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On Both Sides Of Leadership

On June 12, 2016, in Leadership IQ-Light, by Neculai Fantanaru

Stay devoted to the progress of science and creation, in the context of a position that will present equality to the rest against the rest of the world.

I was trying to find a picture made by a painter who knows how to discover the charm of anonymous corners of nature so that I can see myself closer to a wider science different from “the science of language”. To find out the secret of the mysterious contact between the logic of the exception to the rule and generating models of thinking that no one knew about means to cover all possible combinations of a process of evolution that could’ve constituted a sufficient basis for prolonging the orientation of knowledge, in a complex dimension of my being: towards superiority.

Sometimes, I didn’t recognize myself. I seemed to be like a sculptor who tries to create a figure out of a slab of unpolished stone, found by chance on a barren land. Undoubtedly, I was very inventive, but the practice of inventions meant to make visible what was invisible for other minds, rival and suspicious, which tried to understand my reasoning. Through the efforts of reaching a high capacity of expanding the admissible, a colossal step towards a fascinating horizon could be glimpsed.

Any placing surface of a concept in an artistic perspective, based on a thinking that can at any point place a comma where others place a period, symbolizes a space of creation because, as we have seen in the famous world of “3D Illusions”, the color is reduced to a visual constraint on the aesthetics of the urban society, mired by the agitated and limited daily life.

In such a case, I felt privileged by the remarkable contribution I could bring to a life of art that captures only the process of processing images with virtual reality content, identifying links between what remains unchanged in time and what changes through the language of things. The art of a painter is the close view of a link between the object of continuous evolution and the object of an intellectual vision.

The superiority of s creation lies in the attention you place on the location of the vision of a reality that overwhelms you in a demonstration of mastery in the handling of all the virtues of science.

As Racine hoped by means of the play "Phèdre" to reconcile tragedy with a number of famous characters through their piety and doctrine, so too was I delving into a level of production of knowledge trying to reconcile two antagonistic forces: Myself and The Rest of the World.

This was my tragedy, the tragedy of a fulminating and unforgiving ascension, like a dive in a water heavier than lead, from which had to come out the depth of my own person, the highest of virtues, and especially the boundless power of rising to the surface. And later, above everyone else.

I could not overlook the duties of a leading mind, opener of ways, based on the heed "Do everything in your power for your transition towards superiority to be as smooth as possible."

To this end, I started doing a sort of extract from an alternation of the two forces: Myself and The Rest of the World, combining the elements of both faiths, which I would use in identifying inconsistencies and causes of risk that could prevent me from reaping the rewards of creative work.

But a true artist still has to make a demonstration of mastery in the handling of all the virtues of science, the most important being the sincerity with which he manifests his adherence to a subject of public debate and openness to the will of God, to recognize in everything, especially in the vile destinies of life, the opportunity to give fruit for eternity.

Leadership: In your efforts to reclaim the masterpiece that of relationships that directs future science do you tend to opt for unity between “the expansion of the admissible” and “the extension of directing knowledge towards superiority” ?

Future Science in the act of creation is related to 3D and 4D technologies, of this I had to be sure before I present my references vis-à-vis the way of tracing the coordinates of a new artistic language development. I do not know the position of others about my way of looking at the art of the future, but my stance towards orienting in a space of expression that does not fit with evolution is to be a servant for a flock that blindly listens without ever wondering why the direction always changes.

Beyond all laws and judgments, I would make regarding matches of modality, places, time, ideas, situations in which we are forced to yield to the conventions of an increasingly aggressive world that tries to impose its limits, maybe we should seek and find a meaning for them in the context of the life we live. Especially in the context of a position that favorably differentiates us from the rest of the world, while also presenting equality.

However, despite the proximity between certain beliefs, which makes us consider ourselves equals, there exists in each of those devoted to progress a special element, inner, original, one that is necessary for us to perceive and highlight if we want to color the painting of a success, the escape from an oppressive daily routine. With the risk of seeming unfaithful to the world.

This element, by its very nature differentiable, this special particularity expressed as a unique content of leadership, in the context of an acute necessity of affirmation as a competitive and dynamic player in a world in constant reconfiguration, is represented by the tendency towards the union between "the expansion of the admissible" and "the extension of the orientation of knowledge" towards superiority.

The science that generates a unique thought is a testimony of the profound conviction with which that characteristic of the mind manifests itself to transform any content of knowledge and even life into an object of art, projecting it in front of your eyes as an unprecedented world.

The Admissible, placed in contact with many things, is a triumph of creation, able to be designated and conceptualized as a presence of an expected positive outcome. It places creation on the highest peak of the existential and professional arc, as an intensification of man’s desire to put their knowledge at the world’s disposal, in service to society, giving a good example through the way of relating to itself and understanding itself in its possibilities of being.

Today, increasingly often, the example of a creator is reduced to secondary characteristics, due to the tumultuous representatives of the world whose central point of interest is not originality, not the quality or durability of a creation, but only the possibility to sell, regardless of effects.

In this equation intervenes the role of an artist put in the position of a leader. This role is played increasingly often in two ways: the transmitter and the receiver.

The transmitter is the man who supports the expansion of the admissible, truly being a quality of authority in the field. He doesn’t necessarily reveal the way in which something needs to be done, such as a work of creation, but rather offers cues about what exactly is being done as a form of personal promotion. The transmitter gets fundamentally close to the idea of valuable consumption as an object of consciousness.

While the Receiver allocates these cues to activate the resources to create, in an attempt to highlight the essential from the content of its art.

The creation that you associate with an image from which you need to inspire yourself to trace a predictable horizon in which science could reach the performance of an epochal discovery has as a first form of manifestation the making of a miracle called “universal language” that transcends any cultural barriers.

On Both Sides Of Leadership, directed towards progress and innovation, is the unity between "the expansion of the admissible" and "the extension of the orientation of knowledge towards superiority", followed by the two positions: transmitter and receiver. An artist put in the position of a leader must be superior in both stances.

The extension of orientation of knowledge towards superiority can be attributed to the attempt of reconciling two antagonistic forces: Yourself and The Rest of the World, in an equation in which the best outcome can be obtained only if you manage to identify the inconsistencies and causes of risk that may prevent you from reaping the rewards of creative work.

One of the obstacles that prevents you from reaping the rewards of creative work is to obtain the element of novelty, without perceiving the direction of the world’s development. The highest risk is to create your own style of thinking and creation, avoiding the trends of the times through originality.


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