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Girl, You Are The Queen Of France

On April 03, 2014, in Leadership Expert, by Neculai Fantanaru

Deepen your identity in a wider context, where the difference between you and the others becomes a way of better understanding the size of life.

The door opened and the man reappeared. In his hand, he had the wonderful doll of which Cosette long dreamed of. The girl looked upon him, then unto the doll, then slowly stepped back and pulled farther under the table by the wall. It seemed she dared not even breathe. Her face still full of tears, but her eyes began filling up, akin to the sky at dawn, by the strange rays of joy. What she felt in that moment was the same as if someone would suddenly tell her: "Girl, you are the queen of France".

Cosette was afraid. It seemed to her that if she were to touch the doll, the doll would strike her. Something that was otherwise true to an extent, because she told herself that Mrs. Thenardier, for which she worked as a maid, would scold and beat her. She was always completely naked under the harsh wind of pain.

However, temptation had won. She ended up approaching the man with the doll and shyly whispered, turning to Mrs. Thenardier: "Am I allowed, ma’am? Am I?" No word would be able to paint her appearance, desperate, terrified and thrilled, all at the same time.

The stranger’s eyes seemed full of tears. He seemed so moved that he didn’t speak in fear of crying. He nodded to Cosette, encouraging her to play with the doll. It was the only present someone had ever given her, the only toy her soul insistently asked for, and one this stranger, who seemed sent from the heavens by providence, had given it to her. *

Leadership: Do you put in the power of influence equation a situation of your states of mind that suggests a certain level of predictability in how things will unfold under the terms of the "direct-cost" method?

What consists the fundamental power for the modern man, that can transform him into an authentic leader? Is this power a way to find the rhythm of life in others? Is it a path to holiness, to deification, which surpasses all others, accomplishing yourself more through the most unexpected of acts, gestures and attitudes?

Leadership is an opportunity to deepen your identity in a wider context, where the difference between you and others is a way of better understanding the specificity and size of life. It is the attempt to put within the equation of power a situation of your spiritual states, in the conditions of using the direct-cost method. In which only the variables of continuous time ‘want" and "need", reunited in a private space, impenetrable, owned by the very reality of the objective world, can be added in the same construction of the humane.

Just as the world is a reflection of what is happening inside you, so too does the "direct-cost" that you have to bear following negotiations with yourself for a better understanding of leadership, is a constraint of the concrete and of the consciousness that, testing the strength of your character, forces you to act in accordance with the expectations of others. This "direct-cost" is related to the process of passing the existential status of the human being from an inferior step to a superior one.

To impose and give meaning to your power to recognize yourself as an individual separate from the world and at the same time having an influence on the world is to provoke your own nature and your own destiny to accept what is offered to you as an escape from a way of life that overwhelms with emotion and image.

I cannot remember who said the following, but he was certainly right: "As we pass through this life with an attitude of gratitude, we will be sensitive to the fact that there are always people with greater needs than ours."

To raise people to a level higher than that of your own, it is imperative to reposition them from those experiences that cause them suffering, determining them to enter a completely new stage of life. From an old and restrictive situation into a new and compatible one with the recognition of a distinct status. Leadership must ensure a continuation of the trend toward love-passion that gives more power than the other values of life.

Such a change of design would be fully justified, as the opinion of some continues to consider it, especially if you put your relationship with people under the sign of the particular. To deepen your identity in a wider context means to put soul and involvement in a seemingly doomed destiny, to acquire a new, fundamental role in initiating effective relationships in a new environment of personal development and growth.

Leadership is the gratitude you gain when the difficult situation and the superficial perspective of life causes people to see beyond tomorrow, through a revival at the moment.

Girl, You Are The Queen Of France brings into the field of attention that state of spiritual contentment, the true value of the human capital, perhaps unmatched by anything in the world, that matters to permanently accompany you in life, before leadership transforms into a great success.

* Note: Victor Hugo - Les Miserables;


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