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Fortuitous Moments In A Leader Lengthy Evolution

On June 26, 2014, in Leadership T7-Hybrid, by Neculai Fantanaru

Carry out constant operation of intercepting and monitoring "random" phenomena to find the sources of additional "revenue" in the sphere of science and innovation.

The great director was always focused on his concrete work. But one day, during a rehearsal in the foyer, he incidentally caught a glimpse of a young seven-year-old boy’s plump, ruddy cheek, the son of an usher. The kid used to come to rehearsals and no one paid any attention to him. Eisenstein was struck at that moment by the fact that the boy’s cheek reflected everything as a mirror: not only the mimic and gestures of every character, but everything overall, simultaneously. Eisenstein was surprised at first by this very simultaneity.

On the way home – he walked, trams weren’t operating at the time – he began to meditate on the nature of the phenomenon he noticed. The road home was long and this walking meditation could take place freely. He was always thrilled by the elegance of W James’ paradox: we do not cry because we are sad, rather we are sad because we cry. He also liked the thought that from the correct reproduction of an expression you can give birth to the appropriate emotion. But, Eisenstein pondered, if that is the case, mimicking the external behavior of the characters, the kid must relive what the actors feel on stage or at the very least what they are trying to convey.*

Leadership: Do you meditate on the nature of the phenomena that you observe purely by accident in a work that classifies you as a pattern of intellectual authority well-polished by art’s means of expression?

The ability to find a connection between randomly caught elements and the external behavior of some acting individuals is the thought of a director who has all the data to make a memorable film. The mental training, especially flirting with the random and the unusual, sought where there is no balance between "recognition" and "differentiation" of new elements, as a result of the mobility experience, it is an absolute necessity for the awareness and finding of resources of added "revenue" in the sphere of science and innovation.

A talented director knows that where there are persistent feelings one can speak of behavior that seeks the attention of others, and here the science that he has to use can assert the conviction that whatever happens in the world is the consequence of a broad generalization attitude of the defining features of man. Full understanding of the evolution of science, of the recognition of the meaning and significance of its laws, but also the undertaking of the consequences that arise from its content, cannot be achieved without the constant conduction of certain operations of intercepting and monitoring "random" phenomena.

The science to which we must relate to this time focuses on a creation confirmed as being more of a beginning of the effort to define the concept of a “fugitive event”, because only when everything happens in “fast-forward” does man live at maximum intensity.

A director who wants to introduce a remarkable narrative thread into his film must take into account the following: “It is one thing when everything is happening quickly and you do not know what you saw, and another thing entirely when you are faced with the fact itself and you have nowhere to hide”. The key moment of a movie happens when the main character has no time to go back to the previous sequence, being determined to express emotion at will, naturally, to some who refuse to be the same as them.

Mental training is therefore an important component in a program that uses systematic observation as a means of gaining professional experience. It must be applied in such a way that, by imagining ourselves in a certain situation, we can add the activity of external factors to a new source of inspiration that will allow the reorganization of all directions of control of knowledge.

Mental training makes it easier for us to see the opportunities of integrating random elements in a set of techniques and methods, applicable in leadership depending on a certain system of reference.

Leadership: Can you achieve the complex simultaneity of the perception of the senses that highlight an initially ignored reality?

A leader who puts science at the forefront of his concerns constantly reflects on the combinations of perceptions, representations, impressions, values and references, from immediate surroundings, seeking to achieve that complex simultaneity of the perception of senses that highlight an initially ignored reality. But especially the differences of impact between different models of representation of the causal relationships between probable happenings, their importance and implications, and the factors that favorably influences the process of producing and organizing the component elements of creation.

This outwards reflection, on a new framework of "start-up" entities in the process of developing and applying science, constitutes the condition of the existence of leadership as a "scholarly" art, but also the exceeding of our own limits of understanding and perceiving certain aspects, themes or addressed objectives. Permanently, the redirecting of thoughts has need for a new structure of content, in the attempt of understanding the way in which science is transformed in the reproductive components that can be influenced and changed by man.

The forms of expression of directorial art, which can also be integrated into leadership, are as follows: the marking of important events in the life and work of the model of inspiration, the transition from an existing landscape to an imaginary one and vice versa, the understanding of the concept of a “fugitive event” and “deja-vu”, the manifestation of a responsible attitude towards a character who supports the examination of his actions under the conditions of total freedom.

In this case, the task of the director will be to explain through a character a series of events whose unique unfolding in one massive event meant to represent the very pretext of discovering a new version of the same character.

Simultaneity in leadership, as well as in the direction of directing work, aims at producing more simultaneous actions, seen as “coincidences”, that aim to highlight another side of the events and another version of the personality of the one caught between memories and present, between fleeting and eternal.

Fortuitous Moments In A Leader Lengthy Evolution refers to those turning points in the evolution of a leader that appear randomly, under the influence of unforeseen factors that can modify the perception of the path followed in the perfecting of science and even his own personality.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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