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Looking For The Summer (I)

On February 13, 2016, in Leadership Expert, by Neculai Fantanaru

Recognize what you see and that which is hidden from you will be revealed.

The sun. Did this all-illuminating superpower, the old star of the universe, also hide the meaning of my life? Was it because of it that I felt the condemnation of binding some sort of place of mine, so familiar and friendly, to a place of a state of wellbeing, where the particular energy of dreams and great things that can carry you away makes itself known?

Only you know the hours of my longing for the measure of a single wish, immeasurable contentment, triggering within me for an extended period that something that’s missing, crying out with endless momentum: "Do not abandon the dream in any way." Only you warm up my soul with the beauty of summer days, feeling as if my communion with God materialized in an echo of the type "Do not forget hope".

Because you mean a lot more than the infinite knowledge I carry within me like a talisman with deeper meanings, only you manage to offer me the high degree of awareness of an experience of union with a sort of tenderness full of gentleness that many cannot access. Only you, without delay, awaken within me, each and every morning, the longing of a story that at the end of the day goes around the world. And still I stand this very day / With a burning wish to fly away.

Incessantly, I'm dragged into a sort of turning around a point on earth that give meaning to the almost obsessive movement of back and forth, departure and return. Not the short wanderings towards the mysterious ways of peace, but the calming of the longing after something that does not end. I would probably be misunderstood if I say I'm caught in a process of repeating a scene experienced in advance through the collaboration between "Just Today" and "Leave behind"…

"Without this point in which you are tied you would neither love the rest of the world, nor have any place to go to, because you wouldn’t be anywhere",remarked one of the most talented novelists given to us by the literature of former Yugoslavia in the twentieth century. Maybe in this way you would get an idea of just how difficult the transformation of a finite being from an act of living imposed by an intangible force in an exhaustive parametric phenomenon is. This ain’t no game of kiss and tell !

Leadership: Can you form yourself in the vicinity of a point from which the point itself is eliminated, so that to represent a different sense of creation than the one you usually turn to?

The novelty in the construction of personal development consists of a change in the traditionalist and totalizing perspective on the idea of belonging to a "point of reference" that passes through the middle of the existential segment. This point is not a load of the solar expression, a bracing clarity of communication, it is not an expression of gratitude to a spiritual guide, but the reality of a transformation that goes through the lucidity of the relationship with what you have created so far in your life.

It is no longer a matter of attitude, values, and courage, but more a matter of preventing "drops" in correlation with accepting certain deep emotional states.

In this point, the Ego of the being remains loyal to itself, at the confluence between needs and desires, in the background of producing the demonstrability of an Adjusted-Life. Here are captured all aspects of a comprehensive renewal, all fretting aspects of a world that is born out of the virtue of customizing values of your own requirements for functioning.

In other words, you function as long as you manage to let yourself in the will of a full force from which you can extract a new self-image. This force can have its correspondence in the sincerity with which you paint a new picture of the world, in the sincerity with which you open your heart in the face of your own person or in the face of a true love, not in the delight one thing or another gives you. Only in this point do the beautiful and sublime exist.

Leadership: Can you capture a certain moment of your life in a unitary complex of personality as a relationship of strength between experiencing a unique feeling and belonging to a reality that offers itself to contemplation?

Leadership is an arbitrary vicinity of this point from which the point itself is eliminated, remaining a state of absolute clarity, or a state of uniform and uninterrupted peace, experienced in advance through the collaboration between "Just Today" and "Leave behind", in which you can manifest an affinity towards a single configuration of reality.

A reality in which all that exists is what you say there is, composed through the expression of intense experiences caused by the union with a power beyond yourself, one imagined or one born out of the contemplation of what only you can see. As Jesus says: "Recognize what you see and all that is hidden from you will be revealed."

A reality that offers itself to contemplation is the occasion of a moment of reflection in which you return to yourself, the past is overflowing now, when you understand how you feel about the world, life, and you start to take advantage of this understanding to define and shape that side of the personality that pushes you forward.

You cannot accede to a higher level of development unless you know the measure of your delving into a state that entitles you to assume that you exist in relation to a superior entity of "light" and supervision. The sun is the eye of God, he looks at you and protects you only if you impose your comparison with that beauty of character that is of great price before Him.

Experiencing a unique feeling of grandeur in front of an immense source of energy is closely linked to the success of self-consciousness in the space of the dialogue between the fleeting existence of the mortal and the eternity of the cosmos.

Looking For The Summer is the attempt to discover the beautiful and the sublime in the perfection of a moment, gained with the price of losing yourself in an assumed absolute that has the power to change your world views.

* Note: Chris Rea - Looking For The Summer


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