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One Second Dedicated To The Resurrection

On November 22, 2012, in Leadership 360˚, by Neculai Fantanaru

Bring the living into the extremely complex structure of the Human within you, well-delimiting those molecular links between "to be" and "not to be".

Before reading the following, please answer a question. What would you prefer to be: an ocean or a pearl?

The "Choice" of Vincent was not guaranteed at birth. He did not have a high genetic factor. There was nothing remarkable about his progress. From his early childhood, he came to consider himself as the others regarded him. A chronically ill person. Frail. Unable to achieve any performance in any field. The rocky border of his life did not offer him any gap that would allow the access to its interior, could not be pierced by any talent, by any particular feature.

While his younger brother, Anton, was a perfect son, of whom any parent would be proud. He had no excuse to fail at something. In particular, he was equally remarked as a brilliant student and an excellent swimmer. Performance after performance at everything, alike an artist invited to take part with all his feelings in all that life offers to him. Full of talent, endowed with authority, with a great curiosity, a strong desire for affirmation, tenacity and perseverance.

Their favorite game was the "Chicken". When their parents were not watching them, they used to swim in the ocean as far as they could. A kind of bet. It was more about who was first to give up and swim back to shore. Certainly, Vincent has been always the "chicken". He was always the loser.

Leadership: Have you practiced the ability to match the role assigned to your life with the skills of the TEST day that says "Start" to a new beginning?

However, one day, when the two brothers played the "Chicken" something happened. Something amazing. Something, which did not let the man to be like before. Anton and Vincent decided to cut the skin of the big toe with a shell, as blood brothers do. A small cut both out blood. In a moment Vincent made ​​the gesture. But Anton - a confusing fact - hesitated. He takes the shell in his hand, looks carefully, and throws it without respecting the deal.

And only then, at that moment of pure awakening, Vincent, like a man, who was blithely under the influence of an irresistible force, realized that through his veins flowed something else. A very rare blood type, a brave and hot blood. As a kind of insurance policy against cowardice. A perfect state of maintenance of his entire Ego.

Suddenly, a new power aroused his entire spiritual content, his beliefs, values ​​and behavior. Through the deepest fibers of his being, of the being, who apparently with all the efforts made, could not achieve only just the hypostasis of a trivial character on the stage of life, entered and has materialized that mysterious fluid of communication between him and someone else. An Alter-Ego. A petty power, only in its infancy, but a Hercules in the cradle.

The difference between them was that Vincent had a high resistance to pain and suffering. While Anton was sensitive to this chapter. One of them will be propelled by pain and suffering, and will pull down the other one.

Leadership is a symbol of the impossible made possible in the equation with two unknowns that turn life into a true art: the happening and how you react to its effect.

A quality, a single one, stuck to the most hidden corners of his being, sewn with the finest thread of trust, with his own defense mechanism - a will, gained through pain and spirit of sacrifice, on the least visible part of his identity. While, in its turn turning into a unique set of qualities that will break down, from one end to another about Vincent's existence, everything will get in their way - circumstances or actions. Covering everything, even the deepest abyss of suffering, and the bitterest fears with which he lived.

A man, who will collect until the dawn of the clear days, the most creative energies, of perfection, into a society, which chooses only the human models of quality. A break between the present and the future. A relaxation of spirit, a spectacular renewal of the relationships with himself.

Vincent reached the final where he aimed, where no one would have predicted this. At Gattaca. In the midst of that privileged class, where only the few, the chosen ones, the extraordinary, were allowed to enter.

Good luck, bad luck, fate or coincidence - so many of us judge in our indignation, those spectacular leaps towards impossible of those "Nobody’s". They get to prove more important than all, only through the fact that they manage to lead the events, even if they are against them.

Being thrown by destiny into the depths of the largest ocean, to rise up to the surface, holding your breath, moving only your hands and feet. And, above all, to traverse its immense surface, passing through the strongest storms and hurricanes, until the farthest shore. This is called, dear friends, Summam Successus, the real success, the escape from a space of the impossible. This means to be a winner. This means being "Vincent".

Leadership: Do you manage to get over the hypostasis of the image of "No one", rushing at the first moment of receiving the impossible to identify it as a privilege of being "Vincent"?

