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Olympic Flame

On March 23, 2018, in Leadership V8, by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to connect with yourself, always motivating yourself to maximize what defines others like you.

I listen to "Dj Tiesto – Olympic Flame", from the pure astonishment I experience in the face of a complicated intervention of art in the utterance of a new way of thinking specific to the aesthetics of a confession that is more valuable when viewed from the practical side of the forms of relating to alterity, than when it keeps me in place in a figment of the emotional subconscious.

Many times, I’ve tried to feel the rhythm of this song in the range of perceptions of myself, within the consciousness of a destiny emancipated from eternity, from which the beginning of an adventure into the great infinity integrated into the visual field of the philosophy of life, transposed into a literature that tends to discover new facets of extraordinary artistic evocation.

I constantly listen to it as much as the artist carefully revisits the painting before translating it onto the canvas, without the fear of telling directly to my mind a single part of the universe known as living – the eternal art of nuanced, intellectual expression, which brings me finally to that imperative, "remember yourself" in the great coverage of the artistic image placed in a fictional plane.

Leadership: Are you under the pressure of the creative act to reconsider the concept of POWER with all its echoes, looking at others as being "Different but equal to you" in a context of authentic living that you have to come back to?

It does not take long for you to discover that my literary genre, demanding great finesse, is subject to the combustion of trance, techno and house, sometimes rock or slow, between allegro and presto, culminating in an andante used to illustrate the unity of an organic world. A world demonstrated and justified by some shadows walking on a cloth with rare fabric, through which the artist sketches in his mind what he wants to draw.

They often go from one point of view to another, the overall picture being the only way to decipher a meaning that often escapes the fierce minds that always forget that genius is a mysterious star that comes out of the natural context of nature and which artists admire without binoculars through a huge window called "perceptual experience" or "optical illusion".

Tiesto is the correspondent of the artist who reveals his own existence in order to make the knowing of the self progress and to place art in social reality, he is my counterpart in the realm of music, and he does not even suspect this. He does not even know me. Yet. Perhaps only when he will be able to compose a new chorus from my writings he will realize just how small the world is.

He is my auditory and visual side, I complete his originality through the meaning I give to the alert rhythm in which sounds seem to be collinear with the points in a universe where the symbol does not need protection.

My writings, covering the tunes of his songs, are imagined by an energetic transfer of the formulas of defining and promoting an invincible art through its uniqueness as a kind of close connection between the thousands of generations that preceded us and the thousands of generations that will come. I did not forget that in another life I was most probably a musician.

Leadership: Is the representation of your own inner experience a good opportunity to attract attention, in a context of great visibility, on the existence of an omniscient and eternal entity?

Beyond the reflection of the sounds propagated in a long string of words, beyond the thoughts that an energetic construct raises, beyond all that is temporary, there is a formless adhesion of the Infinite that announces the intrinsic presence of a diffuse hyper-sign, harmonized in a universal intelligence worthy of an artist who strives to depict an omniscient entity according to the motto: "Man is the measure of all things."

In Greek, Amphisbaena means "which going two ways". I assume this term by converting it into a single signal to be transmitted further, amplified by the lively experience of an experience that defies the passage of time.

As a result, they begin to put on the forefront of creation two different ways of making art: through sounds (the first movement of creative power) that determines the meaning given to the divine sparks inside me, and through the power of generating the ideas they have to always create new universes. Of which, you too reader, are now part of.

A group of sounds has at least one meaning for me, as for Jorge Luis Borges: "Glory be with the One who does not die !"

Leadership: Is the art of knowing yourself to find your reflection in a form of creation that builds another identity in terms of a multiplication of the present?

Every time I listen to "Olympic Flame", I feel the nostalgia of the book I must write, a true saga between the look cast upon the art world and the genealogy of the self that verifies the fulfillment of the promises made by God to those living out their lives in two different but united worlds, but united by the same creative approach.

I am a writer among musicians, a sculptor amongst painters, a god amongst mortals, a past absorbed in a present that is debating its future, I am Borges’ rigorous sand book transposed into Shakespeare’s memory. I am Tiesto in a constant search for the deepest meanings of music, translated into a sum of words dressed with the emotions of an experience of sincerity.

All things will remain what they are, the stone will remain a stone, words will remain words. I, among the echoes of another being, will remain the only variant that will make me feel above all, the possessor of infinite knowledge, the creator and his shadow. I will remain the Tiesto of a sound continuously ringing on the axis of time that acts as a bearer of an unexpected quantity of forms of expression of the inner universe.

Undoubtedly, I feel that I will return to a personal approach of the song "Olympic Flame", in an emotionally expressive way, in an original way of making art, individualizing myself with the painter’s courage to avoid what is too well-liked. But why it is so, I do not know. The flame must probably be maintained in the great Olympics of the stars in the world of eternity.

I will find myself when I come back.

The great masterpiece of universal creation can be perceived as a continuous twist between two or more particular identities that assume a history of the "eternal" presence in the world.

Olympic Flame highlights your reaction to a situation requiring the choice: to be a continuous present in human mentality or to be a future in the past of your memories?

* Notă: Dj Tiesto - Olympic Flame

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