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Good, Evil And The Self

On October 03, 2010, in Leadership Magic, by Neculai Fantanaru

A leader makes use of influence to defeat the ideas that do not fit his vision.

The war had made from Lieutenant Waters what he was: a cold soldier, without sympathies, no pity, no regrets. Pride, career, honor and reputation were all that mattered to him. He had no right to get emotionally involved in his missions; he had to accomplish them at any price, with professionalism and responsibility.

This time he received the mission to rescue Dr. Kendrick's that was in St. Michael mission, in Yolingo, Nigeria.

Together with his commando band, Waters reaches St. Michael mission and surprised the doctor in the moment she was caring for a patient in critical condition. Not having time, he ordered her to get her things and to prepare for departure. They had to travel 12 km on foot to the point Alpha, where they were going to be taken by U.S. helicopters.

Leadership: Do you give credence to a perspective of reception linked to the meaning of unfolding of events, in your efforts to win a dispute based on the force of the argument at any cost?

But something unexpected happens. Female oak. The doctor did not want to leave, not without her people.

- When the rebels will get here, they will kill everything that stands in their way, told Waters. My orders are very clear, we can take only you. The other people are not my responsibility. Only you are my responsibility.

His words fell like a killing dagger to the doctor. She looked at the serious and severe appearance of Waters that pain cannot seem to disturb him; she felt a horror to this man apparently alien to any human feelings. She listens to him, fall and crushed. But her eyes were alive and in them were smoldering a terrible fire. After a brief silence, in which his thoughts flew to all those innocent souls from the mission who were in danger, she answered to lieutenant with a brave decision:

- You're right lieutenant. It's not your problem, it's my responsibility. And I do not leave without these people.

Leadership: Do you acknowledge how you must fight reality and the momentarily necessities so as to dilute every outburst of your nature?

Many personality dimensions appear to be compressed within the framework of the relation enthusiasm-cause-time, recurring to the calculation of the alocation limits for the resources necessary to overcome the impossible and the expansion of authority, especially in critical reception conditions of some positive stimuli in „questioning" the compromising thoughts and feelings until you start to understand them and accept them as they are.

That means putting you in a kind of expectancy similar to „perform without alerts", subordinated to one of the most noble purposes: combating a narrow vision with a soft conscience that would highlight something that you’re missing in order to make your true worth known.

We see in a moment something that happened a short while ago, juxtaposed on something that’s happening momentarily, once with simulating something that might happen sometime within the next period. This Deja-Vu has its whole explanation in the contents of the variable that you can filter based on your high morality inclinations. And this variable, processed on your own way to perceive and interact with reality is similar to the command: „Reset Your Identity". It’s worth to note that the inclination to manifest your individuality in time and space through superior safety characteristics can be educated to fit the trials you face. Pray to be strong !

We witness an overlap of space and time that seems to be a characteristic of the leadership of change, that can grant an emotional stimulus for creating a unitary position of man, similar to „This I can decide myself", serving as measure instrument for courage, but also for extreme sensibility and finesse that dilutes any outburst of your nature.

This tells us a bit about the nature of what you have to offer and to transmit when you become aware of your deepest thought levels, when you become aware of your predisposition to react to a disappointment feeling worthless. Or when you become aware of the oblivion of all things, including your own existence when you avoid to put yourself in the service of a worthwhile humanitary ideal.

Assessing a risky situation will impress your decision-making power, as you will be tempted to give credence to a multitude of perspectives.

Only the one who has leadership skills can penetrate the labyrinth of the human soul. Only the one endowed with a strong will and a big power of persuasion can exercise its influence on character and personality of others.

In the movie "Tears of the Sun (2003)", doctor Kendricks won the goodwill of the Lieutenant, prompting him to accept her conditions. Emotionally confronting him, she did that no one was able to do: to change his attitude, actions and the moral and spiritual behavior. She penetrated more deeply than anyone in the labyrinth of his soul in bondage, with clear orders and instructions, asking him to serve a higher purpose than purely political.

To let those innocent people dying was not at all the vision shared by the doctor. Her ideas about being human, about life and death, freedom, integrity, indifference and ignorance, about human feelings like: love, compassion, respect, hope and faith were so great that they had deeply impressed Lieutenant Waters.

A leader makes use of influence to defeat the ideas expressed by others that do not fit his vision.

Leadership: Do you force the application of a conversion of consciousness, so that you can validly obtain a universal conclusion from a premise of the type: "Is the man of yesterday not the man of today?"

Their situation was unique, no one from the members of the commando's band were not ready for new "baggage". To take with them for more than thirty people, including children was almost an impossible burden to bear. But the lieutenant, hit by a strong emotion, he felt like committing a sin, the one that spirit does not forgive - if he would leave them there, in the midst of danger, those innocent people.

In him sparked the first of many emotions that affect humans throughout their existence - compassion. He who was never touched by any feeling that could make him weak in front of anyone, he suddenly felt a wave of affection toward those poor, so close to doctor. The former man suddenly became someone else.

In critical situations, in soul and mind of any leader is leading a fierce battle between good and evil, between duty and honor, between respecting the established mission and human feelings that sometimes preclude the accomplishment of mission.

The conversion of consciousness is primarily the recognition of the debt towards what you deserve to feel when the dynamics of relationships (dissatisfaction vs. gratitude) is becoming more and more difficult to bear because it hurts the ego.

In the end, the free referee will decide how to accomplish the mission. It is a proof of intelligence and strategy to accomplish your mission. But it is a proof of greatness, the highest vibration of your inner manifestations, when your actions have a humanitarian character.

Good, Evil, and Self are three forms of the same unity of human primordial nature: to seek truth, to circumvent any argument, and to free yourself from any sense of guilt.


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