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Ioana Sarah (I)

On August 09, 2020, in Leadership Mindware, by Neculai Fantanaru

My friend Ioana Sarah’s comments on my FACEBOOK page. Our conversations. These are interesting things to know, because what you learn from others takes the form of questions that require key decisions at the turning points of life.

Listen to my heavy words and weigh them well before you remember the idea behind them, their sense of art, of dream, unforgettable, their concrete view of the world. Sometimes they are words of complete silence, other times they are taken out of the hell of despair. Reality is made by people and sometimes serves to meet the needs felt for pain relief. This must not be forgotten if we are to understand spiritual movements and their development. Correct me, I haven’t cleaned up yet, on a blackboard it is written only in white. It was a word… if you want to balance the situation, I say let us share reality and dreaming, I leave dreaming to you and then we trade, to look from both perspectives.

Feeling in reality and nostalgia for the dream are impulses of human aspirations and sometimes of achievements. No matter how uplifting the latter, everything we put in the cradle of thought and experience brings us to the deepest feelings. We often put our thoughts in the bag of unnatural memories, pour the feelings of turmoil into a cauldron full of tar, and the uplifting feeling sends us back to the cradle of all the achievements, accomplishments, and soul satisfactions that have given us great trouble. The nostalgia of living in writing can caress the absolute aspirations of the human soul, often representing the connection of the dream with reality, as a measure of the impulse of will for a period of time, that impulse to act instinctively that acquires the sense of practical attitude; moreover, it materializes in a well-developed plan.
Is there a defining moment for the transformation of a man’s reality? Me again with the answer: it exists insofar as you can establish a determining point of time for transformation. Feeling in reality and nostalgia for the dream are impulses of human aspirations and sometimes of achievements, no matter how uplifting the latter, everything we put in the cradle of thought and experience brings us to the highest feelings…

Sometimes transformation is a matter of quotes, accomplished through therapy for the soul. Poetry is not a scientific work, it is a reflection of the word in terms of the soul, I think there is an always unanswered question: why does man write poetry? The feelings are sometimes given to us by the fluency of the verses through rhyme… (I am waiting for the next poem). The intention to write is like a particle in free motion at a certain moment of time… hope is a real situation with two different particles in action.

Trust does not come from theory, and theory is not allowed to contradict the facts of existence. Destiny is a kind of simultaneity of distant events, a kind of remote action.

Existence is closely connected with the events of the world, with the destiny of mankind. Therefore, existence is the totality of attributes attributed to a possible intellectual notion. Any notion becomes a subject if it is a living reality. Many are willing to believe that it corresponds to the world’s problems. Changing the subject occurs objectively when mistrusts or oppositions arise that we cannot respond to, we can only defend ourselves.

If we could have refused time from the beginning, in one way or another we would not have been born, time is like a book without depth that browses as it pleases. Probability is part of life more than it exists in mathematics. Life is always probable, never certain.

Let me tell you something. Self-control assures you a remarkable clear vision, self-confidence and intuition of your own substance that cannot be altered, or more correctly, even these ensure it. So, in order to understand life, you need to have the self-control to stay in a state of peace at all times, to accept certain unexpected situations and to face cognitive challenges and threats.

Lack of sincerity leads to clumsiness, which can take many forms. Sometimes it is waved to justify nonsense and then the gestures become imperfect and clumsy. And diligent planning leads to madness and then fools think they are wise. It is a kind of wisdom that spares us from applause… problems in general are insoluble anyway…

I’m on the verge of laughter, you see that autumn is coming, the leaves will be colored in thousands of colors, or as you would say they will be forged…

Then man is the least sought after, though he is the most precious… in unforeseen moments man is uncontrollable, terrified of perplexity as if he were going to war with everyone. A world that has the familiar face of everyday life.

Write a lot if writing is a practical effect of improving science, if you make it possible to invent things that enrich life. Books are the result of thinking, they are certain and necessary, some talk about what happens in nature, as the observer sees, others talk about the action on the human spirit, about the insecurity of man in front of himself. Each generation improves the treasure trove of knowledge and understanding by writing… I’m just saying, so I don’t waste time.

Leadership: Can the way you perceive reality start from the way you perceive your own existence caught between an unforgettable moment of self-transformation and a landmark of cultural reference?

We write because somewhere in the depths of our being we hope that someone will travel through our minds. We need others, others find themselves in us… some rush through our writings like in a jungle, others look for untold events, some are confused, we receive everything and everything is to be given, this is the charm of life.

A guy from your list of friends, named Vasile Nemeș said at one point: “Inspiration does not come to us from someone like us. When you have eyes only for yourself, you drink from a lake. When you explore, you drink from a fresh spring.”

Only what is not like us completes us fully, no one adds another hand to his, but a pleasant touch leads us to dream.

Science capitalizes on things that we would otherwise only know they existed, it is like a pencil in the hands of some and not others, because regardless of the scientific field, science is not available to everyone. Every human being is a sensitivity, a dramatic emotion, sometimes passionate, clear and sometimes weighted, man is a science in which all the outside world fits. This results from the remarkable and extremely clear view given to the substance of each individual that appears in the setting of science.

A cultural landmark can resonate with the popularization of one’s own version of BEING, transposed (through emotions, sensations, thinking) into a story full of art that highlights the fact that everything you experience is part of a gradual spiritual ascent.

Both the old and the young fade away. What is outside consciousness is not necessarily below it. In every man lies a painter who has never opened an exhibition. And an expression without metaphors is like arid ground, whether it is painting or writing. The way you express yourself is the way a color captures the human soul, the property of a color to be warmer or colder depending on the character and the way the person is, no matter what scene he chooses to capture in life. Every scene of improvisation is born on the spot, in front of you, in the mirror of your soul. You participate directly. You can also give suggestions to others.

Life is a kind of science in which we first exist, it is a kind of play in which it doesn’t matter that we played well or badly, it only matters that we made our debut. Someone else said that before, but in other words. It is important that these words exist in the science of your life, allowing you to develop harmoniously, both physically and mentally and spiritually. It’s not good to be an actor without a cause, without a stage and an audience, without art. But it’s good to live an actor’s life through the story of an actor who impresses at every appearance.

Let us keep something of the character of a Robinson Crusoe, let us never let the spiritual fire go out, but let us maintain it, let us always allow for an inner fire within us that cannot be snuffed.

Leadership denotes the way you express your personality, character, emotional intelligence, so that what you leave behind, as in a high-impact story, is worthy of a Robinson Crusoe who goes through a lot of adventures that mature him, make him strong, and teach him to educate himself.

Ioana Sarah is the name of a simple anonymous woman who became my friend at a time when I had no friends. Her thoughts, so deep, sensitive, free, transposed me into a real mirage from which I never wanted to leave, to the point when the mirage contributed to the construction of a story from which not even now do I think I can find a way of escape.

The story is called: “Our story”.


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