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From Simple To Complex� And Back

On August 29, 2016, in Leadership 7th Edition, by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn how to better know yourself, experiencing thinking and intelligence on the idea of contributing to the renewal of life.

I had to find a way of exposing those sides of life that no one else could accept, built from the heights of a forgetfulness that, in turn, will not be forgotten by the memory of oblivion, with the help of which I can simplify the outlines of fluctuation between two phenomena. A phenomenon of adapting to the rules of a situation through which I can come to an agreement with the rest of the world and a phenomenon, of an immense complexity and with a special responsibility: the tendency of hiding myself, of running away, of going unnoticed among people.

Under these circumstances, the First Rule option from the submenu "How I can be found" didn’t allow the selection of the True value from the option "What If", but again, the "Stay Close" recursive call was being executed at a progression from the simple to the complex and back, from science to art, as scientists say. This decided the fate of my incursion into a particular reality, at the levels of viability of an abysmal psychology.

The fantastic was just as necessary as the gleam in the monotonous landscape of autumn, demonstrating the unity between the answer to the question I constantly asked of myself and the execution of an algorithm of recognizing ignorance opposed to the true self, to which I was, of course, subject to, only to predict the future of my entry into a loop of multivalent logic.

Life, to be fully understood, about what forms the experience of living, needs to cast you away into complete oblivion, but assumed, made on three quarters from the bitterness of a type of defeat, a life doomed to futility, from calling a function with a single variable: "You yourself", giving it the value of the arguments from an associative Array.

And from a quarter of doubt, comprising the finest of experiences in gigantic proportions, earnestly seeking a method of plastic expression of the basic tendencies of the reality of thoughts, of the perceptions to the experiences you live in the captivity of the mind, through memory of the past and through imagination of the future.

Only by selecting the values of the "End" variable you can obtain the approval of better knowing yourself, built on the recurrent theme of forgetfulness. And only with patience can you take possession of the primary key that uniquely identifies every recording of the entity called "journey."

Leadership: Do you fully serve the liberty of manifesting yourself fully, by expanding the concept of intelligence?

Wells’ "The Time Machine" novel is not only an answer given to existence that reconfigures the intimate game of the being that wonders – frightened, anxious or calm – "What is going to happen?" It is rather the answer to a voice that not just anyone can hear, a calling that involves a certain limit. As the author states, there are some who are not able to see the chasm that separates them from the working people from the explorers of modern society, to understand that it is always widening.

The particular moment when you get back to where you started, fully serving the freedom of manifesting yourself in the totality you had, and one you yourself compromised through the captivity of the existential status, a difficult one: must have more control of science, is a part of the ascendant trajectory you create by combining defining elements: the ability of orienting yourself through what is an illusion and the ability of orienting yourself through what is truth.

The truth is the pact with yourself, supported in the daring attempts of analyzing yourself through the perspective of the need of justifying a becoming, through the attachment to the increasingly larger dimensions of science, which stimulate you intellectually. Because it is not enough to live on emotions, on the perfection of inner and outer beauty, on a space of existence, healed, complete and whole. This is the intensity of the beginning of a path, which will only take you to the midpoint of the journey.

The illusion is what remains after certain parts of the truth were modified or doubted.

The most rational man is able to achieve an extension of the meaning of the concept of intelligence and to popularize it in his own life, without depending on the main trends of the realities of thoughts, of the perceptions of the experiences he lives within the captivity of the mind, through memory of the past and imagination of the future.

He does not let himself be seized by thoughts, he doesn’t let himself get stolen by them, and that is why his attitude and thoughts are unknown to others. He trusts only in the sincerity of situations, in precise data, in the forms of the truth exercised over his interaction with practice.

Science is the power need for the illumination of the path, its choosing and its crossing. But the path will be easier if you think by answering the questions you ask of yourself by executing an algorithm of recognizing ignorance of yourself, to which you are constantly subjected to.

The rational man is affected, devoured by the ignorance of only seeing the face of reality that suits him, drawing conclusions after every life experience, on every option lost or won. He is the witness of his defeat, which can turn him from a regular person into a man of a hostile destiny.

On the other hand, the man who supports his orientation as an ordeal, the man who defeats reason through feeling, always experiences thinking and intelligence based on the idea of contributing to the renewal of life.

From Simple To Complex… And Back is the evolutionary path we all follow in an attempt to discover the basic truth of the human condition: knowledge cannot be separated from the conditions of being aware of the validity of existence, and the foundation of existence – consciousness – can only be reached through emotion and feeling.


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