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In Front Of The Mirror We See Naught But Ourselves

On April 06, 2008, in Leadership Mindware, by Neculai Fantanaru

Focus your sphere of self-building action on what underlies your existence, so that your image reflected in a mirror passes through the focus of a correspondence with spirituality.

Do we make a resemblance in the mirror? You say what you think of me. And I about you. Do you dare play this game, even if we do not fully understand the truth of the other? Do you want to? Of course. You start, the idea was yours, so you have priority. Good. It’s not hard for me. But when I’m done, I’ll wait for you to tell me. Do I have your word?

I promise to be honest, and at the same time impartial. I know it’s hard to be a mirror, but if you manage to reflect your personality in someone else, sharing the truths of your inner self, then maybe the ray that passes through the main focus of the mirror would return to the environment it came from, in the souls of both.

Well. In my opinion. First of all, I think you are very organized in what you do and that in a certain discipline. When you are forced to refuse something, you do it only if it agrees with your personality. You have a good soul and you are perhaps too meticulous, including in setting your moods, which being too high does not resonate with anyone. You like to have freedom of thought, of movement, to be yourself, always at ease. Physical and especially spiritual harmony with a person would make you fulfilled, but you did not discover them in a person at the same time. You don’t like loneliness and yet it’s your natural state. You want a change, but first it has to happen and somehow you have to accept it, because you feel that your life is like going against the flow. Finally, you like the things you do, you are disciplined, you are not resentful and if you were truly loved you would feel that you are a whole. Period.

Spirituality is the result of the point where your self meets the outside through a confession that does not turn against you.

Ha, ha. I thought you’d tell me everything from childhood to adulthood. Yes, what you said about me is okay. Expect for this “life against the current” thing. In fact, I think life is going well, it’s just that things don’t work out the way I want them to. On other levels, it’s going super well, still ahead, but eh, in other chapters I’m far behind… And you forgot about the Universe, this rationality of the colossal Creation that controls me, no matter how hard I try to change things. That’s why I’m not even agitated… I’m agitated in vain… I let everything happen. Okay, so I’ll give you 9.50 for presenting my psychological and sentimental profile. You could have become a psychologist…

The similarities and differences built into our mirrors are optical components that work well based on the reflection between the flow of thoughts and the ability to express them fluently. They allow the propagation of the revealing “light” in the direction desired by a strange universe, in the rectilinear way of propagating causes and effects visible in every stage of our lives. We just have to confess to each other the truths that can awaken us to augmented reality, in the context of the cult of the universe about human survival and man’s destiny in the world.

Leadership: Is your image of “enlightenment” affected by the difference between the flow of thoughts and the ability to express them fluently in the context of the other’s search for self-perception?

Now it’s my turn. What can I say about YOU? First of all, I am firmly convinced that you are in close contact with another person who admires me immensely (you can be a good friend, or a close relative), so you are not really the one you claim to be.

Then, I think you are a very read person, in love with poetry (which denotes romance, delicacy, dreaming). I absolutely don’t think you’re married, because no married person is on Facebook every day at such late hours. I also think that you are an emotional person, and a little shy, here on Facebook you talk a lot, in reality you are a bit silent (especially towards someone like me). You feel comfortable with your girlfriends. And I tend to think you’re afraid of something, I don’t know, like you’re abandoned or deceived.

You are a possessive person, and this usually happens to single people who have not had any attachment from anyone. You often get upset quickly out of nowhere. You want to have a romantic and challenging life at the same time, but you don’t even take a step forward for that, even a kiss scares you. More jokingly, more seriously, but that’s the way it is. You are also up to date with the news. You have a good soul, but life has made you a little worse. You want love, but you’re not ready to receive it. That’s about all I have to say about you. Am I wrong somewhere?

Enlightenment is a perpetual search for the truth about the world and the universe that we believe we find when we find our moral and spiritual guide in someone else like us, or when we confess the truths that force us to be ourselves. Thus, the sphere of self-perception can be correlated with the images of light objects formed by spherical mirrors, with reference to that automatic part of each human being that allows others to align with a common cause, in the structure of a predetermined harmonic order.

Explore the universe in augmented reality, and present it with all its “finesse”; can you?

Leadership: Does the sphere of expansion of your self, based on the spiritual, allow the orientation of the image that represents you in the direction of an activity with a “liberating” impact whose angle of incidence can be changed in certain values?

The mirror, as a mark of discreet and sincere confessions, is the essential part of an activity with a “liberating” impact whose angle of incidence can be changed in certain values: the power to assume who you really are and the courage to accept yourself as you are. The image that represents you in the world, or in front of the mirror, is what you dare to say about yourself without feeling overwhelmed by what is happening in your life, without feeling guilty because you could have been someone else and have not managed to be.

Okay, can I answer your point now? I swear I don’t know you and I don’t know anyone close to you. The simple association you make is just a coincidence. It’s true what you said at one point. But you got it, you were lucky. But you still need to know that I’m married… my husband and I aren’t the kind to suffocate one another… we have room in the house… enough room. Yes, so I got closer to the truth. I’m not emotional. Not at all. I’m very sharp. People who know me already know this. On the contrary, I am too combative.

That being said, our mirror fits perfectly, it doesn’t steam up over time, even if our ideas change. It obviously shows the things we believe in. The mirror does not change the way we see the world, and ourselves included in the journey to the light, to the source of life, to its divine source. Maybe our heart is still looking for a treasure to cling to, to find peace. In front of the mirror, we show our dignity. In front of the mirror, we find peace. In front of the mirror, we see ourselves as a single entity, as a single image. And only in front of the mirror do we easily add notes…

The mirror, as a hypostasis of the Truth that we capture in relation to individuality, symbolizes the upper part of man that stands out from the relationship of the self with the Other and of the Other with the Same.

In Front Of The Mirror We See Naught But Ourselves whenever we try to know ourselves better or to overcome certain patterns and personal obstacles. I learned, conversing with Ioana Sarah, that I can be the same self that I will see again tomorrow, even if God did not create me perfectly, but only chiseled my spirit to be a form of pure conscience. Amen.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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