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Interactions And Interpersonal Relationships

On January 01, 2009
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Further develop your emotional vision, turning yourself into an example of faith in relation to the cost of living.

A climber was reported missing in the Bucegi Mountains in February. At that time, the snow had a thin layer, creating optimal conditions for mountain activities in conditions of maximum security. Nobody knew where he disappeared. He could not be located. Other climbers’ searches did not yield any results. Where is this man?

“I think he’s alive, I can’t wait to find him. Thank you to everyone who continues to help us” – said the head of the mountain rescue team.

And suddenly something comes up. Evidence. A red glove attached to a ski stick. It was actually a sign that eventually led to the climber’s discovery. He had sunk into a pit caused by a landslide. At the last moment, knowing that he would sink, he was inspired to stick his ski stick into a moss.

Leadership: Can you bring out the best in yourself in the face of an unexpected threat, turning a balance sheet into a space of clairvoyance?

Leadership brings together those inner actions and resources, oriented towards the emotional dimension of other people, which leads to the increase of your performance potential in offering the true knowledge of the good. The good that you can do by your own strength and originality, that is, by personal example of survival.

Convincing people that “you are alive” means setting the tone for your personal transformation process, it means that you are willing to be an example to others through your own successful experiences, your thinking, your emotional power, your actions – what you managed to become after the struggle to be an example of faith, at the cost of your life.

Your evolution as a leader may be delayed if your leadership does not allow for the best qualities. Just as copies or reproductions of paintings indicate situations when you are faced with objects that cannot be confused with artistic reality – so too does the optimization of a relationship, which requires a deeper knowledge of your own being and matures with countless transformations of your life, indicate a better relational competence, which determines a higher probability of achieving success in the battle for performance optimization.

Man’s entire life is dominated by interactions and interpersonal relationships. The role of the leader is to optimize these relationships, to guide them in the direction of achieving outstanding performance and to achieve a common goal for the benefit of all.

How long, or what does it take for you to understand the true nature of a human being? Building and maintaining a relationship is an art that combines the science of relating to the spiritual state of people, influencing their actions and decisions, trying to intuit their future – with your ability to value their qualities, to develop them and sustainably stimulate the potential. This is, in a word, clairvoyance.

Leadership: Can you find the balance between what you see in other people’s eyes and what defines a situation from which you would like to escape, but you can’t deviate from the flow of events?

Overcoming a relational impasse or optimizing a relationship requires, of course, a deep self-knowledge, the ability to be aware of what is happening to you, to others, what is the context in which a relationship takes place. But after knowledge, the next step is change. You have to be willing to set an example for others in your life.

Using all the feelings, values ​​and beliefs that your being builds, to reinvent them, or to restore their emotional and mental structure, to live differently, in accordance with themselves, with what they are and what they love. Change is therefore a personal one and is based on your power to influence the emotional in people. As a leader, it is up to you to find the balance between what you are and what can define other people.

A leader must have the ability to bring out the best in people through his own charismatic strength. I consider this a positive feature in the development of the power of influence. I believe that one of the qualities that stimulates the qualitative progress of leadership is the emotional vision, the essential component of the mechanism of guiding people to a certain point.

How do you bring out the best in people? Simple, leaving them for a while and leaving behind a clue about you, without deviating from the thread of events, with rare exceptions and only to give explanations or a broader understanding of the ideas started.

Is emotional vision an essential part of your leadership? Are you capable of leading a morally sound job?

Always consider this possibility, otherwise you risk limiting your potential to increase the size of your leadership. An important part of the art of driving is to compose this vision. Many leaders forget to do this because they are engaged in management, focusing more on “maintenance” and being inclined to rely on systems and commands.

Leadership: Is the concordance between your Ego and the soul nature of other people 100% based on the background of an event that does not change its outline, but rather the perspective from which you look at it?

In one of my articles on my personal website, I made the following statement: In order to elevate your leadership to the rank of art, you need to maintain this brilliance of people by focusing more on the character that defines them, researching their feelings with artist sensitivity, establishing their “composition” of spiritual qualities – such as compassion, generosity and clean conscience.

If you want to change people’s beliefs, you must resort to a more delicate shaping, spread out over many approaches (emotional, mental, not just professional) and you must offer an inexhaustible source of stimuli that will perfectly fit in their emotional and cognitive system. Therefore, the concordance between your Ego and the spiritual nature of other people must be 100%.

Would you be willing to end any relationship with people in order to truly feel a sense of satisfaction?

If your leadership is too “poor” in content, it will never pay off. By educating yourself in the spirit of leadership that does not promote strong emotional benefits, that does not bring important sources of motivation, that does not meet the desires and expectations of people, you will eliminate the elementary unity on which relationship building is based.

It is like removing a loved one from your side and ending any relationship with them to truly feel fulfillment, happiness, and contentment. And this will create a negative outlook on your emotional qualities, you will be treated without consideration by those around you.

And I must point out that, unfortunately, the world is full of such cases of leaders lacking warmth, who have lost all emotional authority in the eyes of the people – they are being pursued more out of obligation than out of pleasure. That being said, souls hungry for fame and power do not know where to look and how to alleviate the pain of others, they go through life driven by the instinct of their progress and material well-being, instead of gaining spiritual well-being.

Leadership: Do you care more about your prestige than the spiritual state that is created when the last episode of events becomes even more dramatical?

Just as excess oxygen burns fat more efficiently, so too will you by contributing to improving the quality of your leadership through a better adjusted dose of your emotional side, burn more effectively any “evil”, any negative factor inside of you.

The way you exercise your qualities, especially the power of influence, reflects that part of you, that negative or positive impulse that you impose on yourself when you want to change others. Consequently, be more concerned with the nature of your being, the interest you give to people, their spiritual condition than your prestige. Relationship optimization requires a deep self-knowledge, the ability to be aware of what is happening to you, but also to others, ensuring the “context” in which a relationship takes place. The context is given by the decisions you make so that the collaboration is as close as possible.

How do you contribute to improving the quality of your leadership? Does the way you exercise your qualities reflect the positive side of you? Are you willing to make personal sacrifices to enhance your emotional nature? How did you set out to accomplish great things?

To be alive = to reason + to relate

To be alive means to reason and relate to others, it means to know them and to know yourself. “It would have been good to know all things only by instinct and feeling. But nature has denied us this good, and on the contrary it has given us little knowledge of this kind, and all the others can be acquired only by reasoning.” Said Blaise Pascal.

Leadership is the moment when you feel defeated by a situation that promises to be catastrophic, realizing that your salvation is the people’s response to your willingness to take risks in the short term, with a view to greater long-term performance.

The Closest Interactions And Interpersonal Relationships are created when events become dramatic. Be careful what your self-voice dictates in such moments !

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