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Life, Death, Immortality

On April 03, 2008, in Leadership Mindware, by Neculai Fantanaru

Try to evaluate the weight of your creation meant to function as a form of practical verification of a visual image, taking into account the fact that the objective world has an empirical aspect specific to spiritual development.

The basic theme of the film “Que viva Mexico” is: life, death, immortality. Own thoughts, old, mix here in a complicated manner with those born in Mexico ambience. The artist raises the issue of death and immortality. Biologically we are mortal. We can achieve immortality only through our contribution to social activity. We are one of those who teach the baton of evolution from the previous generation to the next. “The purpose of our struggle for immortality, of the people who passed through the volcano of the socialist revolution – thinks director Sergei Eisenstein – is the freedom of humanity.”

The thoughts aroused by the bullfights, which symbolized, metaphorized the general idea in their concrete, are now reborn in the artist’s thinking with another force, at other dimensions. Now is the genesis of this clue that orders all impressions of the world, which transforms complicated whirling sensations in a precise development of the theme. In the gestation of the work is reflected not only the multitude of perceived facts, but the very dynamics of the creative process.

This uplifting path to a new life, to new ideas is no longer a simple compositional formula, but the theme itself in the form of a vivid, plastic image, born of countless faces, images, events, customs, festivities, events, in which the gods of life and of death cross paths. Here is a game of life and death, a race between life and death.*

Leadership: Do you know how to capitalize on the quality of sharing important creative lessons with the world in the sense of a value given to the direct relationship between “the multitude of facts perceived differently at different ages” and the form of a vivid image of spiritualization?

The explanations and ideas you bring to the artistic field, by returning to the "surprising detail", not by a struggle of thoughts, but by one of the facts that emerge from the field of life and from the parables of some people who have left their deep imprint in the history of mankind, helps to evoke a vivid image of the current struggle between spiritual and material forces, between light and darkness.

And if you are a director who relies on spiritual forces, such as creation or freedom of expression in all its forms, then the form of the image you give to spiritualization will be developed according to the theme: “the encounter between good and beauty.” In fact, the development of art in terms of spiritualization is closely related to the strength and expression of an image that depicts the creative encounter between the form and content of the “Work of Art” designed to highlight the beauty of a world that deserves the other half in a dream reality.

The most important creative lesson is the miracle of an ever-changing world, captured in a moment of eternity.

If we think about the fact that the highest aspiration of every artist’s soul is to give meaning to a life capable of mirroring a parallel world, and if the dynamics of the creative process must follow the form of a vivid image of the artistic personality, then what you can accomplish at a level of subjectivity is the transition from the near to the far plane. Here, at the same time, we can refer to the transition from the sensitive part of the soul to the “eternal” part of an all-encompassing mind.

Even consciousness, nourished by the word “change”, makes its place here through the eternal existence of an all-encompassing mind that mixes times and emotions, lives, and destinies, so that the lesson of creation begins with the value given to the direct relationship between the multitude of facts perceived differently at different ages and the form of a living image of spiritualization. This is what it means, in fact, to look at art through the prism of a life that continues its course in a compositional manner, at the level of the visual, which makes the spectator’s imagination pass beyond the limits of a direct reality.

Thus, the form of a vivid image of spiritualization emerges from the immortality you ensure through your contribution to artistic activity, through a creation that expands its reality to a slight fantasy meant to bring new visions about the possibilities of approaching the world that never ceases to permanently reflect in another world.

Leadership is the image of the change that shapes the future of the interaction between the act of creation and the spiritual consciousness assumed through the work of the feeling of significance that a much-dreamed reality gives you.

Life, Death, Immortality are the three factors that contribute to achieving the freedom of scientific and artistic creation, which is why it is also called continuous creation, in a cyclical transformation, and only people of high value mark their succession by a ceremony with shapes, chromatics, images, concept, decor, messages ideas, sensations, emotions and searches.

Spiritual development begins with learning art, just as “Creation” begins with recounting the creation of the world. So, only through artistic coherence can the miracle of a new world be achieved.

And the most important lesson of creation is the following, in the vision of Rudolf Steiner: “Any feeling towards the infinity of the world, towards the qualitative greatness of the world and the possibility we have, as human beings, to live in this world marked by an infinite variety of forms, must be put at the service of beauty, harmony and the miraculous”.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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