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Madness Is A Work Of Art

On December 16, 2014, in Leadership Expert, by Neculai Fantanaru

Reunite your experience, talents and strengths with a navigation structure in a universe of ideas and visions, in a way that will inspire and give the art of making science a new direction.

I wanted to turn something unfathomable into something else, that I can define as being real, presenting it as a restricted truth that cannot enter into just anyone’s mind, only to be understood by its spatial-temporal constitution.

Confused. I felt as if I had crossed an empty hallway, lit by a single flame: that of the curiosity of understanding something that only appears to be, by modifying the energy consumption of the void. In the empty space, from one point to another, as if through an unseen fluid, a hidden force, a part of answers under the incidence of madness is being transmitted. And madness is aa work of arta, is the reflection of a fictional world, starting from obsession to reality.

Insistently, over my mystifying thinking hovered the question on which I based my faith upon, in the frightening madness that I myself created when I made the leap towards a superior reasoning that held the intelligible: "How?" While the feeling of penetration of the unimaginable whole by a scientific truth, higher than any thought, shaped in the way a painter organizes the empty spaces on the canvas, revealing new details, gained various nuances and manifestations.

It was a point of interest that could be positioned symmetrically or randomly, by extracting material from ortho-existence, by the mere passage of time, in the same way in which the majestic and the sublime in art, with their numerous nuances and variations, form a unitary coagulated group around a perfection that becomes the equivalent of renewal itself, the power to conquer a new reality.

If Newton tried, but failed to convincingly unify the corpuscular description with that of the light wave, I managed to unify what was hidden with what was contrary to regular logic. Madness is synonymous with pure creation, involves the resetting of thought, generating a motivational impulse to love the incognostible, leading so far as to the losing of one’s self into the void with no possibility of return.

Leadership: Can your life find its meaning by changing the level of interpretation of a theme approached by arguments chained into a gradient that leads to rationally difficult to accept conclusions?

The artist is the sum of contrasts between essence and appearance if we put together everything that influences his role in a fantasy of a chip worn in the seesaw of abysses. It is that channel of inspirational communication that touches the aspects of the relationship between the word, image and meaning, accessed through reason to experience another experience that he considers defining for his development as a man, even if from an unmerited Ego.

To become and remain an artist to the end, in a way that inspires and gives the art of making a new science a direction, on the winding paths of misunderstandings and infinite interpretations of the hidden in which no one can enter, you must cast yourself into the emptiness that irreversibility gives to the processes of transforming the real.

A man of progress is the product of a mind that cannot live in the present, constantly moves back and forth to a destination different from that to which others aspire to. He is accompanied by a 180 degree turn of the mind that can express the revelation of a crisis of a being belonging to the intent make visible that which is not.

A renewal that cannot be contained in the edges of consciousness can lead to a false-positive, to a higher level of vision of what is happening beyond direct experience, in a way that makes sense, able to be materialized into a creative product.

Thus, reality is no longer seen as a life experience that matures, unique and customized, but begins to be perceived as a kind of self-imposed exile, assumed, in another world where the characters sometimes experience limitations that place them in other dimensions of reception to the fascination of an image that expresses its meaning by analogy with many faces of the same self.

Leadership: Do you take up an "open source" approach defined by a functionalism pushed beyond the limits in which you shaped yourself as a man of progress, from the perspective of a parallelism with the true nature of the reality you live in?

Leadership, in the process of penetrating mysteries unable to be rationally solved, a fact that has an impact on your whole evolution, based on an "open source" approach, is defined by a functionalism pushed beyond the limits in which you shaped yourself as a man of progress and in which you assumed your knowledge.

Here, leadership leaves way for full authenticity, yet at the same time, is placed in the space of ambiguity in what concerns the definition of reality and putting into practice what you’ve gained through the struggle of transforming from something unfathomable into something completely different, which you can define as being real, presenting it as a truth that pertains only to the matrix of knowledge.

The "open source" approach, characterized as a process of growth of individuality and the uniqueness of ideas, has as a prime ally within the efforts of assimilating a bold vision of the future, the actual curiosity of understanding something that just seems to be, by penetrating into a space that is hard to define.

Something beyond appearances, like a composition of great power of persuasion, manifesting the belonging to that same unique truth. One that had to have been taken as a concept, definable in scientific language and not reduced to its meaning in the common language. A truth that even if it creates the sensation of a studied mess can be translated through a plus of originality, on the line of greatness and vision.

The most powerful desire of an artist of the mixture of realities remains that of reuniting his experience, talents and strengths with a navigational structure in a universe of ideas and visions to answer the demands of change and to adapt to the necessities imposed by their own ideals.

The state in which the artist judges his own creation, isolating himself from the reality of others, is under the coercion of the implacable necessity of living in a representation of the reality his brain built on the basis of oppositions to everything that is integrated into the boundaries of normality.

Do not ever judge an artist because you may not realize the difference between a madman and a creator of new perspectives of personality approach.

Madness Is A Work Of Art by redefining the reality you are experiencing in a context like "I have to open a window to the truths that escape the usual observation." And the frightening madness that man himself creates in his attempt of making the leap towards superior reasoning – keeping the intelligible: "How?" – to which his elements of uniqueness tend towards, unleashes when he starts getting results out of nothing.

One who can shape a colossus out of nothing, fully comprising the extent of madness that can be added to the escape from normal thinking patterns, who understands what that enlightening experience through which the extension of the depth of believing in an indefinite that can be interpreted as a function of choosing the inputs and outputs consists of, is the one that will succeed in unifying what is hidden with what is contrary to regular logic. He will be a meaningful indicator of superiority.


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