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Living On My Own (I)

On August 15, 2015, in Leadership Expert, by Neculai Fantanaru

Assume the identity you relate to by the force of your genius through a supreme renunciation of everything that enslaves you.

The reason for my ceaseless inner update is betrayed by the achievements of that organ of perception that expands more and more – the mind. This sublime component of my nature, the power of the pure spirit, seemes more agile through its discoveries projected into the universe with the utilization of thought energies, causing a Waterloo in which all the forces of curiosity clash. A state of "is not enough," which is superior to sentiment, may order conscience to compose an epic of genius. "I get lonely, so lonely, living on my own."

The genius, that gives spark to madness, is an exemplary model of becoming, composed of the dense substance of intelligent information, sometimes circumventing by means of the mechanism of interpreting confusing or contradictory formulations from under the domination of the principles of sociological existentialist knowledge. As a true artist who imagines during the night, but creates during the day, I hope to be able to set certain contacts between what exists and occurs in the Absolute, through a "One goal, one golden glance of what should be."

Everything seems to happen according to an elementary logic, a constant of representation of the self in relation with the time spent between two successive observations: the first, of the fact that nothingness can mean a supreme goal of life, the second, of the fact that the different, this way of expression through metaphors can always raise doubts. "Sometimes I feel I’m always walking too fast / And everything is coming down on me, down on me."

Leadership: Do you judge your own creation because you live in it, or do you judge yourself and attract the reward for the way you perceive and react to the exigencies of reality?

One of the brilliant inventions of Thomas Mann wasn’t the composer Adrian Lever Kuhn, but the refined executioner of the man within him. Knowing that any attempt of returning to the lost paradise of mankind will fail, Adrian undertakes, however, such attempts of reinventing the self. And writer Ion Pianos offered an interpretable explanation of this: the bitter cup must be drained to the bottom, and true courage exhorts man to sip the poison, drop by drop. "I go crazy, oh so crazy, living on my own."

The most important creation of man, as a sublime component of his nature, is the image of perfection he aspires to established in relation to a consuming inner experience that becomes an outward reflection. The identity to which you relate to through the force of genius, facilitating either an indirect or subjective experience, by using a new form of expression in the direction of either an artificial or natural leadership, develops a certain affinity for everything that is out-of-the-box,through a supreme renunciation of everything that enslaves you.

Do you let yourself be enslaved by the ideal of being useful to society by eliminating or accepting the constraints of genius? Do you succeed in meeting the requirements of reality, given the widening of the possibilities of accessing aspects of dissatisfaction and self-seeking that call for the expansion of horizons, in a way that other people can understand you?

To judge your own creation because you live in it means to deny your freedom to become a shareholder in your own secret and to miss your training through the perspective of what you imagine you already know about yourself. This creation is the sum of all your experiences, the spiritual wealth you have accumulated living your life at a different intensity, shaping the profile of a landmark personality and a true model for fulfilling reflective obligations according to the wounds of the past or good parts of the present.

Leadership: Do your values vary depending on the content you want to communicate and the correct interpretation you give to your personal creation in the context of a job that goes beyond the image you transmit about yourself?

Artificial leadership is distinguished by a new content of knowledge dedicated to those that have the will of imagining something from beyond their and others’ understanding. Something that can be implemented into a controllable existence through a scientific approach of the phenomenon of genius and of the factors with major impact. As someone very well said on the internet, the artificial is the only one capable of reveal the hidden and most prized nature of man.

While natural leadership, namely the programming of the processes of creation, the reception of the varieties of art and shaping them with help of elementary logic, addresses a narrower understanding of the things that come only through practice and experience. Or, quoting an internet user, the natural actually represents the human convention of the narrow perception of reality.

The man who is enslaved by the sin of being a genius, analyzing some of the practical consequences of particular importance of the development of informational science, often covers himself with the blanket of loneliness, always suffering from that addictive adrenaline of doing everything himself. To such a social phenomenon, to such an instrument of decomposing reality into science, certain experiments of detection of the exception to the rule are constantly ran.

Genius, in modern directions of researching the new, is somehow equivalent to passing from concrete to abstract, with the mention that it violates those structures of knowledge that have been set to "share". Genius can be admitted as being a matter of authority, a reality that stirs up controversy. You can more easily promote it through grace, than by developing creative faculties.

If leadership, like genius, becomes an experience of loneliness, means you are about to lose contact with what ties you to others. But makes you shine before them.

The values to be respected in the correct interpretation you give to your personal creation are the ability to understand in depth the essence of things, the quality of thinking beyond the patterns, mentioning that you should not turn them into something destructive to your being.

Living On My Own highlights the promotion of a way of being better than others, focused on the consequences of a life related to the symmetry between authenticity and loneliness, built more on the basis of benefits offered by the phenomenology of creation and imagination, than on existing science.

If you want leadership not to turn into a boomerang that can turn against you, assume the identity to which you relate to through the power of genius, through a supreme renunciation of everything that enslaves you.

Loneliness is a useful servant when you battle with the sin of being the best, but never will this servant be able to rule over an empire that belongs to others.


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