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For A Single Diamond I Have Conquered A World

On January 28, 2013, in Leadership +50% Extra, by Neculai Fantanaru

Choose the path of certainty, in search of the constant for being what you really are, continuously reporting your leadership to the highest values.

Temudjin had the most precious gift, life. And had chosen to live it with his one, Börte. But, without knowing what will reserve his destiny, he directed his steps towards an unpredictable and frailer path. A perpetual wandering, sometimes touching dramatic moments, a twisting line in the extended and diversified gray of the risk, of insecurity and uncertainty.

The foam of events solidifies. Exactly when the world was dearer to him, someone kidnaps Börte from him. And from that moment everything shuddered in him, and along with him, the whole earth, all poles tightened, the sky darkened, the wind intensified until it reached the storm. Fiercely, he starts searching her.

Despite all efforts to retrieve her, he is rejected, hurt, wounded, and hunted by all. Even so, just as a mountain that cannot be moved, he continues searching; the fire of love heals him every time, cauterizing his deepest wounds. A beneficial cloud covers everything that is malade et faible, the power of a single thought keeps him alive: he wants Börte.

Leadership: Is your response to events that catch you in their whirlwinds envisages the ability to recognize and appreciate the diversity of the surrounding world in terms of the regret of not being in power?

During this fierce exile, maintained by the hope of her retrieval. Temudjin observes, penetrates with the eye and spirit the world’s realities, and scents like a predator all the doubtful and unknown ins and outs, which are becoming more and more dangerous. He does not miss anything of the society’s multiple aspects. But at the same time, the regret of not being in power, and of having no army to support him, scolds his certainty in everyday life, tortures his soul, shows him the futility of regrets.

The impetus for love is a sharp-edged sword. He aims with his huge will over the whole, and puts his entire artillery at stake: energy, creativity, skill, wisdom, insight, tenacity - all exacerbated by the assimilation of another scale of values, like in a performing laboratory, which works without interruption, intended for the consolidation and crystallization of his own personality.

Many times, he distils his beliefs, alike a true alchemist, until the resulting substance becomes more stable, more pure, more homogeneous, more positively charged, more active in extreme temperatures. Constantly, new drops of refined and sublime energy, revitalizes his forces.

Leadership: Are you about to minimize the essence of the consciousness of being unique by giving up the addiction to a reality that hurts your power and the determination to rise to far too exaggerated expectations?

By allying with Jamukha, his brother by blood, Temudjin starts a right-down war, a real rescue crusade, and takes possession on provinces, one after another. Because of his faith in a mighty God, a power that manifests itself in his own conception of himself, he begins to recognizes his consciousness of being unique, instead of escaping into an area of impotence and lack of vision.

Jamukha often tries to change his beliefs: "Why do you want so much Borte, why are you so obstinate to find her? I have a thousand of beautiful women. I can give you how many you wish."

However, an oak with strong roots cannot ever be transformed into a dandelion that shakes its fluff at the most gentle breath of wind. Wherever life reveals thousands of varieties, Temudjin knows only one constant. His will is more and more condensed only around her. For he does not want any diamond, but wants the most valuable one, the most expensive, the one of 1000 karats, the sum of all other gems, the rarest jewel.

His world is poorer than the reality, but more intense, more meaningful only at the thought that he would find Borte. Everywhere, even further is carried out his universal will, as well as of his priceless diamond. Two poles attract each other from a distance by powerful magnetic forces of nature. For, in her turn, Börte was waiting for him, she wants only him. Only a diamond can polish another diamond, equally strong and chiseled in virtues.

Leadership: What defines you for a description of reality in space and time when you are compelled to focus on how you perceive and interpret the outcome of a fabulous victory?

In the end, Temudjin finds Borte. However, the rules of life are getting harsher, on a different plan, they manifest themselves this time. For his brother, Jamukha, separates him, and starts the war - exactly against him.

Once again, Temudjin is facing the impossible, and again he is harassed, injured, enslaved, and locked in the darkest prison. Nevertheless, he fools death once again; the diamond has supernatural powers that dissipate any fears, pains and shortcomings.

