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Leadership And Art

On July 21, 2016, in Leadership 7th Edition, by Neculai Fantanaru

Expand your horizons with regards to the vision of art, arguing the position you manifest over the attempts of shaping a new profile for it.

Before the shooting starts, director Boris Mihin, caring, seeing Eisenstein’s lack of technical knowledge in the field of cinematography, introduces him to the studio atmosphere, picks collaborators for him out of specialists. First, a camera operator. Eduard Tisse. Mihin also explains to him the reason for this choice:

- To you, theater is passionate about acrobatics. So, you will probably be reckless in cinematography too. But Eduard possesses a brilliant experience as a reviewer and is also an excellent athlete. No doubt that you will fit well.

This prophecy was confirmed by one of the most perfect artistic collaborations. Their first meeting took place in the sunny garden of the Morozov villa, the theater headquarters. The meeting between two clearly different people, between two characters, two opposing temperaments. *

Leadership: Can you establish the creating meaning of the union between two distinct representations of value, under the rapport between thinking and the reality of an "extra-output" in transition?

The result of work is akin to a brand that gives a touch of prestige to the offered product: it has an essence (of the concept that it promotes) and an identity that makes it recognizable. But in order for this result to be defining for a profitable leadership, it has to create its own identity through a common experience of development and multiplication, under the auspices of two different representations of value.

A value that impresses through an act of reception of experience of comparing it to a knowledge based on the wielding of the power of creation and its appreciation, which underlies willingness to get involved and pushes for action. Such a value affirms itself in a unique way in an artistic career, broadened by opening new ways of perceiving the transition towards a high level of craftsmanship.

And a value designed to encourage the habit and promote an ethical and aesthetic attitude towards the work in question. This integrates the belief (the sum of all principles that guide you) for a certain direction of determining your affiliation to that aspiration of exploration, deeper and broader, of the elements that can confer you the status of being an artist.

The creative sense of the union between the two distinct representations of value is that of accumulating a large need for contribution to build the profile of art, without feeling that "constriction" imposed by a random appreciation of its objective and function.

The momentum towards new heights of these two values does indeed witness creation, but does not fulfill it like the love for the virtues of art only by the results of the experience given by attaining the position of an artist. A position in which, usually, two characters are shaped, two opposing tempers. Of which one is dominant.

As we already know, character and temper constitute the combination of traits which condition work capacity, balance and self-control of a person. In exercising leadership, it is vital to learn that version of character + temper that can be responsible for a person’s need to connect at a more profound level to that artistic experience which mobilizes towards achieving a higher level of affirmation.

The extra-output is determined by combining the values of the position you manifest over the attempts of shaping a new art profile. And is found in transition when you are at the stage of fitting into a certain variant of character + temper.

Leadership and Art have in common that value which they suggest under the experience of controlling the creation and the reality of an extra-output in transition. And these two can form bonds, they can transform one into the other when man opens up new horizons in the face of a thinking focused on affirmation.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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