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No Type Of Sacrifice Frightens Me

On November 26, 2016
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Leadership Z3-Extended by Neculai Fantanaru

Start looking for a sense of expression arising from what you are trying to build, without having at hand all the rights over the content that you are experiencing.

Eisenstein once said: "The first distant rumbles of revolutionary art in the making could be heard all around and throughout the heavens. My attraction for the mysterious activity called art was invincible, predatory, insatiable. No type of sacrifice frightens me."

Ready for any type of sacrifice to penetrate theatrical captivity, Eisenstein feverishly wandered through Moscow. The first sacrifice was trying to understand Japanese hieroglyphics with the purposes of being able to, thusly, remain in the capital. And then, giving up the home in Petrograd in return for a wandering without an obvious exit point, on the streets of Moscow. Up until the meeting with Strauch, Eisenstein had no shelter, no food, which one would receive on a card only if they worked somewhere or if they were students (but the University had not opened yet). 1920’s Moscow had a dire shortage of food and warmth.

Despite these tough conditions, the masses’ thirst for culture, the people’s enthusiasm for art gave the Moscow life an unusual warmth, an incandescence fueled by the flame of creative passion. Let us remember that in that time, famous Russian writer Ilia Ehrenburg did not lament for the total lack of paper, but rather wrote, as naturally as possible, novels and poetries on the back of old receipts. *

Leadership: Do you dare separate everyday life in an alternative way, following the habit of considering art as something near and accessible that never gets old?

What strengthens the bond between life and art, given on the one hand the conditions of development, and on the other hand the dynamics of social and moral phenomena, is the fact that all circumstances that propel you from one status to another are given functionality. It’s about that version of the power that you have to show in the conditions of a decrease in the life of the world, the power to be someone else, which gives you the opportunity to connect to that exemplary personality that must remain in your creation.

Any situation, no matter how inappropriate at a surface level, can be seen in two ways. First, in terms of an alliance with "exaggerated efforts", between what you collect without large possibilities of transposing into a control of usefulness, and what you being to introduce in your own form of perception and knowledge starting from small habits.

Then, in terms of a serious intention of force assimilation of certain hidden parts from the meanings that the mind attributes to certain events, which creates new understandings, new very different teachings, whose sole indicator is that of: courageous confrontation.

Art is the output of the relationship between subject, frame and content. Art is a profile of leadership, a process of looking for a meaning of expression arising from what you try to build without having at hand all the rights over the content you wish to experience. With the consequence of replacing or modifying those initial or interim constants that lead to an exceedance of the limit that you can bear.

To separate yourself from everyday life in an alternative way, following the habit of considering art as something near and accessible, means to reserve your right of making modifications to the experimental content. A man who acquires the ability to rise to a high level of understanding and feelings, a mentality that finds support even in a reality mired by its own limits, is a great artist – the only one able to raise experiences to a high level of artistic approach.

Leadership is the alternative to adopting the psychology and coordinates of a personality who allows himself to have everything, or who crosses epochs to make room for the voices of other times to express their individuality, thoughts and ideas in the modern version.

No Type Of Sacrifice Frightens Me is the motto of every man ready to make any sacrifice in order to penetrate the captivity of art, beyond the limits conditions by the circumstances of life.

Leadership is an artistic approach of the gray nuance of life. Truly great men are accomplished artists because they are capable of maintaining and capitalizing their advantage of changing their nuance throughout their lives.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein , Youth Publishing House, 1966.

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