest Imhotep, with a numb will, with tears in his eyes, struggling for a few moments between anger and pain, gave up fighting and accepted deaths embrace. He jumped in the abyss of eternal damnation. The late disappointments are the strongest poisons.

Nothing can relieve his suffering, nothing can restore the peace of heart of the one betrayed by the person he put all his trust in. The high priest Imhotep put all his hopes in Anck-su-namun, but she betrayed all his expectations. Just like a poker player, who, by betting everything on one card, loses absolutely everything (his house, his car, his wife), so Imhotep, for putting all his hopes in the one who he promised a queen's destiny, lost any resource of his soul and preferred to die.

To assume the role of a judge in a permanent growth of your importance in the sphere of greatness is similar to reading with appetite from a book with dramatic content: first you must bear the same situation as the characters that make you suffer, then it must justify a certain conception that you have of God and therefore justify yourself in the situation where the main character is you.

Along with the relatively developed individualism in turbulent life periods, selfishness and a state of exasperation slowly appear among those who want at all costs to belong to something or someone, waiving any right mindset for the context. This position adopted without thinking, founded only on emotions, causes man to create his own reality, ambiguous by its interpretability, which can be regarded as a chain explosion and with immediate effect of neutralizing the strong "shield" of leadership.

Affection, friendship, appreciation, self-sufficiency, kindness – must be managed very carefully, before the apparition of that highly contagious, sometimes fatal form, of a too generous, sometimes even unconscious service, in the name of friendship and unity.

If you lead a team, you must know that people weak in character avoid taking responsibility in situations requiring improvisations, in the face of eventual obstacles and dangers that might arise. Furthermore, they always prefer to walk on beaten tracks than to expose themselves to risks, than take the measures they have to take.

When you have many of such people in your team, uncertain and coward, the probability of not reaching the proposed goal is great, and, in this case, it's nothing but a group which can break down anytime.

The situational pressure that you feel "from outside" your own will happens when your conscience obeys rules other than those you have cleared and taken as alibi in most cases.

Your consciousness heads toward a whole called the "state of final correction" when you realize that what really matters is not what happens to you, but what you are willing to sacrifice when you know that your time is limited.

Evelyn's Decision brings a single saying: build yourself a strong attitude in leadership by your attachment to other people, and by the commitment towards the mission that you assume.

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