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On That Side Of The Mirror That We Don't See

On July 05, 2022
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Leadership and Attitude by Neculai Fantanaru

The artist of a boundless world concentrates on a small image, then daily repeats a pattern of observing the same image with another abstraction, that is, from an inner observation.

I’m holding a mirror. And do you know what that means? It means that I don’t have to hold two mirrors in my hand to see what I can see very well with one. And even the mirror, as it is, small, ennobled, idealized, does not need two people to reflect their face in it to realize how useful it is to the whole world. Because if a single person looks in it, and sees himself differently than the others, then all the other mirrors in the world will be envious of him.

Thus, with all the apparent unity of vision of all mirrors, I assume another reason for admiration for the brilliance of the mirror I now hold in my hand, with its wonderful image effects. How can I see myself in it if I try to explore that side of the mirror that I don’t see?

I still persist in considering that all that I observe in myself, according to the art of using the reflection of the mirror as a source of wonder and admiration, as it is expressed in the field of artistic compositions, is the product of the universal capacity of the mind’s eye to reach the grace of things holy.

Alas, and if I could mirror myself in her soul, in her joy, see how she looks at me when I look at her with ageless eyes, maybe I would be able to make the chance of space-time dilation fruitful. In the present case, reflection equates to contemplation, unifying and deifying, springing from an Axprissteken– a call for that which has no voice and yet speaks in all that is, a path that leads to the realization of the present moment, to the annihilation of all causality.

Leadership: Can you ensure a better “visibility” of your own sui-generis, regardless of the angle in which you place your Ego on the middle part of an image that leads through the “sensible” to a transparent estimation of reality?

And whenever I look at myself in the little mirror, looking at her with the eyes with which she knows how to look at herself, I reconfirm my availability for a dialogue with myself. And I tell myself only this: here everything lives, everything breathes and desires, as in a poem of light and beauty that the optical ecstasy carries in flight with the angels. No, I am not referring to that quality of the mirror to simply reflect, but to that characteristic feature that began to develop in her: the conscious interpretation of everything she hears from her interlocutors.

Listening carefully to the monologues of the one reflected in her, she says nothing. The mirror is still under the effect of a very strong experience, under the effect of silence. The time will come – she thinks in her terrible silence – when I will reflect deeply on all this, and if I acquire the ADAB (the science that encompasses all the philosophy of the world), I will not be content to learn them from the reflection of others, but from their own mouths.

In fact, this is how I began my monologue, making a parallel with the artist’s work, full of a feeling of happiness, youth and freedom: I invested knowledge and affections in certain material, visual configurations, so as to create a double of myself.

In this game of approximations of an ideal place of “conversation” with the work of the mirror, this Enoizaerhos: revelation of something extraordinary that awaits its mysterious destiny, I can tune in to the voice of the universe. Speaking to me like a saint, looking at me through the focus that always keeps the artistic movement alive, with an almost unbearable intensity that leads to a “dilation of the mind’s eye”, the mirror still has an ace up its sleeve: it can encompass the beauty of the sky of summer with her solar gaze.

Leadership: Can the image gained through honest self-reflection bring out the expression of your individual creativity, as well as a necessity for expanding your vision beyond your limiting beliefs?

I’ll say it another way. The mirror looks at me as it looks at the sky, through a whole range of shades, but especially through a perfect optical illusion, so through the technique of forced perspective, so as to create hidden models or images. When she looks at me, with that sidelong look, trying to mask her astonishment and perhaps, the unspoken thought, she seems to see a physicist rising above the world she describes through a coordinate plane with an optical system for rendering an image that seems unreal, creating the illusion of three-dimensionality. The physicist’s paradox is thus transposed, when the human mind seeks to understand its own functioning from the inside.

Therefore, the expression of my individual creativity is the transition from one environment to another, from one reality to another. It refers to the influence that an image has on my sensibility, having artistic reception only when the viewer of my image tries through the sensible to penetrate into the intelligible.

I think the mirror recognizes me as the “Man of Lights”, the mirror image of the representation of the world that only a physicist like Newton elaborates. According to a secret hidden in Newton’s Chest, this Man of Lights believes he can know himself as he believes he can know the world. But, confined within his limits, he leaves aside everything that escapes his consciousness. However, only the mirror can determine how balanced the perception of a double image is, just as astronomers can determine the mass, age, chemical composition, and many other properties of a star by observing its motion through space.

Looking into the mirror, gazing into a world that virtually extends beyond the framework of time and space, I could see a reflected image of the wisdom of divinity and the philosophy of Paradise, formed by the light emitted or scattered by them and reflected by the mirror to the eyes that need it. This effect gives the illusion that I myself exist behind the mirror or (sometimes) in front of it, as an additional optical indicator to show a certain star or constellation, simultaneously with my orientation in this earthly world.

In leadership we will always come across this aspect: inspiration comes from inside or outside the artist depending on the relationship he has with himself, with the unreal world and with his own real world.

I found myself On That Side Of The Mirror That We Don’t See before writing this article. Proving an ability to understand logic that no one else possesses, the mirror revealed my last wish, before reflecting not only my face, but only my soul, always young and dreamy:

“I’d like to learn to be like you. I’d like to be the apple of your eye. To see what only you can see in yourself when you look back at me.”


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