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One Cannot Reach Knowledge Without Education

On April 15, 2020, in Leadership Mindware, by Neculai Fantanaru

Focus on what you can control so that you can regain a sense of control over what is happening to you.

My revelation, however, did not have the blinding light of supreme knowledge, but rather resembled the pestilential, unreal green of the chapel, which made me feel guilty and oppressed. It was not God speaking in me, it was just all my thoughts decanting and becoming clear, making me understand that the deepest doctrine of the Church is not inevitably in contradiction with thought, science and reason. This understanding, however, did not help me at all, because I did not feel God in any other way. I only knew that the Church is the law, the order and the way, indispensable for the common man, who, without education, could not reach knowledge and therefore only had to believe. The corruption of one of its members did not corrupt the Church, because it was built by men, and man is a limited being and subject to all the laws of a finite world. Many congregations, many monasteries may have become too mundane, so they deserved people’s ridicule, but I now understood why so many talented people had become monks and given up their former lives.

Most were content with order and faith and did not need more, but that was not and could not be enough for everyone, and I was one of those who could never be satisfied with that. From here came the incurable feeling of guilt that did not give me peace, that sadness that overshadowed all my happiness. I was asked more than the others. Something in me demanded more of me than others, no matter how hard I resisted. It was a ruthless and unshakable command, but I didn’t know where it came from and I didn’t want to give up. So be it, I thought, let this be my science and let all my efforts be in vain.*

Leadership: Can you imprint a movement on what is immutable and ubiquitous, by revealing a knowledge based on the interpretation of one's own image through ambiguity and concealment?

Everything we think, we say in the same way, even if the words are covered by an authentic Christian mysticism, is due to a supreme knowledge springing from the need to learn from errors and mistakes, that is, from the need to make up for certain limitations inherent in the human condition. We become harsh with ourselves when we do not rise to the advanced level of knowledge that can cause us to change our standard of living, or abandon the condition of spectator in favor of participating in a highly successful story.

It is still thinking, science and reason that show us that everything that surrounds us and shapes our psyche and daily habits, for every bit of existence and uniqueness, is interposed to a decision that can produce an effect of “revelation beyond the fence”, if and only if the “fight or flight” reaction intensifies. Basically, revelation is what happens in our minds about a certain change when the deeds we commit accelerate the random movements of singular events and phenomena.

Out of the need to maintain a high level of knowledge at all times, we invest in the education of the mind and soul, but at the same time focus on that unseen intervention by which “Divine Intervention” provides people with self-knowledge and complements natural self-knowledge. Or what is immutable and omnipresent is closely connected with what the mind can capture beyond the reality that is harsh or surprising, too little accepted by many, namely that the highest meaning we can attribute to life is the opportunity to discover the universe of science. The people behind the experiments best understood the rationality of the universe and the true purpose of life.

Or the true purpose of life is not to know happiness or love, but to feed the accelerated expansion of the universe with new creations, ideas, discoveries and inventions, but also with feelings and plans, with momentary feelings and memories. The highest love comes from the area of science, from our spiritual knowledge, and not from that state in which you have the impression that everyone is yours, when in fact you have contributed nothing to its development.

The true education of the scientist is found in the process by which he develops his ability to relate to increasingly large areas of existence, such as entering a reality that is configured from the ability of the self to project itself outward as a kind of substitution of God.

(This is also the essence of the book “Dr. Moreau’s Island” written by H.G. Wells).

In Conclusion: Knowledge based on the interpretation of one’s image through ambiguity and concealment is a reality based on the example of a life characterized by a lack of real self-acceptance, meaning that you are not able to perceive your true value (it can be gained through a revelation like: “Focus on what you can control so you can regain some sense of control over what’s happening to you.”)

One Cannot Reach Knowledge Without Education, especially if education is not synonymous with conscious, organized action, carried out in front of a reality difficult to accept, but which once understood frees you from the limits of a world ruled by illusions, and unable to understand anything else apart from their own fears and needs.

A man of science is a follower of the philosophy that man’s duty is to reach the image of God through the five universal experiences: creation, discovery, invention, research and transformation.

* Note: Mika Waltari - Young Ioannis, Polirom Publishing House, 2020


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