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Master Eisenstein's Creation

On April 23, 2014, in Leadership Deluxe, by Neculai Fantanaru

Try to find the appropriate way to achieve new science, meaning the possibility of adapting it to the necessities of approaching new prospects of leadership.

The revolutionary character of the film "Battleship Potemkin" – in the sense of revolutionizing means of expression – lies primarily in the discovery and perfecting a cinematographic language, which underpins the entire evolution of cinema, from then and up until the present day.

From the technical process, as a means of obtaining certain effects, montage becomes a language for Eisenstein. The great director discovers that thinking in montage cannot be separate from thinking in general, in its entirety. He notes that here, a phenomenon from the history of language repeats itself: people initially expressed their thoughts not in phrases, but in a single word. But these words represented, in fact, primary forms of sentence.

Eisenstein has found the way of a cinematographic language, meaning the possibility of expressing a concept, a thought. He proved that a series of images can be performed so that they provoke an emotional movement which, in turn, gives rise to ideas. The movement switches from image to feeling and from feeling to sentence. In this regard, Eisenstein discovered a specific language of cinema. *

Leadership: Do you understand what is found in the context of the science behind the assembling of elements made in parallel, as compared to the means of obtaining some image effects that can indicate a story?

A leader stays true to his own vision and his own creative work, whether it be done individually or in partnership with a new version of the "Remodeling the future" type of application, to which not just anyone has access to. More than occasionally, he orients his thinking towards finding the elements of transmitting advanced knowledge. These elements are made in parallel with the development of the base product, called "montage", in the sense of revolutionizing the means of building a certain direction of evolution.

Completing your own creative work is done with the assembly of certain elements made in parallel, such as cost, duration, quality, number of activities, complexity, the famous "return of investment" and the capacity of "delivering" the scientific product. The means of obtaining some image effects that can indicate a story relates more to the way you use the means of expression in interpreting a feeling, a notion, a thought, so as to obtain a new variant of a scenario expressing reality, even at the risk of fooling anyone.

Outside the science behind the assembly of elements made in parallel lies the cult of virtue, the support of certain cause in which you believe, but especially in the work of updating the means of transmitting creations. The result of leadership is founded on the desire of offering the world not just a new quality scientific product, but also a message full of power, meaning the possibility of expressing a concept, a thought.

Leadership: Do you understand the difference between the "reply" and "forward" options behind an image that has the power to persuade by conveying a sense of continuity with a revelatory exterior?

The difference between the options "reply" and "forward" consists precisely in that completion of work, which has no other purpose and meaning other than to leave something behind and moving into a higher stage of development, by being aware of the importance of acquiring a higher status due to the deepening of knowledge.

In leadership, the "reply" option refers to the multiple instructions reply you transmit to the participants of progress by means of the science you cultivate and represent. This reply includes certain variables, observed or discovered along the way, of the formal type, which determines a certain conception of the construction of science, which can influence the quality of the finished product.

While the "forward" option, supported only at a high level of leadership, refers to the direction your discoveries take, measures in terms of obtaining new superior effects in what concerns professional quality and recognition gained from your scientific progress.

This option, as an indicator of characterizing the relationship between the activities of thinking, key ideas and its eventual errors, after the concretization of the searches of "meaning" and "knowledge, has the advantage of transmitting greater confidence in the future through the message full of power: "man is to reconnect authentically to what he seeks and what has meaning for his evolution."

An image can have the power of persuasion by conveying a sense of continuity with a revelatory exterior if the elements that form it satisfy the "reality = story" relationship from which a new concept of artistic production originates.

Master Eisenstein’s Creation orients towards a particular and individual path in finding adequate means of expression that can be understood by all, so that the answer to their requests of performance be educational and mobilizing.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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