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Ioana Sarah (II)

On August 09, 2020, in Leadership Mindware, by Neculai Fantanaru

Try to make room for your inspiration to manifest itself freely at the urging of motivation to understand the meaning of life suspended between the soul’s need for an inexhaustible intellectual appetite and the experiences of a reality that transcends what is transient.

I have to tell you Nicu, as I often like to say about certain things that I know too well, that everything is relative. Relativity itself belongs to the physical principles that represent the foundation of the creation of this world. Science is like a building with separate floors, or like I would say a body is moving if it has another as a guiding point… otherwise everything is static in this world. Therefore, you sometimes have to endure the appearances of perfect lives, the appearances of great truths generated by fiction, or the appearances of scientific realities such as evolution.

We all experience a wonder as a special fact when we read books, we see statements given by this science that you keep talking about, and we still find alternatives in the seemingly logical answers. In mathematics, three heights meet at one point, but although in a triangle any doubts were not obvious, axioms sometimes have to be accepted without proof. Behold then that the world in which we live is a higher stage of science perceived only by one who observes only what is built, but who does not observe the existence ended on a stage of the celestial ascent.

In this world we must make room for inspiration and intelligence to manifest freely. A healthy mind in a healthy body, this results in something harmonious, not everyone possesses the two at the same time. You can only assume certain things about life and the world, you don’t even know when you know, and when you know it’s important to know what you don’t know… Do you know how important that is?

Marie Curie said it well: “In life there is nothing to be feared, only to be understood. It is time to understand more so that we are less afraid.” You may want to fall into the “unique” category, but many have both, many do not. It’s good that it’s good, otherwise it would’ve been bad. In this world, the more you read, the more you understand people, their nature. You have all the answers about them and they appear before you at the right time.

A piece of advice for the future. Always be honest, don’t act, don’t pretend and never lie to a rose. It will feel and know everything, because it has seen more than anyone. And the signs, it knows how to read them better than anyone.

Leadership: Is the core of your being formed where you find everything you need to turn any event in your life into a story that oscillates between memory and forgetfulness?

The world is a life you experience with your head down and your chin up. Sometimes everything is misleading even if you think you see everything very clearly. You think you know the truth, but in fact you only tell lies because something new is always being discovered that makes your hypotheses difficult. And never do unto others what you wouldn’t want done unto you. This is God. In this sentence you will find Him. That’s all I know.

You know… I like talking to you… but I’m telling myself that maybe one day you’ll disappear… I’m saying this to accept it with ease when it happens. Would I like it if you were to disappear? I don’t think you’d like it. Because the disappearing man is like the sheets of paper that time erases: you can consider this as an involuntary fact, but in the spiritual world man must himself create a situation in which there is no transient feeling.

And life is lived the same way you read books: you try to react to various challenges and in fact you find that you are just a character walking with a cane, unable to control his own story. You hope to start reading from it until a new cover appears that makes you forget it. For this reason, I believe that the core of your existence is formed where you find everything you need to turn any event into a story that oscillates between memory and oblivion. This place is, in fact, a summary of the feelings you want to experience and mirror in a world that is constantly changing.

I believe that the truest books are written from real conversations. And maybe you’ll say that you won’t disappear because you wouldn’t like for me to disappear either. I mean, let’s be honest. Two people do the same things when they are in the same situation. Then everyone pulls unknowingly, a little to the left… a little to the right, and thus increases the distance between them. But you can’t start with something you like. In which you find yourself and complement yourself. No matter how crazy you are. And, of course, all the books are interesting, but there are some interesting ones about life. Such as the books written by Mika Waltari, Ştefan Zweig, Alexandre Dumas or Victor Hugo. I preferred Zweig. From him, from the more than 20 books, excellent novels, I learned about people. Quite a lot.

You know, reading more and more you feel like you are experiencing real life stories and you are learning to be a character that is “rebuilding” himself at a late age. No one has time to learn only from their own experience, it would take too long. Even communication with various people falls under the chapter of life experiences. You will understand the man. People. Women. Obsessions. Beauty. And the soul. Men. Their wishes. For example, “Burning Secret” is a book of rare depth. I like to think I know a lot. Not everything. But there aren’t many questions I can’t explain if I ask myself. Read it. That’s it. He has an artistic writing. And the deepest thinking. And many secrets… burning. Of the people. Their souls, their minds, hide so much.

Leadership: How do you approach a revelation about yourself through the prism of a reality that exists only in a prose that moves the whole world of another being in a personalized picture of the soul?

And you say so much… about ugly and beautiful. I just have to guess the truth. Can you guess it? It’s like I’m the sand, and you’re the sieve. Predict. You realize what the truth is when you predict what the other person wants. How he feels. What surprises him. And more. Everything is revealed to me… anyone can lie to me. That’s easy to do. But you can’t lie to “The One Above”.

I like how you get back to something we talked about in the evening. And you’ll be back the next day with remarks. Night is a good adviser. Isn’t that what they say? It’s like I left on a train from the train station and you’re still there. So I have to go back. To the train station. With any luck, I’m going to write something like this today. Know it’s for you. When you read this, it’s like accounting: you draw a line involuntarily and make an inventory (what states you lack, what you have, what else you want). You text me once normally. Then inverted. Another in length in a strip of telepathy, and imprinted on space, time, existence and infinity. You got me dizzy. The phone is to blame, it captures images poorly. But it’s fine this way. To make sure you read. When you doubt that you are reading, please ask me to bring out the main ideas. Would you be able to? I read every day when I wake up. An hour or two. Beautiful. You will write a poem about all this anyway.

I’m telling you a secret. When we talk. Do you want me to tell you now? So… I was talking to someone a long time ago. I was not willing to post what I write. I would give it to him and he would post it in my stead. He was happy. Although they weren’t his. He had been telling me for a while that he had nothing left. He lived through your words and emotions. I told him I was keeping them now. I want to impress someone. Yes. He lived. Like in another world. At one point he upset me. I know. The guy died. Actually, no. I’ve deleted him. He asked an acquaintance that I unblock him. Then he began to put a profile picture up. He was crazy about how many likes he had. Did he want me to be his wife? I don’t know, maybe he would have loved me madly. He said that sometimes he envies me that he can’t write like that. I write with my soul, not with another’s. I’m writing for you. I wouldn’t post what you write either. At this we also match. I admire what you write. I write what I can.

Everything seemed so real to me that I didn’t know when there was an illusion and when it was prose. It’s interesting what you read and it has to do with reality. The real touch is the physical touch, the desire… the emotion. All that remains are word… that pass… are forgotten. And that’s true. Don’t forget what someone makes you feel. Yes. I meant that too. It’s good that you’re writing for someone. You are in love. No, I’m writing for you…

A personalized painting with the ego of another being captures that boundlessness of feelings, of passions of unspoken longings, great thoughts, all these piled up in a life (like from a story) that is no longer experience, but only a state of mind.

Ioana Sarah is, in a way, my alter-ego in a world full of thoughts, which is confused with the story of an ordinary man who stages his own writings and the positions he adopts towards the most concrete topicality, or of a man who meets several people in one and thus manages to become someone else.


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