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Final Verdict Of The Jury

On July 03, 2011, in Human Resources, by Neculai Fantanaru

Exploit to the utmost your leadership qualities, by linking to people through an invisible binder which would provide and maintain a continuous cohesion between you and them.

Yesterday I read an interesting article about a businessman who lent one million euros on behalf of his employees. More than one hundred employees accepted the "business" because their boss has promised to pay them rates. Even so, it was a great surprise when, the other day, people found themselves forced by the bailiff at the door because their boss has not paid the bank from 2009.

A number of former employees of the businessman complained to the police. It seems that he has paid those loans with monthly installments, until 2009, when due to the crisis, his company went into default.

Will the assumption of responsibility be felt as an increase in your own power to do things right or as an escape from the constraint of recognizing your limits of consciousness?

The famous writer Alexandre Dumas had a saying which I consider true: "Do not disturb people happy in their happiness." There is no doubt that the businessman could not predict events, he was not careful nor to estimate accurately the forces and responsibilities in economic crisis.

In vain you have a vision that is embraced by many people (because it considers their interests), if you disappoint by the superficiality of its treatment, by not taking into account the actions to prevent negative effects that may occur. In vain you have a good idea if it is not brought to an end and, moreover, if it affects everyone who has supported it. Finally, in case of failure, the guilt will be only yours because it was your initiative.

To lead is to reveal yourself as a knowledge of an experience of reflection on the results obtained under conditions of an exponential increase in your strength of character.

I do not know how far you want to be useful to people, but in any event, please make sure you have all the levers through which to risk less. It is essential for you as a leader to respect always the founding and healthy principles underlying your own personality, especially when are at stake your future and possessions of people who have supported and followed you.

If you want to be always greeted with respect and kindness you must have the necessary resources that would inspire people till the last a strong sense of solidarity and trust. You must penetrate in that closet of their soul and to link with them through an invisible spiritual bond which would give and maintain a continue cohesion among you. For this they must look in you not only an evidence of a decision to act in their favor, but your seriousness, compliance with a given word and promises acquittance.

Leadership: Wherever you go, your steps leaves traces?

Try to achieve a harmonious and a coherent balance between you and them and, in response to their call, not trying at all to disguise your intentions. As blood is the most precious material of life, so integrity is the most precious "material" of your leadership. Everything you do should be considered a good deed, as an acceptance on their part that allows you to formulate your vision and to accomplish it.

It is not difficult to figure out the human nature: wherever he steps, his steps leave traces. Be sure that any action that you carry on or any obligation that you assume it leaves a lasting echo behind you. You'll need some time to restore on a solid foundation the tarnished image.

Just as a painter shows a sustained concern for painting the selected model - so you must prove a sustained concern for exploring values and feelings of people who have accepted you at their leadership.

The character makes you human. It has as a basic element the reason that makes you wonder who you are when you are rediscovered by the falsity of the image that has become the truth that surrounds you daily.

The final verdict of the jury designates the turning point where people have decided, after evaluating your actions and deeds, to stigmatize you or do not stigmatize for a long time. It is the moment when you are judged by how you have contributed to their good, by the way you have honored your promises and obligations. They are jurors who, aware of your actions and their consequences, will decide and give the final verdict: guilty or guiltless.

People say that: "God forbids you to be judged by people around you". For them, on their final verdict it depends your future as a leader, especially when you've cheated their trust and hopes of their present and future existence. At this point of the final verdict, wherewith you are "declared" guilty, are breaking any links between you - the leader - and them, and the spiritual bond, which kept an invisible cohesion among you, will disappear forever.


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