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Leadership Lottery

On August 19, 2009, in Leadership That Lasts, by Neculai Fantanaru

Differentiate your "brand" by a single offer, so your positioning in relation to other people to take altitude.

Umbrellas, umbrellas ! Take your umbrellas ! 5 penny umbrellas, 10 penny umbrellas ! Only now and only from my hand, you can buy sun umbrellas at the lowest price ! Don't linger anymore and buy an umbrella today ! Take your umbrellas ! Here's your umbrella !...

Every day, for about 2 and a half weeks – during my summer break at the seaside, at least twice a day, I used to clog against this umbrellas' street vender that planted himself right beside the beach, and which, through the words and word groups he used, like: "The lowest price !" or "only now and only from my hand", he tried to liquidate his over-praised and so cheep merchandise to those who wanted to protect themselves against the powerful rays of the sun. At an early hour, from about 7 o'clock, till late at night, the young street vender obsessively repeated, with the same slowness, the everlasting, very familiar and side-splitting roundelay: "Umbrellas, umbrellas ! Take your umbrellas !..."

I wonder what went through the heads of those passing everyday by the street vender and listening to what he says? Were they so fascinated by his alluring words and his sun umbrellas, so that they would feel tempted to buy, without regreting their made choice?

Leadership: Do you limit yourself to the notion of "the other side of the context" because of the long-standing use of a product that is closer to a "sharing" area that has not been subject to user perception of the Brand you represent?

I think that when someone organizes its own work, so as to be appreciated by his potential clients, he doesn’t have to stop at the concept of "authority" that produces a material gain for himself, instead he should stop at the concept "on the other side of the context", which means beyond what can be appreciated and accepted as a valuable product.

And what else is beyond what is perceptible and tangible other than the irreproachability of the final result, so that others will enjoy all the qualities of a job well done. A product that is closer to a "sharing" area that has not been subject to the user’s perception of the Brand you represent may be a short term palpable result due to very good advertisement. But this does not necessarily mean that it is the certainty of a long-term fact: is it enough to experience its capabilities so that you can no longer give it up?

To limit yourself to the notion of "the other side of context" means to provide a service, as being unique in that business, but to be perceived and accessible faster than you are prepared to exploit it to your true value. Not always is what you sell directly proportional to what you expect to get. Because the user’s perception of the Brand you represent is dependent on the reputation of a product that knows how to be special without patching anything.

There are different kinds of marketers, those who know how to define their offer and those who transform the idea of "authentic" in a skill (of succeeding by themselves to create new opportunities and horizons) and in a virtute ((to reinvent the business model in order not to lose its quality of being a brand).

The guarantee is what you can admit as a certainty of your value versus what stimulates you after your product or service has met its end.

And there are different kinds of approach that define the procedures structure of highlighting goods or services, or promoting the meaning of an adequate position selection for a product. And this approach, close to the phenomenon called "consumerism", deducting the needs and desires of people, and how to meet them, from the pursuit of innovation and accessibility, must evolve towards an authentic social context.

This context must facilitate dialogue, increase investment performance, and give assertion opportunities, thus allowing predictability and the continuation of services, making a certain brand more relevant than the others. As an indicator of profitability, marketing can manifest in the context of making the decision to introduce a factor value for spreading services and products, in order to improve the process of cultivating a new business model. This can be achieved through permanently extending and creating a representative portfolio of clients.

Leadership: Do you judge the results of your Brand’s assessment in terms of what you claim to be the basis of a new orientation?

Leadership, just like sales and other fields of activity, is a lottery where nothing is certain. Regardless of how much you struggle, how much you devote yourself to that particular area, how good and famous you are, you cannot guess if people would reject you and look for another "offer".

Just like a salesman whose main goal is to convince people to appeal to his excellent services and to willingly come back to him, the marketer has to fulfill, as well, a very difficult mission. He has to be smart enough to never let others see what he really thinks about the "guarantee" of the product.

The basis of a new marketing approach is similar to the rise of an unexplored rock peak that offers perfect visibility around. First you have to rise to a relevant and dominant position for what you aim to achieve, then decide that it is yours and from there you can see that the world belongs to you. Your loyalty to the product you promote must be the rope on which only you have already climbed and pulled after you, stretching out and forming a straight line.

If you do not want to fall off the cliff while admiring the magnificent view, you have to look at a single point that, in combination with others, forms an image.

Leadership: Are you looking at the world through the immediate sensation generated by product specificity, because only in this way you can see reality in the essence of an exigency that is above the perceived quality and value of the offer?

Are you fueling your way of selling with a sensation of the type: "Who am I in regards to the product?" A hero climbed atop a cliff or a responsible master?

To enter the race for the draw you must solve the puzzle game with the image of your own "brand" - brand based on the example of your quality and authenticity, on your skills, on your character and personality that define your leadership. You must collect the minimum points that would propel you into the most popular top.

If you manage to convince people that your help is essential, through an open and positive attitude through an exemplary behavior, by the actions that you carry out, and the professionalism that you show, then surely they will be willing to you give you a positive rating.

You could say that you are a winning number if you qualified in the race, and if you managed to earn the highest number of points.

Have you confirmed your participation at the lottery for winning the position of leadership? Are the specific benefits of your leadership style that you have developed, full or inconsistent? Do you differentiate your "brand" through a single offer? On what is based your position in relationships with others? What are the basic principles after which is leading your positioning in the minds of your potential voters?

Differentiate your "brand" by a single offer, so your positioning in relation to other people to take altitude.

Leadership is the unremitting offer that you launch on the market and only transmitting the price it has after its purchase.


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