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How Do You Name What You're Feeling Right Now?

On April 21, 2002, in Leadership Mindware, by Neculai Fantanaru

Be who you are, without trusting too much in what you don’t know about yourself.

Cosette felt, above all, an indistinct and deep sadness. It seemed to her that her soul had darkened in one day. She didn’t recognize him anymore. The white in the souls of young girls resembles snow, it is a mixture of coldness and joy. It melts in the sun of love.

Cosette didn’t know what love was. He had never heard that word uttered in its earthly sense. On the profane music books that entered the monastery, the word love had been replaced by jug and porch. The “older ones” were trying to unravel the riddles: “Ah ! How sweet the jug is ! ”, Or “The porch knows no mercy ! ”. But Cosette had left the monastery too childishly and had not taken much care of the “porch”. She didn’t know what name to give to what she was feeling now. But not knowing the name of the disease does not mean being less ill.

She loved with even more passion, because she loved without realizing it. She did not know whether it was good or bad, favorable or dangerous, needy or harmful, eternal or transient, allowed or stopped. She loved. She would have wondered if she had been told: “Aren’t you sleeping? But it is not allowed ! Aren’t you eating? Very bad ! Do you stifle and beat your heart? You must not ! You blush and turn yellow when a certain gentleman dressed in black appears at the end of a certain green alley? That’s awful ! ”She would not have understood and would have answered: “How can I be guilty of something in which I can do nothing and which I do not understand?”

Leadership: Can the search for an ideal of essentializing the experience of the present moment contribute to the change of your attitude and perception towards life, determining you to look at everything from the point of view of a path that extends beyond the horizon of your expectations?

From the point of view of a strong feeling, the only feeling that has the capacity to transform man into everything that he has never been, is that of alertness. Love is only the effect of a resonance with something outside your Ego, or it can be the effect of the story of the life experience you assume as a redemption of the soul escaped from the danger of a debauched, hopeless life.

Here we can talk about an ideal of essentializing the experience of the present moment, as if we were obliged to find ourselves in a fragile, vulnerable moment, but memorable and full of emotion, from which we can transform our relationship with reality and the world. To live an unforgettable moment, a moment that happens maybe once in a lifetime, which takes us out of the comfort zone is similar to capturing an artist’s work: you must learn to be the creation of a Creator that forces you to accept his presence from a different perspective of duration and space.

As for Cosette and her ambivalent state of love and uncertainty, it is due to experiencing a story that she is subconsciously running about a past incident, about something that was (or could have been) and is no more. Her soul longed for something incomprehensible, but which I believe instinct immediately dictated to her: “Be more than a good spectator of your life, start getting involved as an actor.”

Be more receptive and attentive to everything that happens, so that your ego does not get stuck in a reality that exceeds your ability to understand its potential.

Perhaps, after all, a man’s reaction to the unknown is expressed by the life he assumes as an inescapable identity mark, something that feels like a cloud blocking the sun from being seen. Therefore, the ability of an experience to manifest as an entity of maturity, as a source of power, which in ordinary existence is stimulated only by sensory, intuitive activity, depends on how you look at the world, your peers, the events you go through.

The only way that extends beyond your horizons depends on the ability to find something special in your life that really excites you. After all, personal transformation is not for you, you do not have to perceive better results and assume them as your own cause, intensifying it with new feelings. But it is for the truth in you, for the light in you, for the hero in you, for that part of you that will never let you forget the beautiful memories.

This path is the lucidity with which you look in the mirror and find that you are much more than a mind and a body, you are a soul that can open its own horizons.

How Do You Name What You’re Feeling Right Now? I feel my heart beating, and this is called “Déjà vu”. It’s as if I experienced this feeling a long time ago, when I was a child, and just like then, I feel close to understanding life and the world. Something tells me that I am about to become someone else, a more mature man, who lives and communicates in writing so many lives.

If Cosette is part of me, it is because I’ve experienced the story she’s part of. The story is called: “That’s how it once was…”


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