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Leadership's Maturity Stage

On April 11, 2008
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Leadership Mindware by Neculai Fantanaru

Seek to control the functional state of fulfillment at the level of knowledge, through inner experience, in order to define a vision that firmly masters the whole.

I refuse to believe this, because Butler’s stone was as natural as could be. With this stone he could cure any disease. I also know that he did not use words, ceremonies or other such elements. According to man’s power of understanding, it is not right to use the glory and beauty of God, present in nature. None of those people ever asked Butler for help. His experiences were viewed with an ironic and distrustful smile.

This method of healing will long be suspected by others, because the wisdom of ordinary people is inconsistent and easy. They believe that a good deed is rather a devilish invention and not a blessing from God, the lover and savior of all mankind.

These preconceived ideas can be found not only in ordinary people, but also in those learned, who believe that they can easily understand the source of a cure, but who, however, encounter the same superficial patterns and do not reach the true essence. They are as wise as children who have never left their parents’ home and are scared of any story. They do not know the whole circuit of diseases, especially the part determined by the Spirit of Life, which is the cause of most diseases. I would recommend to all these people to read books, such as this one, in order to be able to broaden their horizons of knowledge, although I know that they will limit themselves to what they have learned or read all their lives.” *

Leadership: Does your ability to manifest as a unit in diversity appear as individual experience in the feeling and will with which you will be able to ensure the correct use of knowledge?

Maturity necessarily represents the integrity of the personality in terms of knowledge, along with increasing the degree of full awareness of the moral and emotional consequences of managing small situations of daily life. The limits with which man struggles, aware of his condition and attitude in different situations, are placed in an essential relationship with the subtle energy of wisdom, which says that anything you perceive through the senses and through any other possibilities of receiving information, of which you dispose at a certain moment, it can turn into an unexpected revelation.

Here we are talking about the wisdom of connoisseurs and the wisdom of ordinary people, the former knowing how to use every opportunity to broaden their horizons, the latter embracing only the chance to enjoy the small pleasures of life. Basically, a learned man identifies with “a thirst for infinity”, with a certain doctrine of innate ideas, while an ordinary man identifies only with a certain flow of changing emotions, with a whole bunch of feelings, discoveries and turmoil, love and sincerity.

And if the true knower is a mediator between man and transcendence, then his science does not turn into a limit of what constitutes the daily condition of man, but rather turns into an exploration of the power to be different, even superior. The house of the scientist, the part determined by the spirit of life, is the purpose of a certain creation related to the will to achieve great things, related to the feeling that you can change the world without censoring opinions against when you are in a crisis.

In order to broaden one’s horizons, man must determine his final functional state of “fulfillment” at the level of knowledge through inner experience, that is, to analyze his own ego through his reflection in others, but also to feed his own ego through technological progress or any other kind of progress. Fulfillment at the level of knowledge is a broadening of horizons by discovering or even deepening the various phenomena and situations that contribute to the establishment of this correlation between what must be and what is essential, between formal and empirical.

To manifest oneself as a unity in diversity means to define a vision that leads to gaining the capacity to more clearly see a certain situation from several perspectives: from the perspective of an external causality and from the perspective of a cohesive self-consciousness, generating innovation and originality.

Leadership’s Maturity Stage begins when the Ego asks you to see the world from the perspective of the experience of building knowledge, so as to emanate the feeling and the will that you will be able to ensure the correct use of knowledge.

* Note: Barrett, Francis - The Magus, Esoteris Publishing House, 2008


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