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Game Of Two Words

On July 08, 2011, in Human Resources, by Neculai Fantanaru

Defend your honor in the event of failure, by giving up any negative thought that distracts you from your deepest values.

In 2008, Barack Obama, America's current president, won 52 percent of the popular vote, the equivalent of 338 electoral votes compared to the 163 of his Republican counter, John McCain. It was a victory appreciated by all as a first step towards a more efficient leadership based on honesty, ethics and competence.

Even so, more and more I liked the reaction of the defeated.

The Republican, John McCain has accepted his defeat shortly after the televisions announced Obama as a winner, and he had a speech considered "elegant" by analysts, that urged Americans to support Barack, and has assumed his full defeat.

"We fought -- we fought as hard as we could. And though we feel short, the failure is mine, not yours" declared McCain to the supporters, gathered in Phoenix, Arizona. "Today, I was a candidate for the highest office in the country I love so much. And tonight, I remain her servant." also said the veteran McCain. *

Leadership: Do you deviate from the values that were the basis of your ascent until the final verdict?

If a landslide victory can propel you to the heights of success, then failure, for your unhappiness, can push you back. At least this would be the opinion of some of us. However, as we have seen, there is no generally valid truth.

Undoubtedly, for the Republican, John McCain's, his defeat was just another stage that he had to pass, a stage that he has exceeded it with dignity, with honor, adopting that moral attitude specific to leaders, which I consider as indispensable - an attitude that clearly shows respect to the opponent, fairness and accountability for the failure.

Defeat is a great responsibility that you must assume with your chin up, not droopingly. You must be able to take advantage of that moment to get up in the midst of others and show off your inner resources that sustain your personality, which define your leadership. It is the moment when your truth emerges, when it is tested your strength to accept the result, whatever it may be, interiorly accomplished that you did everything it stayed in your power to win, but at the same time analyzing the causes that led to failure.

The secret of the possibility of an ascension that puts leadership at the service of an ideal higher than the long-awaited victory is given by the strengthening of the power to be superior to the one you were yesterday compared to what you want to grow in yourself.

Just as a healthy and active lung compensates very well the loss of the other lung- so a well-thought message, shared with an absolute conviction, with a dose of responsibility and a sense of honor compensates very well a bitter defeat.

When you lose you cannot change the script or to change the course of things, but you can come out victorious in the confrontation with yourself. And you can even grow amazingly much your influence if you approach the failure in the most efficient and favorable manner to you in order to convey an honest feeling and a clear message: "I was not ready yet to win".

Leadership: Do you master the art of knowing how to practice the past, present and future at the same time through the force gained from meanings planted by the truths printed by the glory of the slogan: "in all affairs, take the end into account"?

Leadership is a "play" with different levels of skill and competence, where only two words, two reference marks can test your character traits: "victory" and "failure". It is a game where you have to be the master of yourself and to bridle your emotions, a game in which you can conquer or overcome.

There are no beautiful defeat, but really valuable people, gifted with leadership talent, know how to exploit those adverse situations in order to boost their image and reputation in top choices of the others.

Just as a diamond must be polished to shine - so you should oust some layers that adumbrate your "brilliance" and to reveal that deep side, bright, which characterizes your personality as a human that adopts the fair play in any case.

Fair-play is built upon the freedom to believe the power of truth of a supreme ideal, without your actions of valuing personality gaining larger dimensions that what you stand to gain.

Conclusion: A great thinker said that the victory should not get drunk, and the failure should not tear you down. It is a call to a moderate behavior in both cases. Today a "victory" can push you to failure of tomorrow as a "failure" of today can become tomorrow's victory.

In both cases, you must prove fair play, to recognize the qualities of the opponent that led to his victory and to acknowledge your defeat coming out from confrontation with the head up, with dignity, without deviating from your deepest values - those values which formed the basis of your ascension to the final verdict. Winner or loser.

Leadership is a fair play from which the higher version of your Self must win.

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