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Ioana Sarah (III)

On August 10, 2020, in Leadership Mindware, by Neculai Fantanaru

Be more receptive and attentive to everything that happens to you, so that your ego does not get stuck in a reality that exceeds your ability to assess its potential to capture attention.

I finished the book. Mine was romantic, about people looking for and finding each other. Conclusions. Impressions. Summary. Should I do it? Well, you read it… Tell me what you liked, how it ended… Something that would make me interested in the content of your book. So curious you are. But look, in a nutshell. Two young people met by chance, each with a sad story, memories hard to comprehend in the mind of one man. They felt complete with each other as individuals, and after some trials and tribulations they remained together. Each thought they were not good enough for the other. It was like when you meet someone you were expecting.

Yes, a romantic book, about feelings, experiences, expectations. It’s like something taken from reality. Exactly. After waiting and waiting and waiting, you have to be lucky… Find the one you need. Only then do you really live. You want the same things. Do the same things. You have the same passions. You sit in silence, side by side and that’s enough. Now I have to go, I have to pack. Often such people rarely live together. They meet only sporadically. Passing moments. Hours full of memories. Maybe it’s something that lasts a lifetime, I’m not sure. Yes, and whoever has the desire and patience to look… then let them look.

You say you’ve found someone close to your soul and you’re thrilled. It’s still good now. I hope. Just don’t change. In time, both change. They rarely attract each other continuously. They will both strive… just one will not be enough. It’s about you now. It’s about people. About the two of us. Yes, of course, thanks for the summary, I think the book is wonderful.

I haven’t talked about the book before. I told him that the great science of writing develops in the spirit of the word that you allow to take control of your life, without making it a cross or a source of enrichment. Yes, but writing, like the great discoveries of science, belonged to modest people from whom others became rich. Great theories are not always properly translated into practice, once in many years we all fail in order to be reborn later.

Leadership: Can you unlock the vibrational potential of a being that experiences everything through the flow of consciousness, and at the same time increase the meaning potential of a perception-feeling experience that fulfills it?

I say how the writer feels, it’s a continuation, not an acceptance. It’s a way of walking on a wire in parallel… the man who falls doesn’t feel life, its pulse, its pleasures, and it doesn’t pick up afterwards. A malfunction occurs. Something is breaking… At the risk of repeating myself, I tell you. When it is meant to be, then it is. Bluntly. That’s why I don’t make plans anymore. When the road is too winding, the dust is chosen, to be exact. I tell what I experienced, what I saw, or what I was told. I mean, if you like someone and they like you, then that’s obvious. When you wait too long, it means something is squeaking. When it squeaks it breaks. When it broke, it meant that the relationship was not based on soundness. They were just hopes through dreams. Ye, that is how it is. Life is simple. People complicate it every time.

I wish I could have taken some revenge on you so that I could feel better. Again you will say something against my will… so evil ! Yes, of course, you are very good. I mean, you deleted me from your friends list a long time ago just to get revenge. No, you forced me to delete you then… you were arguing with me. I’m on my way home now… and there are lights here, everything is lit tonight. Okay, good night ! Sweet Dreams ! But where are the people? You’re kind of alone… You’re alone among people. From me to you, look at a bright kiss, brighter than your night lights. How long will the kiss last? My whole life or your whole life?

I draw a conclusion, so far. I think the vibrational potential of a being who experiences everything through the flow of consciousness is very similar to overcoming the attitude of underestimation and depreciation – associated with a stage in life where you want to see who you really are (not to be told from the outside), but you still can’t find the right path for yourself.

Such a being is vulnerable in terms of its weakness to translate into a virtual reality that can be experienced through glasses with special lenses, called: “AlterEgo”.

To increase the meaning potential of a perception-feeling experience that fulfills a being full of sensitivity, means to give this being the acceptance to see itself as the protagonist of a memorable life story, able to make yourself better.

Nooo ! I want to know how long this condition of yours lasts. No, I’m not sad. Not at all. I think that if we make friends again, when the world is dearer to you, then I will delete you from my friends list. It’s my turn to do this. The great secrets are revealed only to those who appreciate the simple and accessible things that surround us in our daily lives. The great secrets are about the two of us, on a night when only a kiss can light our way. In my opinion, these secrets appear in stages, about feeling and about the objects of feeling, about affective logic and about the imagination of the mind.

About one would be when you let yourself be transposed into reality without many prior analyses and feel what it is like to delude yourself, you dream up illusions for your entire life… The second appears when you know the secrets and you feel that you have the key to understanding them: you either run, because you feel all-knowing, or wait for the events to unfold as if you were watching a movie. The third stage is simple, any secret takes you by surprise and if you have nothing to lose you do not lose anything following the development of simplicity in life. It’s like an autumn in which ironically, even in real life you have a leaf falling here and there, in perfect harmony.

He who does not believe should watch, although a tree has many leaves, they do not fall two at the same time and in the same place…

Nicu, if you are a good writer, please write about an event that you or someone you know has experienced, but from the point of view of someone who has no direct connection with the action itself. Don’t try to think of me, don’t try to remember our conversations. Forget me, and if you can’t forget me, at least try not to put yourself in my place. If I was I a writer, like you, I would give myself this advice: “Be what you are and allow everyone to be what they are.”

The potential of the Ego to capture attention is highlighted by widening the position towards that reality of the desire for emotional recognition, by relating to a life that is lived through the “lesson” of suffering expressed by confessing some spiritual oscillations.

From This New Conversation With Ioana Sarah I learned that the man who says what he feels is the man who feels what he believes. And that the man who seeks to obtain an acceptance of his own life, freeing himself from the desire to be otherwise, is a man who experiences himself, does not fantasize about himself.

I’ve also learned that I should never step on the gas too hard: I risk getting too fast to a place that can’t find its place. There are places in certain books that look for us when we go in search of other places. It is also a specific writing that announces the way the writer is: sensitive or greedy for glory, or generous and always willing to compromise.


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