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Leadership Based On An Objective Structure

On June 27, 2010
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Leadership Z3-Extended by Neculai Fantanaru

Try to awaken in people the changing thought, converting them to that beneficial reality of maintaining a variable such as “long-term perspective”.

I want to start this webinar by telling you the story of the poor carpenter from Hingham, Massachusetts, told by the famous writer Russel H. Conwell. Well, this poor man, not having a job, was always wasting his time at home. One day his wife told him to go and find a job. So he went to the shore of the bay, sat down, and carved a chain of wood out of a piece of wet shingles. That evening, his children got into an argument over the wooden chain, so he made another one to reconcile them. While he was carving, a neighbor came and said: “If you know how to carve so well, why don’t you make some toys?”

- Oh, I wouldn’t know what to do exactly. Said the carpenter.

Then why don’t you ask your children? The neighbor suggested.

- For what good? My children are different from other people’s children.

However, the next morning, he asked his daughter: “What toy would you like?” The girl told him she would like a doll’s stroller, an umbrella, and she went on with an endless list. For the rest of his life, the carpenter knew what toys to give his daughter. So, after consulting with his own children, in his own house, he took the firewood because he had no money to buy lumber, and began to carve those solid, unpainted Hingham toys that have been known all around the world for years. And he became one of the richest people in Massachusetts.

Leadership: Can you authenticate your entrepreneurial skills by using the “Get Your Own Unique Hand-Made” function that returns a TRUE value in the process of achieving a storytelling performance?

You can only authenticate your skills if you endow your leadership with new powers, just as a magician increases his influence on the audience with new “magic numbers”, only if you manage to relate to each of them through your own perception and mentality.

But first of all, in order to develop your qualities, you need to enlighten those around you about common interests. At the same time, be open to their suggestions and wishes, without condemning their reasoning. Because their acceptance to be at the forefront and lead them, making room in your thinking and feelings, will help you navigate your development process and climb the ladder of leadership.

It is a requirement of leadership performance to self-evaluate, to value your qualities, to amplify your positive impact on others, not to stray from what you are and what you can be – beyond any imposed or self-imposed barriers, beyond any form of doubt. Become an ally of any person who comes to your aid, treating him as a possible long-term collaborator.

The carpenter from Hingham, Massachusetts, supports my claims, which I consider plausible. What would have happened if his wife hadn’t encouraged him to find an occupation? What would have happened if he hadn’t listened to his neighbor’s advice? What would have happened if he had not been willing to fulfill his children’s wishes? What do you say? He probably would’ve never gotten too far.

Therefore, you can hone your leadership skills in the most effective way possible, in a way that you only have something to gain, without regret, and without losing, only if others accept the change imposed by a beneficial reality. The people around you will find the right way to give you an incentive to continue, thus increasing your value.

Leadership: Is what makes you different the very reason you chose to give feedback on your own life experience, in the context that everything that makes you yourself is a result of what someone else might be able to do in your stead?

A leader notices those signals that appear around him and takes them into account – because they can lead to the desired success, they can fill that gap in his science and experience, which stands between performance and mediocrity. He can do this by rediscovering that part of himself that wants to be corrected — from the smallest to the greatest detail.

A leader who cares about his prestige and who wants to be an exceptional guide, must not vitiate the impact that the essence of his leadership has by “sectioning” those points of support, those connections with those around him. His relationships with other people are required to be based on concrete knowledge, and the most valuable relationships are those that are established and developed as such.

You can look at the relationships you have with people like the house you live in, which can become foreign to you, repulsive, if you don’t get used to it, if you can’t decorate and equip it according to your needs, or if it’s not lit.

Suddenly you wake up alone, left in your own home, lonely, without any support, which will greatly influence your life, health and sense of security. Relationships are like a solar lamp, a light source that helps your leadership shine depending on how you power it. This flame burns as long as people, after continuous evaluation, accept that you lead them.

Leadership: Is the only way to increase your self-confidence to think about that moment in your life when you felt most loved, without blaming yourself for what you could have become before you trusted others?

In order for leadership to be based on an objective structure, it is necessary for the leader to interpret well the ways other people exteriorize themselves, their way of functioning, as the doctor interprets the x-ray scans and relays the verdict to the patient. Only then should he re-evaluate his ability to lead and strive to develop as a more skilled craftsman that personal side, those personal resources, those directions, those areas, skills, abilities, which improve his own performance and that of the group he leads.

Just as praise or encouragement, criticism, or disapproval of spectators in the stands makes a team take wings or fall, so does the positive or negative impact you have on your leadership (by building relationships with other people) increase your performance or make it dwindle slowly and surely, like a matchstick.

Is your leadership based on an objective structure? How do you interpret other people’s ways of expressing themselves? Are your relationships with other people based on concrete knowledge? Do you feel comfortable with the idea that everyone else is following your example? Is your leadership substantial? Do you have systems and routines that help you perform at a high level? Do you customize the way you train and develop people? Are you a mentor to other leaders? Do you help people figure out what works for them? Do you always give them feedback?

Leadership highlights that moment in life that changes your trajectory and perception of the things you do with the pleasure of experiencing them to discover yourself in an echo of unquenchable memory.

Leadership Based On An Objective Structure has as its basic consideration those things that you can do so well that they matter for what you leave as a memory to future generations. And based on the memories for which you strive to make an impact through things done by chance and lacking in external determination, you need to imagine and present an unforgettable experience.

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