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The Man Between Analysis And Vision

On August 11, 2016, in Leadership 7th Edition, by Neculai Fantanaru

In leadership, the rational-superior being is the one that doesn’t need to be named in order to be recognized.

With eyes turned towards the remains of human bodies affected in many ways by an incurable disease, unknown as a bad wind coming by surprise, like in a nightmare from you can’t wake up, scientist Gerry Lane is tormented by the expansive need of rising above those imminent images of death that accompany him everywhere.

The only analyst able to unravel a puzzle, in the veins of which flows a cold blood that doesn’t clot in contact with the negative effect of this unexplained phenomenon,he simply feels the need, the implacable desire of the sharp mind of taking advantage of a combination he knows he’ll never meet again, which through the force of things accentuates the difference between what is substantial and what appears to be substantial.

Gerry Lane does not seek to define himself in the framework in which are established interactions of scientific nature, through the courtesy of a pure chemistry, through a molecular biology that completes the data obtained through the methods of pathological anatomy. He doesn’t gather infested samples from the harmful organism, doesn’t make a benchmark of assessment of the phenomenon from the fragments of a corpse, doesn’t try to decompose to an ordinary temperature or to a more or less elevated temperature the substances naturally released from the infected body, he doesn’t try to identify the reactants affected by any enzyme resistant to all antibiotics.

But, as the mathematician can form a particular determinant with the help of a square matrix, Gerry imagines two different systems of information, each characterized by a pressure of decisive moments and a result of the natural causes in contact.

Are the states preceding the defining transformation of a man into an undead being in a stable equilibrium? What is the form of human manifestation that precedes mental delusion?

Leadership: Can you change the option of rendering the image you have before you, whose essence can be defined by the difference between what is substantial and what appears to be substantial?

Gerry Lane summarizes the immediate consequences of the virus’ presence, and finds the necessary and sufficient condition for the sum of opposite forces that act on man to be nil. The difference between “what is” and “appears to be” substantial is given by how it relates to the severity of the epidemic that surrounds it, first it is perceived as the worst thing in the world that can happen to it at any given time, but from another point of view the disease becomes perceived as failure, bringing feelings of guilt and shame, disregard of one’s own person and even a feeling of worthlessness and uselessness.

However, Gerry Lane tests its spirit of analysis and reaches a very important finding. Namely, man must already be suffering from a non-contagious disease, treatable and with the possibility of being well controlled through medication, for the plague to avoid him completely, by way of behaving as a "foreign" area.

He must present a clear picture of the problem, of who or what it is in particular, in order for himself to absolve himself of any guilt if his force of deduction would be wrong. And this image is actually the image of his own conscience, devoid of remorse, but which obsesses him because his observations oscillate from one point of view to another. This image seems increasingly obliterated in front of the world’s expectations, in front of the results of science.

Leadership: Do you have the ability and patience to call yourself “superior” by limiting the need to be “in control” so as not to deny yourself the responsibility of being yourself on par with other people?

Basically, the functional mechanisms adjusted by the disease tend to exclude the virus from the unity of the organism. Without early detection, without adequate assistance, many sufferers end up having pains and show certain symptoms. And precisely herein likes the key to the mystery, putting on a maximum substantiality, because this is precisely what dictates the conformation of a vision of a viable solution.

Panic disorder develops amid the perception of death sensations, these being dangerous especially in the absence of a moral vision of the world and things. However, in the dizzying whirlwind of the various symptoms of the sufferers, Gerry manages to develop a new theory on the fight against this relentless virus, based on all that can appear as being disparate or diverse.

Being subjected to a determinism in relation to moral responsibility, relative to a sort of perceptual experience where knowledge and learning are reflected in a deductive system based on the visual analysis of positive and negative examples, this rational-superior being manages to distinguish between what is substantial and what appears to be substantial.

But, sensing a brilliant solution to the problem, he must not consider himself “superior” as a scientist, but must control his impulse not to climb a mountain twice. The impulse to not stop looking for solutions, to cross a limit, to walk without knowing how and – sometimes, even where the wind of events leads him, should not undermine his right to be himself a mortal, hoping for God’s mercy.

Leadership: Do you allow yourself the freedom to project a new image of yourself in comparison to the transformations of the world around you so that you can experience different stages of your existence?

Between the substantial and what appears to be substantial, a fact deriving from adverse life experiences, an interweaving of the two justifiers of the hero’s condition takes place: the pressure of decisive moments and a result of the natural causes in contact.

The circumstances of understanding and counteracting of the risk phenomena are manifested with a greater intensity in the context of unanticipated events, where inexplicable gaps occur, lack of continuity in behavior and attitude. The handicap of forging a mechanism of predictability being redeemed by a vigorous sense of the details in sight, but obscured by random interventions.

Always the man who experiences the defining transformations of the surrounding world, where it is hard to ascertain exactly where small changes occur, but ones of great effect, is in perpetual mobility. Always aspiring to a search that is not enough, that is not directly determined, equivalent to understanding our own inner world.

The basis of this constant search consists of fully receiving this information and the right amount for the mind to focus on higher intents and purposes. Gery discovered the cure, saved humanity, himself becoming the first guinea pig in a death experiment. He realized that before he is more than any man, he must be a guinea pig like any other.

Leadership is the image of a brilliant scientist who might call himself a superior man, but first of all he must accept the condition of being an experiment of his own conscience.

The Man Between Analysis And Vision can shape a world without necessarily being its artisan, only through the creativity necessary for "survival", through the power of noticing the difference between what is substantial and what appears to be substantial.

This is a sort of leadership that doesn’t need to "bake" for it to transform into a true legend, but only presence of spirit.

* Note: World War Z


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