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Leadership Personality Test

On November 23, 2013, in Leadership IQ-Light, by Neculai Fantanaru

Provide access to the configuration mode of your personality, not to linger too long in a place subject to emotional pressures.

All appearances are against what I have best in me. It could be said that I have willingly created an image of myself. An image that allowed me to face the world. While the world was fascinated by an enchanting, cheerful, intelligent, mysterious Anais Nin. This other woman, the shy, but strong, practical woman, insecure, disinterested, childish, shouts to be heard on the pages of the diary. It was the place where her scattered being was found, where she escaped the defeats of life.

In her diary Anais Nin confessed with sobriety: “There have always been at least two women at the age of twenty-nine. A stray and desperate woman who feels drowned and the other who approached such a circumstance how they would have stood up on the stage, hiding their real emotions, because they were only weakness, helplessness, despair, to show the world a smile, curiosity, enthusiasm and interest in it.”

So was Geo talking about me, amazed by what he was discovering:

- There’s a huge skill in happiness and terrible despair in you. I do not know how that is explained. You are uneasy, as if someone threatens you.

I was experiencing that threat. I was feeling it. Who was threatening me? Who was the enemy? Maybe the interim I’ve lived in since I was born. I’m afraid of tomorrow. And yet I expect it. And I believe in it. Because I’m waiting for a miracle. *

Leadership: With what can you fill up the content of truth that makes you bring forth future generations at the moment of your experiences, so as not to give your image an unsightly design?

Truth is the work of the word that defines your perception of life when you spend some time in the loneliness of your being. And the sublime content of truth that man aspires to in an attempt to freely express the options "to be" in various circumstances, is meant to steady the temperature of reality, which he identifies himself with at the self level through the "self-image" - consisting, in its turn, of ideologies, life rules, existing models and patterns.

This truth can be filled with nostalgia, anxiety, suffering, or things you wanted to experience and never could. But in this case your image gets some doubtful shadows, paralyzed between life and non-existence, suggesting the idea of the end of the world, which can only be dramatic and absurd. Such an image, when the spirit moves to the point of an emotional exhaustion that contains only the unceasing expectation of a miracle of healing, does not correspond to the inflamed, the energy of the sense of security with which one pursues the realization of a great purpose.

What is important is how to solve the form of personality, its innovative configuration, exerting more than occasionally, at the thought level, that mighty influence towards good. In this case, the existence of leadership is primarily due to the unique value of man, suggesting an achievement up to perfection, of a fulfillment that is consistent with the stable standard of its character. An excessive introspection becomes dangerous !

Leadership: Should you use a DOWN trigger with an UPDATE function defined by the end-user of the life-grabbing demands of life to argue for your interiorization as a way out of the precariousness and temporality of a world forever abandoned?

The "Down" Trigger is executed automatically at fulfilling the order "I'll be somebody else", truncating the reality inside and outside of man, rewarding subjectively, biased and threatening, any battle with himself. When you try to be more than you are, you have to forever abandon the world that chains you in itself.

The one falling into the extremes of his own being, between the phenomenal (accessible and visible) ego and the nominal ego (inaccessible and invisible), automatically activates the “Down” trigger and goes back to square one – assuming he cannot substitute for his own image. And in this case, he cannot look outside himself, outside what defines him. He will not be able to distance himself from the doubtful identity that limits him.

In order to highlight that personality side that gives priority to the particular situations and motivations for capitalizing on the positive self, examining the possible consequences of the challenges and opportunities that the desire for self-sufficiency raises, a better synchronization is needed with the reality in which you are located.

Applying an existential knowledge sufficient to cross the realms of more rigid or too abstract thinking is characterized by the true representation of reality by the absence of the idealization of one’s own person and of the circumstances in which you act.

Leadership: Can you increase the impact force that acts on the point of shaping your identity of man meant to live without suspicion by altering the composition of that world that demands more and more of your time and feelings?

Gaining experience in elucidating the essence of human character, the most profound possible sense of human existence, through a realistic appreciation of all intentions, values, which hide behind their actions and thoughts, is the first step you need to take in order to begin your apprenticeship in the secrets of leadership.

To try and outline a character, a personality, to prepare the victory of your integration into a new universe, to discover for yourself a new formula of the nuances that value the entire structure of the human soul, this is the ambition that maybe truly bothers you. The Chimera which you tirelessly follow, as if you were walking through a maze and come from on dead end to another, without finding a means of escape.

Leadership becomes a great dead end that produces and intensifies a superficial vision of the whole, but can never be filled with accurate predictions, mathematical, if the elements of order of a set of values, attitudes, opinions and motivations, do not have a well determined weight in the appreciation of human character.

And it is without worth that you pry into the depths of man in order to reveal the good and simple truths that can be accepted in the reality that you compose, if they have no impact in the reassessment of self-esteem and emotional states.

The composition of the personality behind a controlled attitude is supportive of the depth of self-knowledge given to man caught in the whirl of everyday worries when the door of his life is blatantly beating a bell, a piece of soul with a great price that throbs in a miraculous phenomenon of creativity demonstrated through writing.

The Personality Test In Leadership is remarked by the following questions:

1. What do you feel when in order to move forward in life you have to deny yourself?
2. How is your personality reflected in the sphere of a reality with a largely profound meaning, but one that doesn’t fulfill you?
3. How could you fight against so many wounds on your soul, when you have not yet learned to ignore your screams of terror in the face of the inability to pull yourself out of the shrouding snakes of words that are strangling you?

* Note: Serghi, Cella - On The Spider's Thread of Memory, Polirom Publishing House, 2013.


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