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Paganini And One String

On November 15, 2014, in Leadership IQ-Light, by Neculai Fantanaru

Continue to focus on what works by improvisation, so as to integrate yourself into the depths of leading experience.

The famous Italian violinist, Niccolo Paganini, was playing before a large audience when a string off his violin broke. He marvelously improvised and continued playing. Then another string broke. And then another. Soon he was left with but one string. Paganini continued to improvise and finished the composition with a single string. When, finally, the applause faded, the conductor turned to the audience and shouted: "Paganini… and a single string !" The crowd began to cheer and Paganini began to play again with a single string. *

Leadership: Do you lose control of "magic" in a reality of accepted limitations, more than accepting the power of Creation in ascendancy with the predominance of improvisation experience?

You will not be able to really explore the depths of leading experience if you lack the ability to establish common meanings between the two constants: "the predictable" and "the unexpected" – in the presence of a consequential director represented by the complex report between inclination and duty. The accumulation of these two constants takes shape in a reality of accepted limitations, in favor of focusing on outcomes defined through the prism of maneuvers of the type "slalom through errors, inconsistencies or flaws."

You must first accept limitation, so that afterwards you can transform it into a small work of art. This limitation is given by the inability to demonstrate a special ability when all the others are put on “pause”, being the essence of leadership to know how to turn a moment of complacency into a moment of great brilliance.

If you try to only within stimulating and convenient frames to reach performance, being involved in the reports of the professional affirmation process and the creation of an as good as possible image, then you will not be able to evolve towards a higher value. Because the activity you carry out can change your expectations. All incoming impulses from the outside world may come over you with terrible power, the limits you reach becoming an inner experience. In this case, you are confronted with the imperative need to choose between being true to the expectations of others and being am experimental model for some vain ambitions.

When you find yourself in the shoes of the magician that loses control of his "magic", distancing himself from his own model of innovation, you begin to manifest your complexity from the perspective of an Ego that feels abandoned by any form of trust and any hint of inspiration. This Ego starts holding you captive within a horizon of expectation, in a concrete "somewhere" which recapitulates and repeats itself all the time, until reaching an "elsewhere" that eludes the significant. This, in leadership, is called "The Effect of Changing the Experience of the Regular Functioning."

The leader is a mathematician of the formulas of continuing concrete experience, able to solve an equation with many unknowns, or rather, to bring it to a solvable form by resorting to the algorithm called "Possible". Acting in accordance with the rules of professional responsibility, by composing the norms of professional responsibility, he opens the door for a reasoning that modifies the perception of what appears wrong during his "representation."

The power of Creation lies in the artist’s ability to design a new expressive, impactful and relevant content, in a reality that stubbornly closes it in a selfish, lonely self, without means of consolation.

Paganini And A Single String brings into view that unexpected situation in which the results can be quantified only through fireworks of acumen and creativity. In leadership, limits can always be pushed forward. Actually, true experience in leadership, victories and defeats on the background of unexpected challenges, is to be authentic in what you claim even when you are about to run out of credibility and value.

The limits of your own performance are not found, therefore, on the path of your progress in a certain direction or in a certain model of operation. In fact, you will encounter such limits only when you deviate from the normal way of producing results, heading towards situations for you are unprepared. Your enthusiastic vision about the possibilities of operation (through improvisation) should be imposed to the uncertain results that suggest the existence of certain inherent barriers that you must surpass.

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