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Initiates Have A Better Knowledge

On April 18, 2020, in Leadership Mindware, by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to turn your evolution into a work of the divine, which is intended to be a faculty of the soul that knows things before they take any form.

- This works for fools, for the simple and uneducated. The initiates have a better knowledge. We do not despise Christians, because there are initiates among them who are holy people. The higher we climb the ladder of knowledge, the wider we open our eyes. At the end of their search, initiates know that all countries glorify the same God. I see him with their worldly eyes, I feel him in their flesh. This is the supreme knowledge. By acquiring it, the saint can heal the sick and restore the sight of the blind with a simple touch. Even a piece of his clothes is enough, and the bones also retain their strength.

We believe in the one God and his prophet, the Qur'an and the Hadith, and we follow the right path. Our cadets and ulema spoil their sight by studying the Qur'an, just as Christian scholars dedicate themselves to reading the Bible and exegesis of the Holy Fathers. To become learned, it is enough to have diligence and a good memory. For the initiate, every writing, every worldly thing is revealed and clarified in the supreme knowledge, finally, as a metaphor of God. For the initiate, the moment comes when he lives in God and God lives in him. *

Leadership: Can you imprint a movement on what is immutable and ubiquitous, by revealing a knowledge based on the interpretation of an understanding obtained by integrating information into an entity of the same nature, but superior?

Not only does the book symbolize the means of penetrating the mysteries of knowledge, but the very mental faculty of man to discover, to appreciate the ridiculous or the absurd inconsistencies between the requirements and rigors imposed by the rules of society, can symbolize initiation, the beginning of true knowledge.

What does that mean? Well, my advice is to follow the right path to the most chosen knowledge, replacing the reality of many (followers of the demands of society), in which the road is strewn with uncertainty, with that reality in which we discover passion, what we want to do with our life. And the rest will come naturally.

Based on the analysis of the situation in today’s society, when everyone runs in any direction but few reach a precise destination, I must point out that the notion of power and the elite are closely linked and occupy key positions in accelerating the importance of knowledge in the context of the process of “viewing beyond the veil of appearances”, a view beyond what is immediate, beyond imperfections, beyond concrete manifestations.

This is because the world’s elite, despite what is believed, is not made up of presidents, senators and CEOs, but precisely those scientists, often forgotten or remembered on the run, they are the ones who open our eyes and the mind towards new horizons and understandings.

And knowledge still, synonymous with the notion of power and having the sense of covenant of wisdom with the sharpness of salvation, can lay the foundations of a strong faith in God, under the mantle of an enlightened one who can read the secrets of the soul and reach pure consciousness. Challenging this fact, or distrust of the act of knowledge provided for the purpose of Creation, leads to a kind of objective crisis of power itself, which can no longer be enhanced by understanding the harmony between the ideal ego and the miracle of existence.

Learning to turn your evolution into a work of the divine means giving priority to research, knowledge and innovation, so that the study of the process of knowledge becomes your main occupation. And knowledge is intended to be a faculty of the soul that knows things before they take any form, when you share an invincible faith that can move mountains, that can save, that can cope with pain, hunger, and persecution, which can open any soul and disarm any resistance.

Through leadership, we try to imprint a movement on what is immutable and ubiquitous, that is, we begin to follow the right path of faith which consists in the possession of knowledge gained through research, practical experience, mental self-control, thoroughness and interaction with other professionals.

Initiates Have A Better Knowledge if we think about the fact that everything that is factual, built on spirituality, like everything that is useful to this world, has its spearhead in thinking up the phenomena offered to intuition, that is, to highlight their essential properties or assign them certain meanings. And if we draw a parallel with the “essence of all things”, we must know what the writer Francis Barrett said a few centuries ago:

“If there are hundreds of virtues of the sun found in as many animals, plants, metals or stones, we will have to gather them together and bring them into a single form, in which we will find unified all the virtues we need.”

The moment you allow yourself to see beyond the veil of the world, looking at the realms better left unseen, and begin to rediscover yourself, it means that you have reached the peak of knowledge, and your connection with God is impeccable.

* Note: Mika Waltari - Young Ioannis, Polirom Publishing House, 2020


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