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Ioana Sarah (IV)

On August 11, 2020, in Leadership Mindware, by Neculai Fantanaru

The mode of manifestation of a sociable man depends on his way of expressing himself as if it were the sublime manifestation of the choice to experience life as in a two-sided mirror.

What fantasies you wrote here… horror. Well, you were distracting me, how was I to use my imagination if you kept calling me? Come on, keep writing, I’ll be home in a heartbeat. I wrote, but if Facebook doesn’t let me know when you post, what should I do? I’m not related to the people running Facebook. And I didn’t write for you specifically. That’s for you to know. I’m a bit angry, so I won’t comment on anything. I liked your post. The lines are ok. Thank you. Take care.

Do not forget that a book is not written only in words, but sometimes from the lack of a character’s presence in the real life of the writer.

There’s no point in you laughing. Of course, but you’re the one making me laugh. Do I tickle you for you to laugh like this? Yes, you tickle my feelings. I refrain from saying more. Stop reading. I want to be someone else, completely changed, different, like a character who would have influenced Andersen’s work, which by its nature makes you think of the fragility and innocence of a child. I mean, what exactly do you want to be? What don’t you like about yourself? I still like myself. Yes, you like yourself so much… that you want to change. Sometimes I test my personality. I only change in relation to someone else I could have been, but I am no more. It’s not me you’re testing, you put yourself in front of the mirror, otherwise I don’t see how you can see someone else in your place.

The mirror answers: “You look great.” Come on, I’m kidding. You should really try to see yourself as a writer, I think you would like to be the most beloved character on earth. I already told you. I’m a little nervous. I speak differently in such moments, so don’t take everything I say literally. A book is written from images of a mind that eternally improves its initial utterances, playing its own tricks to avoid horror. It is the very nature of a mind that is not awake to discover what is true. My book is the nature of the man captured in an image, like a fantastic toy, which reflects the details of a reality that changes and becomes unexpected, revealing itself only to a child’s soul.

Leadership: Is the way your mind works a broad synthesis of the most successful explanations of life that have been proposed in terms of an exchange of ideas and information that supports the truth about what you are going to experience as an expression of a deep experience?

I keep looking at myself in the mirror and wondering if the people that love are always beautiful? You can write that there, in your pages, if you want. You can do anything. I don’t care anymore. You can comment whatever you want regarding my attitude. So, should I or shouldn’t I write about your way of seeing yourself? This is the question. Maybe I see myself wiped from your eyes again. You can. No, I won’t even erase you from my memory, even if I only see myself at times, and I often forget about you. I’ll write about you tomorrow, now I don’t have a chance to understand much. It doesn’t do me any good to delete you, if it would’ve been of any use… would you have done it? I do not know. It depends on the mood. Do people only think of use… nothing spiritual?

It seems that I am your mirror, because you always share with me your vision, and not only does the vision bring you closer to the measure of my ideational, spiritual, invigorating dimension, but also the fact that you can be my reflection in everything I do, in everything I think, in everything I experience, in a mirror of time that determines me to like what I see in it.

Good thing you’re not with me now. No… I wouldn’t kiss you even if I saw you. You’re lucky. Did you like what I wrote to you on Facebook? I’m on my way, I’ll look at you tomorrow. I torment you, I think, with my comments. I read something, but fleetingly. Wait, I’m giving it a better look now. Yes, I read, I remember what you wrote. I told you that you have a great gift for developing and composing ideas about life, even this idea of mathematics, the way you inserted mathematics into my subject, that’s what I liked the most.

You have a wider horizon, don’t just limit yourself to something static. I told you, and I repeat. You’re perfect as a teammate, at writing. Of course, I don’t even think you’d go into more detail, write a novel or a movie script, but if you had support and had someone by your side, I think you’d come up with some super cool stuff. And I believe that. Know that I feel a lot, and I think I know how to write too. By the way, wherever I go, where there are more people, everyone opens their eyes to me. I look good, on top of that. So, I’m both beautiful and smart.

A man’s deepest feelings are seen when he manages to personalize his mood in the experience of being different, confessing the difference between being unique and understanding the fact of “being in the world” as a horizon of authenticity.

That’s what I say without modesty. This is the truth. You’ve finally learned that it’s not good to be modest in general. Either you’re good or you’re not. That’s clear. Time and people show the truth. Know that I like this. Wherever I go I don’t get bored. I was once at a boarding house. We, the friends, with those who had the cabin. And there was a guy about your age among them. Some discussions started. My husband left in the meantime. We were talking at a distance. It was funny. What can I say… he was my age…Yes, kind of like you. But he was bent on talking. His wife I think had panicked. It was in the living room. Combinations… I was talking from a distance. I meant that he wasn’t my age. Can I tell you something else? Say: I’ll stay 5 minutes longer. I’m not saying anything else. Go to sleep. You’re tired. Say good night, and get out of here. I’m going. Don’t ask me tomorrow how long I remained there…

SAT 09:38. Good morning. A colorful day ! I read what you wrote to me last night. Thank you. And, what did you understand from what I sent you? Can you explain more? Yes. I’m at the gym now, I finished today’s workout. I’ll take a shower and tell you after. You can comment on what you want in the poems. I wrote them for you. Otherwise I rarely write. The text is about the strong connection between them. There can be no rejection. It is an unconditional attraction. That’s how I feel about you, you’re here, aren’t you? I can’t get mad at you since we’ve been talking. Okay, I finished reading. Although I get upset in vain sometimes, but I only comment on your poems. I don’t get involved with others. Yes, well, what do you want, I commented yesterday. Write more… so I have something to comment on. Or how you want to write to me only when you miss me. Truly !

Leadership supports the truth about what you experience in a dialogue that allows your spiritual association with another person, by comparing what you feel in a moment of maximum sincerity – with what you feel when you are super convinced that the world is the reflection of a mental attitude, repeatable from the point of view of a consubstantial, non-conflicting alterity.

Ioana Sarah reminded me once again, in these lines, as in a supreme attempt to understand a “beyond me”, that everything that makes me feel authentic in a space of self-confession is looking at myself in a mirror and constantly surprise myself with news and good news.

As someone said on a website: “We understood each other, a connection was established, we looked at ourselves like in a mirror, truly in the enigma of our existences.”


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