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Mercy For The Thoughts Of A Restless Mind (II)

On May 20, 2013, in Leadership Know How, by Neculai Fantanaru

Decisively and rationally enforce your will, without becoming a slave of your weaknesses.

Some sort of spiritual restlessness, the sign of multiple uncertainties, a soaring and inhibiting force lingered over her whole being, when Mister Hobbs had entered the picture. Any scientist would be puzzled by the measurements in intensity of her cerebral activity, because surely this would point out an abnormal activity and an unnatural tendency towards an aggressive behavior.

How could you not be fully intrigued when you know you were an accomplice to a bank heist, but haven’t guessed the subtleties of the whole action?

Laura’s scrambled thoughts hardly wait to rebel, randomly struggling in the subconscious. With her ruthless instinct she feels that Hobbs, her diligent accomplice, her trusting ally is planning something. But what ? A hidden desire, a secret plan goes directly through the tempting mazy ways of the ruthless present that she doesn’t understand and can’t figure out.

Instinctively, with the desperation of a lion, Laura fights the inferno she had slipped in because of her anger. The living inferno whose scenario had been ensured by director Hobbs himself, by installing an action framework according to rules only he could know, thus launching a heavy assault against her. The embarrassment of not knowing everything, of being conned, betrayed and lied to pins the poor woman down, like a disconcerted man that doesn’t know what’s going on around him.

And in this moment, Laura’s accentuated disorientation, the chaos in her mind, allow her to rebel against Hobbs, who lied to her: "What have you done ? You said that you would steal just the diamonds that fit into a thermos, not empty the whole room !"

Leadership: Do you level the reception path of hidden messages of your creation, beyond your vulnerability to the other’s actions of exploring your inner world?

In the great unit of her being, unique in a Universe that couldn’t be understood by anyone except the most lucid minds, here the most precious virtues, the highest ideals, the eternal belief in good, suddenly become violent. They devoid reality. Her placid need to find out the truth considerably grows once with enhancing the mystery. Her thoughts swarm around two questions that don’t leave her alone: "How? Why?"

And through this hard-to-crack mystery, Laura’s dependency to Hobbs grows, because her Ego needs different understandings, different, easier to accept, explanations, different possibilities to receive hidden messages beyond the opposition of the short time she needs in order to make a step forward to normalcy. Her most valuable creation is precisely the reason for the postponement of the decision that attests to her willingness to give up her quest for truth.

The integration of your spiritual dimension in a different direction, other than the one you’re willing to reach, to that marked greatness of performers, becomes an almost impossible attempt. That is, if you allow others to treat you like an easy-to-fool factor in a shaping framework revised by that conscience that isn’t concerned only with good or evil, but it stands outside these two qualities, through objectivity.

Leadership: Do you weigh with great thought the arguments that make the conclusion of denying a certain attachment to hidden actions and thoughts, without remaining in that suffering without the possibility of traversing into something else?

The others’ influence has as its reference point your examination in stressful and uncertain conditions. And the constant measurement of the deviation level from the normal limits you are exposed to, can be an experimental activity similar to a "post-test",whose purpose is obtaining some professional advantages.

Somebody said at a certain point: "Being accepted by those around you is not a reflection of yourself, but of the way in which others project over you."The relative error of an individual measure is the ratio between the absolute error of that measurement and the value of the measured size.

This size measured by others is represented through your Ego, subject to the causalities that fuel blocks and limitations, acting by comparing the life situations you are indirectly or directly exposed to. A deviation command of your Ego, anonymously sent by a foreign conviction power, is enough to envelop you in a thick smoke cloud, in a feeling of loneliness, giving life a "null" meaning.

At an identity level, leadership unwraps itself through an extremely precious self-knowledge, which grants you proactive answers to the persuasive challenges based on your exclusion from your subjectivity, by using up and destabilizing the standard of "living".

Leadership: Can you live as if nothing has happened, under the impression of a real life happening that does not necessarily want to justify your gestures of disobedience in the name of consciousness?

The option through which you indirectly give your consent to receive hidden messages, meant to intimidate and confuse you by reducing the usage of all your potential, is, in fact, a component of one of the ways to lose mental and emotional control. Because the ability to be aware and to assume psychological stages and defining necessities is somewhat limited. And it is gradually reduced as you deny your own inherent elements, as you try to please those around you.

Leveling the reception path of hidden messages received from autonomous, independent personalities, or of messages coming from the mistaken understanding of some situations, obstacles, events or activities, means to grant the title of leading a "Down" property, which highlights your inability to create a difference in status and potential.

This means that you aren’t able enough to create a legit power structure, which ensures the relevant evidence of your subjective being. And your subjectivism is directly proportional with the character affinities that can recommend you as a superior man, if you don’t expose yourself to eventual professional or personal failures.

Leadership focused on the defining side of human dignity and spirituality cures the defense ability against aggressive external factors, against "Drag You Down" influences. This ability comes from activating the deep layers of the conscience, where they keep all the truth versions that help you know yourself and understand all the struggles, pains and weaknesses. It’s important to stand above them, especially focusing on what you can accomplish without depending on others.

A true leader accepts to judge a certain moment in a man’s life, sealing him from his past, looking from an outward perspective to previous years, but without expanding his influence on what is happening within him.

Mercy For The Thoughts Of A Restless Mind points out man’s inner weakness, that when discovered by those around, becomes a chance to take advantage and claim more and more rights over him. If you don’t want to fall in the trap of a false loyalty dilemma, decisively and rationally enforce your will, without becoming a slave of your weaknesses.

* Note: "Flawless (2007)"


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