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How Leadership Is Manifested

On April 12, 2008, in Leadership Mindware, by Neculai Fantanaru

The way you relate to the hypostases in which you experience the “Road to Virtue” mirrors the way you achieve the connection between what you undertake as a duty and what you undertake in a situation of ignorance.

It so happened that a friend, owner of a glass factory in Antwerp, who was very fat, asked Butler to get rid of the extra pounds. The Irishman gave her a small piece of stone, advising him to touch it with his tongue every morning. After three weeks, I saw the Irishman suddenly lose weight, but his health was not affected. In the meantime, I sent someone to Vilvoorde, asking Butler to send me a cure for a poison given to me by a secret enemy. I was in terrible pain – my wrists ached terribly and my pulse was intermittent, which made me faint very often and lose my strength before my very eyes.

Butler, who was still in prison, told the servant I had sent to bring him a small bottle of olive oil. After touching the oil with the stone he had used before, he sent the bottle to me, instructing the servant to anoint me with a single drop of oil where it hurt, or everywhere, if the pain is so great. I did as he said, but I didn’t feel any improvement. Meanwhile, my enemy was on his deathbed and asked to be forgiven for the sin he had committed against me. That’s how I found out I had been poisoned, which I suspected. I then took care to eliminate the venom, which, with God’s help, I succeeded.

After later witnessing the treatment of several women, I asked Butler why they were healed so easily, while I (although I was on the verge of death and tormented by terrible pain) did not feel any improvement?

He then asked me what disease I was suffering from and understood that the poison had caused me all the trouble. He told me that the oil had to be taken internally or the stone had to be touched with the tongue, because the source of the disease was inside. He also noticed that the oil had not been well made, because the healing properties were only on the surface, the stone being only slightly touched by the liquid. The same man healed a nun, who for eighteen years had her right hand swollen, unable to move it, with very stiff fingers. Healing came by simply touching the stone with the tongue.

Many people witnessed these miracles, and they suspected that there was some hidden spell or some evil craft. Since ancient times, ordinary people have the stupid habit of considering that anything they do not understand due to their ignorance is the work of an evil spirit.*

Leadership: Can you justify your conception of understanding by discovering the significance of value and integrating information into contexts applicable to their “feedback” effects, and therefore justify yourself about what makes you feel superior?

It is enough to see what happens when we try to explain a complex reality only from the perspective of an experience of knowledge gained through research and innovation – this is as if we were trying to render the ineffable divine vision. In this case, the world will turn its back on us when we try to help it because it believes more in miracles and coincidences than in an intellectual capital facilitated and intensely supported by the power of assimilating knowledge and new directions of thought.

When the doctor prescribes a drug, in fact he appeals to his emotional side, he frequently appeals to the flow of consciousness, he appeals to the subject of knowledge, to the practices of non-abusive use of inside information. His long experience, his ability to deepen his self-knowledge in a unique environment conducive to innovation and change, becomes profitable when he finds a reason to experience the “Road to Virtue” – which begins with the faith to find understanding and humanity in every support he gives to the world.

Let us say that the doctor is a reminder of the divine miracles translated into a higher knowledge which, culminating in supersensible perceptions, could replace God.

And even if he is not reconciled with everything that happens and it is difficult for him to make a decision, the doctor knows very well where the whole issue of the aspect to be cognitively elucidated comes from, he knows very well how to make someone understand the need to prioritize correct requirements that define a good character, making it unique, steady, conscientious and sensitive. The doctor imposes himself through a kind of sharing of his state of satisfaction and fulfillment to people with similar emotions.

And through the feedback received from patients, even their negative response to change, the doctor justifies his conception of the understanding obtained by discovering the meaning of value and integration of information in contexts that link professional activity to everyday life. Such a conception can perhaps be reached by the doctor thusly: “life is what forms consciousness, but consciousness will feel inferior when two thoughts are in opposition to the object of reference.”

To justify yourself in relation to what makes you feel superior means to understand that your way of thinking is deeper and more efficient than that of other people, by the fact that the results of your own research and discoveries manage to fulfill the role of guarantor of sustainable evolution of generations.

How Leadership Is Manifested can be found during the advancement of knowledge in which valuable information is transmitted regarding the relationship between truth and reality, between research and discovery, but especially regarding the relationship between phenomena and their absolute cause.

The doctor is a follower of determinism not only because he manages to ensure the well-being of patients and to administer appropriate treatment to the diseases they suffer from, but because he instills in people a thirst for knowledge, openness and self-improvement. He is a superior man because he knows how to differentiate between what is seen and what is not seen, between what happens in reality and what happens in people’s minds, between what happens normally and what will happen after his intervention.

The most important hypostases of the doctor are: that of a fighter, in which he built and left something behind; and that of a being unassailed by the meditative spirit and the obsessions of conscience. The path of his virtue mirrors the way he realizes the connection between what he assumes as duty and what he assumes as devotion and love in the situation where other people prove ignorance.

You may find yourself in a state of ignorance when people are not ready to step forward into knowledge, when they are not ready to intuit that you are one of the few doctors who treat their patients with respect and give them all the information and the necessary explanations to make possible the justification of empirical knowledge and its ethical implications.

* Note: Barrett, Francis - The Magus, Esoteris Publishing House, 2008


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