It takes place the final battle for supremacy. Who will be at the helm of the world? Two titans confront each other. Two gods are getting angry once with the storm, two armies fiercely clutch each other, two competing forces, redoubtable, manifesting themselves simultaneously, opposing, and trying to annul each other.

An entire world can be conquered with the sword, but only by a strong inner motivation.

The battle is won. And only one remains standing. Only a single human type, obstinately keeps his head up, and the sword raised above a demon, fatally fallen to the ground. The winner ! The one, who has always kept a diamond deeply-rooted in his soul, the one, whose soul values, built from the toughest material, remained well-stuck in the crust of time.

After the surface of conquered territories, Temudjin, known as Genghis Khan, this almost indestructible warrior, was the greatest conqueror of all time, even greater than Alexander of Macedon. What defines such a leader in the case of a description of reality in space and time is his way of not looking in a different direction than the one in which he strongly believes he will win.

Leadership: How do contribute the result of your searches in the formation of your character, through the exercise of confronting an excess of power?

Are you an oak with strong roots or a dandelion that shakes its fluff at the most gentle breath of wind? Do you always wear alive in you an ideal? Where is the diamond that can favor you to exceed your limits? Do you insist on its search?

The expert in terms of leadership, John Maxwell, was right when he stated: "Leadership means an open mind and heart. If this thought increases your pulse and makes your heart beat faster, then you will have a greater impact on the lives of others."

Leadership is not just a combination of special features held by certain individuals, but an existential-defining rational act of commitment, marked the responsibility of each one, for the concrete forms of configuring the future through the medium of his own "searches".

The result of your searches, necessary to explain your cause and meant, will lay the foundations of your character. Aim with your huge willingness over the whole around you. Pick from the difficult path that you go through all the fruits that can facilitate your development and accomplishment.

Excessive power is a retrieval of one’s own attitude toward assuming a new identity that no longer allows emotions to dominate your life.

Like a clock that beats at fix hours, leadership is built starting from two times: past and present. The undefined past from the mind of the individual, and the concrete present, sometimes fractured, of the Convention: Ego-Values-Virtues, around which he must gravitate. However, not a fictional, twisted and myopic present. And is being finalized into a certain future – through a linear thinking, or rather, into an uncertain future – through "vortex" type of thinking, very troubled.

Therefore, the optimistic forecast and the positive calculation of the leadership’s probable trajectory, it is justified in the context of the prospective analysis of your own character. To whose formation and consolidation can directly contribute a "diamond".

Leadership is the diamond that is always found within you, polished and finished (to shine) by an accumulation of personal values, such as: inner strength, persistence, stability, continuity, intransigence, commitment, and dedication.

Time passes, and the clock of your leadership stops ticking if, during your searches, you do not learn from each lesson of life, if you do not aim with your huge willingness over the "whole" around you, if you do not put at stake, and especially, if you do not impregnate well in your soul those high values that refreshes you, forming an ideal that would confirm your horizon of expectation.

At the same extent, your attitude over time, on the way you react or act in certain circumstances, at least partially, must be endorsed by a firm and categorical moral authority - so as to cancel any hostile force that is trying to change, to control and sabotage you.

The main flaw of so many called leaders is that they are not endorsed by a strong personal authority, impregnated with the most sustainable values and virtues. And the fragility of beliefs, values relativity or the uncertain status that they assume, can be shuttering.

Before you measure the value of your leadership, learn to fulfill the purpose of your life through a search and power of a love blessed by God.

For a single diamond I have conquered a world designates that huge effort and of the long-term personal investments, that start from an irrepressible inner impulse.

Your will is increasingly condensed only around a diamond? How far can reach your will? Do you confront the impossible for achieving an ideal? Is there a hostile force attempting to cancel your moral strength? Are your values built of the toughest material, do they remain well-stuck in the crust of time?

Choose the path of certainty, in search of the constant for being what you really are, continuously reporting your leadership to the highest values.


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