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Fighting Mephistopheles (I)

On May 25, 2013, in Leadership +50% Extra, by Neculai Fantanaru

Find the essence which makes the object of your future initiatives, without excessively fueling the operational state with something above yourself.

It was first time when I hesitated to find the opportunity that fate, humble and torturing, or maybe even God, through His countless acceptations, interventions and delimitations, brought it my way. I could have immediately crept in the diamond room. I didn’t dare. But I strongly refuse to believe that the strong slap I received over my cheek, enhancing the shame resented in relation to the cowardice I exhibited, will bring me pain and tears.

On the contrary, in that stormy moment I have felt that I am the beneficiary of an occult science, of an independent and exclusive profession, but that in order to reach fulfillment, it needs a detailed and thorough study. I had to know myself well enough, before making the step to hell.

The psychological perspective on the interpretation of human behaviors has a finality in choosing an action plan that surprises me in a situation where I feel hurt for the sufferings and injustices of the past. The subtle pressure exerted on my enemies, which helped me find something intriguingly staged, a big blow, remade my life in its vast and integral reality.

Leadership: Are you able to assume the destiny of a being that only manifests itself in the soul’s heart in the form of images of a past that continues to haunt the present of a world that does not belong to it, but which it rules at the level of a supreme judgment?

The past has transformed me into a vengeful man in order to divert important bank funds. Yes, they, the bankers killed my wife and they’ll pay for it. To know myself and accept what I have become, a protagonist of the movement of those who struggle for the achievement of justice as a social virtue, perceiving the meaning of my life in every phenomenon of assumed risk, was only a key feature of the flexible approach of the concept of force and reaction. Which instituted presumptions of guilt and causality between act and damage.

But in this case, it is fitting for me to let myself be overcome by madness, to attribute this initiative and its success exclusively to Mephistopheles. For only he alone turns temptation into a race, he alone makes it possible through the illegal deed for the pain I have endured for so long to happen. Its diamonds were but a mere tool of revenge, an essential aspect for a correct solution to the cause I was serving. And I was but a mere martyr of this cause !

Me, Hobbs, I wasn’t ready to accept the truth of this charade and its consequences. The individual humanity would have intensely palpitated in the character I could have become, by breaking a moral obligation, through my lack of gratitude towards the source that always directed me in life: the good. But still, I risked ! *

Leadership: How do you manifest yourself in the need of the Ego to stay stable in the context of the pressures you endure, positioning yourself in the mind of an artist who only takes into account the intrinsic condition of art, namely, experiencing and understanding suffering by managing “surprising events”?

Do you feel as if you’re followed by an image that haunts you? Do you bow in front of the negative aspects that replace the good side in you? Do you live in fear, thinking that you have fallen prey to the slavery of your passions? Have you become the prisoner of your own intrigues, in a game that tests your patience?

The man can free himself from the governance of an irrational thinking, he can willfully oppose to his negative conditioning that makes him feel small and uncertain, only if his true nature has deep roots in himself. That means, by destroying on his own the difference between good and evil, knowing the generosity, which comes from recycling all emotions that make him unhappy.

It cannot be manifested as a social merit in the need of the Ego to remain stable in the context of the pressures it endures in the light of the experiences of the past. But it can manifest itself as a shaping factor of the present by finding elements to compensate for the contradictions generated by the imperfections of the environment in which it lives. Or it can manifest itself through the power of accepting the limits and the condition of being fragile.

If the beauty of paradise would result in the comparison with hell and purgatory, then we could say that the reconciliation of man with himself in the various planes of existence is a combination between the state of the psyche that lost the battle with the "monsters" of reality and the last "deed" required by the exigencies of a high moral court to be accessible in the field of evolution that marks a new operating model. Such a model would be The Count of Monte Cristo, whose impetus for achieving justice was revenge.

The power that honors leadership is the consequence of that evolution through which man goes through the harsh teachings of life on the background of images (which do not resemble each other) about a result of the truth he detests, but which says everything about himself.

The main attribute of a mature Ego, responsible and steadfast, is that it remains stable in the context of pressures it supports. Thus, man defines himself as a specific approach that allows the methodical structuring of a future reality, as a harmful and unwanted response determined by an unjust cause, as a cognitive-behavioral backdrop structured by values, beliefs and ideas that converge towards an unexpected finale. But to strengthen your Ego you must have the courage to risk such a pawn that can be converted into a queen in the end…

In order to know leadership in its true value, the man should confront himself, simplifying his "being" pattern, taking his functionality to a higher level of refinement, while approaching different challenger that life puts in his path. Solving that profoundly meaningful existential dilemma and evaluating the results involves certain responsibilities. But it can also mean a trampoline in choosing the objectives in difficult conditions of "jamming and interferences".

Instead of serving the selfishness of always conquering a small part of the great territory of uncertainty, you should continue to accept what you have always supported – good, the good part of you, so that you can break the chains of passions, of the darkness that haunts you in your mind.

To live and understand suffering by managing “surprising events” means not to express any remorse to an action that you think of as an effect of revenge, which prevents you from being fragile and sensitive to all the beautiful things of a world… barren.

Fighting Mephistopheles brings forward the fear felt before your own Ego, when certain aspects of life, in their full complexity, light up your moral authority.

Instead of breaking your moral obligations towards the way in which you tend to manifest yourself in limit situations, instead of taking the step towards hell, instead of attributing your inability to change (in feelings, thoughts or actions ) to that entity that can be associated with evil, try to dedicate yourself to a detailed and thorough study of your own being.

Find the essence, which makes the object of your future initiatives, without excessively fueling the operational state with something above yourself.

* Note: Flawless (2007)


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