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Give All Your Best, With No Reservations

On January 20, 2009
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Demonstrate a permanent fidelity to the skills destined to contribute to the acquirement of that form of discipline that can ensure your optimal functioning.

A performance athlete, holder of the "World’s Strongest Man" title, enters the bodybuilding room, undresses, warms up and moves quickly to work. He seems determined to show everyone around what he is capable of. He has a carefully worked body, every muscle is carved and polished apart. He works hard on his biceps, triceps, deltoids, thighs etc. It is obvious that he is no man to be outdone by his expectations.

Two or three times a week, the athlete enters the bodybuilding room with great joy and enthusiasm and, time after time, he Give all your bests all his best to develop his muscle mass. For according to his everyday training and the strength he acquires through it, he will be able to generate a better functioning, which will help him set a world record.

Leadership: Are you able to extend the circumstances of a form of response to the need to approach your performance evaluation, according to a sequence that carries a "win by the slightest amount of difference" algorithm?

Performance must first be understood, supported, and then turned to good account. For this purpose, you must assume the responsibility to prove a permanent loyalty to your own skills – with evolutionary, measurable nature, all designed to bring a more consistent contribution to the acquisition of that form of discipline, which would coordinate your entire spectrum of activities necessary for your most efficient functioning.

A house that rests insecure on wooden pillars is ready to roll up into rising water. When it will be swept by water, you will have to go in search of a dry land.

Too many individuals, on their way to performance, behave and act as castaways in search of new lands – they do not have strong beliefs or an individual personality, they lack any consistency in attitude. And these "weaknesses" in their performance, beyond any doubt, lead to higher and deeper degradation of their professional fiber. Their poor results are the result of overload, wear, exhaustion of those segments of their functional system, which does not transmit anymore any kind of energy.

Being able to broaden the circumstances of a form of response to the need to approach your performance evaluation means to live with the extraordinary results you get in being the first to understand the "win by the slightest amount of difference" phenomenon. Basically, the will to prove that you have a better result is exactly that energy input used to limit the losses you suffer by heating the muscles.

Leadership: Is what sets you apart from other athletes the harnessing of the results you allow yourself through the applicability of causality to the account of a supreme being?

Consistency is a crucial part of your evolution process, keeping your performance engine. If it does not become a part of your life, then it is as insecure as a house that rests shaky on wooden pillars, ready to roll up in a rising water.

Just as your brain receives pieces of information by the hundreds of millions through senses, organs and nerves, processes this information and sends millions of commands simultaneously – just as well, in the way to performance, you must select exactly those stimuli that positively motivate you and function to inform you of your performer status. You will need these stimuli – to determine you to start a certain activity and, at the same time, to support you until its completion.

The applicability of causality to the will of a supreme finale requires you to give yourself some merits just like Sisyphus, destined to climb a hill, pushing a giant rock forever, but each time with more strides than last time, with more passion, so taking on increasing risks.

The Greek philosopher Socrates insisted: "To move the world, we must first move ourselves." Sounds fair, doesn’t it? The beginning is always the hardest. But once you have created a sustained and balanced pace of work, you will be able to accomplish any task, however difficult it may seem at some point.

Desire is not enough to accomplish what you want and cannot help you too much to surmount those performance-limiting bumps. And good intentions will never have the power to move the entire spectrum of your evolution. The only way to become better in your work is to decide to finish everything that you have started.

A leader tests his material, irrespective of previous corrections, until all the negative or unrelenting aspects of the practice he implements are neutralized.

"Give All Your Best, With No Reservations" is the motto of those who aspire to great performance. All those who demonstrate initiative and work hard will always be rewarded. Talent without permanent and sustained effort is not enough. He who wants to become an elite performer must fully develop his existing potential.

I feel compelled to conclude this article with a quote from Hungarian philosopher Georg Lukacs: "Engaged in extreme action, the hero is following the path upon which others only hesitantly step on, ready for compromise."

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