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In The Name Of The Rose

On March 27, 2016, in Leadership 360˚, by Neculai Fantanaru

Try to control the course of a role-play that offers the security of the game.

Do not be fooled: the rose always hides a great secret, to allows for change to happen, the essence that keeps you alive, a sign from God that you have received your blessing, maintaining an inner state of great luminosity. It is the emblem of a man obsessed with words, with the games of meanings that give a face to things, tricks invented for real, creating an expectation in that constant of the work called vision, from the angle of miraculous phenomena. You are immobilized there forever, between the scent of a changing state, as the sun between the clouds, and the sharp thorns of the aspirations for changing the form of the image of time and space, making up the magic formula of the living world.

From a famous spy novel by David Morell, I learned that in Greek mythology, the god of live once offered a rose to the god of silence, as a bribe, to prevent that god from revealing the weaknesses of the other gods. With time, the rose became a symbol of silence and mystery. In the Middle Ages, it was customary to hang a rose from the ceiling of a council room. The council members swore not to reveal what they would discuss in the room, sub rosa, in the name of the rose.

When you will come to visit me, as actors always go back to the stage, because only there does the spectacle truly take place, I shall show you a special rose, a new species: "Crosswords", full of all the colors of a divergent production, demanding the integration of disparate elements, both concrete and abstract.

I could always give that rose a new name, but I think of it in terms of result of the work with myself, of my transformation, that it is almost impossible to play back the feeling of honor I pretend and invoke, that my professionalism imposes. The rose is the result of a word game that creates a fascinating imaginary space in which we all want to get through, a reference to a subject that has raised a special interest and a metaphor that deeply suggests the idea of rebirth and glory from an aesthetic perspective.

I like its double meaning, but you will understand only the one that is left unguarded, and the one that suits you. In my line of work, beauty is required – that one you need to receive, not necessarily the one that defines me.

Leadership: Do you try to introduce others into a game full of meanings by using the variation of its suggestive properties?

This rose, originating from various sorts, for which all the voices of the soul find their resonance in inspirational areas, is an unusual one, completely different from the one from years past, so it will not seem to you that you enter a game without understanding its suggestive properties. The task it does has the role of defending an idea attacked from all sides, like a sort of landscape thief encompassing intense sensations and experiences. Try to clear up the mystery of this rose, return to theory. Do not attempt to hold it in your hand, for it will increase mystery and curiosity.

As you realize, I started to induce a certain image to you, a certain interpretation, perhaps even in error. Only a forger of images can best ensure this state of suggestion, all throughout leadership, which makes you wonder where it is coming from. Sometimes you cannot explain this state, but you feel it in its fullness, that you are carried through a row of surprising experiences, that spark up several questions within you, the interest of finding as much as possible.

Leadership draws all of its traits from the core of a rose that never withers, deserving to be exaggerated through exposure, so that it continues to fascinate and surprise. What always accompanies you on the ream of eternal ideas, is related to the approach of a theme having at its center the "collection and offering of the Rose" – as a result of your transformation. Its place in the context of perpetuating a certain understanding, must be undertaken by the concept of a maximum and unitary suggestiveness that must circulate widely.

Seen as a means of asserting a powerful identity of an idea, by seeking and discovering a unique or multi-purpose suggestiveness, the rose has a special creative significance – first, because you find yourself in the presence of an active spiritual state, sheltering confidence in a sort of victory over the representation of reality.

Then, it is born within you that quality of controlling the course of a role-play, which offers the game’s own security. You decide on what you insert in the minds of others, but what you insert needs to be directly proportional with what they are willing to see and accept.

The suggestiveness with which you continue to emphasize the parts of concealed agreements is similar to the conquering aroma of the rose: it dares you to dream, as a foray into the brilliant world of aesthetics, but also takes you back in time, evoking memories you might have thought lost.

The revelation that confirms the impact of leadership distributed in the form of surprising experiences is an extended image beyond the beauty of conceptual structures expressed through the direct comparison method.

In The Name Of The Rose must always be solidary that forger of images that wants to turn knowledge, his own transformation, a true spectacle, a genuine leadership, calling to the discovery of a unique or multi-purpose suggestiveness.

Such a man has the task of keeping secret the identity of an idea that others need to find under a different angle. This is what makes him a leader, because he manages to always find himself in the shadow of a game, whose center is made up of that interpretation through which the support of an idea or theory is attempted.

Roses draw the world’s eyes not with great costs, but due to the elements of relevance their traits present. Do you find yourself in them? Can you draw from them? Can you lead based on them?


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