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Movie Scripts: "The Magician"

On May 10, 2008
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Leadership +50% Extra by Neculai Fantanaru

David Worse, a former athlete of performance, starts looking for his dream. He needs help in his journey, but he is always avoided and refused, being perceived by everyone as a superficial guy in anything, and incapable of achieving something great in life. However, one day, just as it happens in general to all the persistent people, who strongly want something, David discovers the secret - with which he can fulfill his dream.

And the secret was found under ... a mask.

A magician is formed under the pressure of events. He changes, loses his true being, dissolves his identity, eliminates his own weaknesses, violates any barriers - and then to disappear completely, appearing suddenly in a new aspect - followed in its turn by other aspects. Firstly, he is a chemist, then a botanist, one time a doctor, then a wise man, another time a physicist, then a priest and a lawyer. Always involved in a process of actions and reactions, of rejections and attractions, of exclusions and coordination, in a world of symbols, and magical filters created even by himself. From all the so associated elements shall be formed a new complex, a completely different human type.

In progress:

Mummy: Infinite Realms

Sherlock Holmes: The Road of Mephistopheles

Sherlock Holmes: Return of Mephistopheles

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