The most valuable people are not those who covet and ceaselessly struggle to achieve the first place. Not those, finally reaching the highest peak of the pyramid. No diplomas, no awards, no talent, no intelligence, no financial means, no genius and no culture will ever be sufficiently caught with screws. These are just some "snapshots" maximum muscle strains that increase the pressure on an area of ​​interest.

The real winners are the builders, les plus grands artistes du monde, those, who create with their own efforts the unique pyramid, from the first until the last brick. Those well-oiled machines that do not grab after the start of the whistle. Those, who pass unnoticed into the most part of their life, but whom, through the spirit of sacrifice and faith, succeed to build a road, on which all others are unable to walk. Those, who succeed to bring the "living" into the extremely complex structure of the Human within them, well-delimiting those molecular links between "to be" and "not to be".

The champion strives to climb to the top of the pyramid. However, the builder knows also to build it and demolish it. Moreover, to strengthen it, and raise it up to the level he wants. In other words, the champion can rise only to the level determined by the builder.

A constructor is always above a champion.

Leadership: Do you concentrate the essence of your own determination on a work called "Super Ego" or do you intensify your effort to transform an imperfection?

The beginning of a legend is triggered by the idea that you have to dive into an ocean where no one sees you until you manage to uncover the inestimable pearl found within you.

As for Anton, it had seemed destined to become a big winner. An ocean in defense and attack. The biggest merits. The most precious qualities. The perfect model for Gattaca. Along with the other champions, other talents, other models.

However, he is, in fact, a metaphor which suggests the idea that the right to be the best and the most powerful, the talent, honors, the numerous conferred awards, absolutely all the acknowledgments, and the obtained diplomas – WILL NOT MAKE YOU A WINNER, will not make you a truly valuable person, will not make you a builder. But, maybe just another champion among the thousands of champions.

Those like Anton are blessed with a lot of qualities. They are fierce, tenacious, and stubborn, with the spirit of a winner, enthusiastic, talented. An arsenal of virtues. True oceans of society. They are represented by the Super Ego, an easily constructed authority, which often generates disaster from too much self-confidence.

However, we should never forget that the oceans are on view. Sometimes, they amaze us through their power. While the real gifts of nature, the most precious pearls, of a high quality, are not on view, but must be sought, identified, brought to light and then polished.

Leadership: Do you have a quality that can defeat an ocean?

A pearl will never rise to the level of an ocean. However, it will hurt its pride and will give it certain vulnerability.

At the end of the movie "Gattaca (1997)" Anton, envious and full of evil, makes a last attempt to prove his supremacy in front of his brother. Simply, he could not accept that a "nobody", a stranger, came to Gattaca, proving himself far superior to him and everyone else.

For, yes, Vincent was above all the "champions" only through the fact that he managed to move the sun instead of the moon. He was the only one who achieved the impossible.

The two ones are challenging each other once again. As they did when they were little. And, again, the essence of the man with a stronger character emerges; once again the most steeled feature separates the shore of two human types. Vincent wins the challenge by accepting and assuming the "pain". While Anton - the perfect man, the unsurpassed athlete – gets tired, letting himself being dragged down by the strong currents. And again Vincent, cutting the wild waves, turns back and saves him from drowning.

Are you giving yourself up to chance and the will of others? Are you the one, who controls his fate, or the power of your "brother" manipulates you without realizing it? Will you save your "brother" who controls in secret the courage to be different?

Do you have a quality that can propel you before all "champions"? What would it be? What are the prohibitions that prevent you to rise above the "ocean"? Are you a man resistant to "pain" or are you a force of nature with weaknesses? Are you "Vincent" or "Anton"?

The privilege of being Vincent is a standard of "perfection" considered to be a determining factor of man’s attitude from the opposition of the two entities: the situation of being limited and the power of believing in the miraculous.

One second dedicated to the resurrection is enlightening for revealing the moment when we discover that unique transforming quality that can propel us up to unknown heights. However, we must seek this pearl, to know what to do with it. To transform it into a creative energy.

Therefore, look for the pearl from the deep ocean of the man whom you are, it is something that you already have in your blood, something that belongs to you and nobody can limit it. Look into you what others do not see and never find.


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