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Heaven Can Wait

On May 03, 2018, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Matter always listens only to its creator, as in a fantasy story that begins with "once upon a time" and never ends.

A song that inspires me a lot more than a thousand years of wisdom, makes me feel that I live at great heights, in the destiny of a dream which gradually becomes a subjective self-image, close to a sky that painters often call… a jump into immortality. Something mysterious tests me during my listening of it, without which I feel that I cannot live for an indefinite period of sincere searches of spirituality, as a mysterious poetry of alterity in a picture of the future that hides its depth and leaves itself hard to find.

The triad of green, blue and red, filling my veins with alchemical rage, indulges in a gorgeous landscape in the universe of a moment that gains significance due to the analogous transposition into the development of a profoundly scientific concept appropriate to the realities of the ages: music always suggests images !

Continuing the process of color differentiation, on the background of an alert rhythm, the chromatic repertoire (as a support for symbolic thinking) is enriched by the echo of the great delicacy of a rhythmic melodic line written in the stylistic parameters of a fictional narrative, enlivening by accentuating a verse in infinity: "Heaven Can Wait".

Particularly, I feel handcuffed in a virtual space from which I seem unable to escape, because the rhythm touches the sensible strings of my heart, turns into a story, manifesting itself through an organized succession of sounds in a single word that in the universe is pronounced simply as: Living.

Matter always listens only to its creator, like a Prospero that dominates the forces of nature, placing itself in the vicinity of the intrinsic element of the harmony of a composition of great proportions. It is like an emotional state amplified by the sensation of a dream shared by one man in the face of immortality. It addresses "I feel" more than "I know", it acquires a certain individuality, giving me a powerful enough stimulus to enjoy new subjective experiences within a framework of visual metaphors, one that is palpable through the balance of the quality of symbolic thinking, comparable to other types of correlations between the colors seen in nature and their values stored in the subconscious.

Leadership: Can you differentiate between the purpose of a depth of space that serves to confirm an original universe and the prohibition to build anything other than what makes you a model of reality?

The way of painting a picture into a reality of memories and ideals, integrating them into the present written word, is an inner demand to compose a new rhythm for a musical sequence in a permanent look in the mirror of the imaginary. Sometimes I feel it is the ideal means to serve millenary intentions, to make a fact of producing visual effects in the consciousness of the universe, made up of an exception to the general rules that the music must be specific to a chosen theme.

On the whole, I am stimulated by a broad freedom to compose the scene of an infinite universe in attempting to plan the divine plan or parts of a celestial work. Slowly, I leave myself anchored in a verse that expresses a certain need for consistency with myself: "Close your eyes and say: You are The One. Don’t you feel the same?"

In turn, a feeling as clear as possible in a space from which I can barely return, of dreaming with eyes open, turnin’ up in time, is left in a parallel world of mind, and I am aware of this, because I slowly alter reality through an informational field. I do not exclude from this the reference to a deity conditioned by the structured existence on space-temporality whose priority is the process of creation, endless and flowing like a majestic river among the rocky banks, on the way to the mysterious sea.

Sometimes I have the impression that the simple blending of my various soul parts is a rhythmic succession of musical notes transposed into the vivid colors of a work of art obtained either by analogy or in contrast to the tones used to promote a deep sense of uniqueness, of spirituality from a story of the great demiurge.

The purpose of the deep space that confirms the original universe of the work whose stylistic coherence is based on musical aesthetics is the experience of receiving a vast "art region" set on the fusion of the opposites between life and story.

Leadership: Can you become part of a whole that is beyond what "I" should mean in relation to accepting the obligation to accommodate a higher revelation of pure aesthetics?

A tradition of Islam gave King Solomon a ring that allowed him to understand the language of birds. In my case, it is like giving me from divine obligation the great ability to turn musical notes into a new version of Art Nouveau in a painting called "Self-Portrait". Full of greatness, the musical spring behind my creation is a collection of colors in which only the orange, the blue and the white give vitality to a new reality, accompanied by subtle, sensitive sounds in the nuances of interpreting a long-lasting echo, with higher revelations.

My destiny is the destiny of my perfect creation through music. The idea spread by the psychology of depths, according to which man instinctively correlates between different colors, is set by the vision of unity between the spirit and the universe, transfigured by the composer in an accentuated lyricism: "I saw your face an’ you saw mine / And then we got much higher".

The song’s rhythm seems to me to be translated into a literary context, even though there is an area where the dialogue between the creator and creation is confused, encompassing a wide sphere of expressions of beauty in a personal relationship with the space of sounds in a romantic story: "I can’t deny, you came in time / To set the night on fire."

Leadership: Do you relate the attempt of a creator to give meaning to an idea or experience experienced by extracting an unknown from a parallel reality and putting it into a new form of visual representation?

The aesthetician who dominates the literary text is an individualization of the way of expression that links the word "Union" between the nuances of a conversation with God and the nuances of a delicate sensibility in perceiving the abstract geometry of a visual representation of the rhythm and the lyrics of a musical piece.

The obligation to host a higher revelation of pure aesthetics lies only with the creator of great artistic force who can slip between colors, letting his imagination flutter, who knows how to reproduce the subtlest ideological, emotional nuances, thus managing to communicate a new vision in determining the shape, concentration and size of a masterpiece: the journey into a mystical reality.

Because he himself is a mystery or just as well, an unknown.

Heaven Can Wait is the creation of a suspended reality between the divine and the worldly, which the creator embellishes and exposes in a truly interesting manner, as in a fantasy story that begins with "once upon a time" and never ends…

* Note: Sandra - Heaven Can Wait


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