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Act Confidently And Efficiently

On March 15, 2009, in Personal Development, by Neculai Fantanaru

Exercise a full control over your functioning, so that your performance could reach the level of excellence.

A mysterious murder that took place on a cruise ship has sparked panic among the passengers. Although, all the clues led to one person, Detective Columbo was convinced that someone else was actually the murderer. It was someone so wily that managed to send everyone on a wrong track, and who knew to hide his traces very well. So, stubborn to God, Columbo continued his research: investigating the crime scene many times, and constituting ​​many plausible scenarios, he put a lot of questions to all the passengers. Ultimately, he became a nuisance to the travelers who wanted to continue their entertainment !

Observing the trouble that Columbo produced everywhere around him, the captain of the ship has addressed to him on a very serious tone: "Lieutenant, why are you stubborn to continue this investigation? The murderer was caught. Tomorrow, the competent authorities will take the appropriate action. I insist not to bother anymore the people on the ship!"

Do you think that the ship’s captain managed to convince Columbo to stop the investigations? Well, he does not. Columbo continued his investigation, and in the end he discovered who the real murderer was.

Leadership: Do you know how to adjust the detection and configuration sensor of a reality foreign to you?

If you are good at cars, then you know that the role of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) is to control the amount of fuel entering the combustion chambers. ECU receives these data from the sensors placed in the engine and uses as input parameters in the equations, which it has to solve in order to produce the output values ​​that will control the motor control mechanisms: injectors, pumps, spark plugs.

The same is in your case. Your potential is given by that very active "sensor" within you, which measures the way your perceive the circumstances, the way you think, feel and act – which, if it is properly regulated and well-kept, increases the level of trust and efficiency, charging you with an impetus and an intense enthusiasm. This sensor grows the pressure of your potential depending of your type of personality, depending of your training and your willingness to get involved in the core of all the matters concerning your career.

In order to give a maximum efficiency in the activities that you carry on, you must increase the control over the functioning of your own evaluation "engine" of the configuration of a reality that you find foreign - which can guarantee you better performance and more power to manifest your professional skills.

Leadership: Can you produce that effect of optimization processes which lead to positive results?

For your impact with the excellence (in the field where you perform your activity) to produce in a fast and controllable pace, without affecting the essence of your value and the integrity of your operating system, you must adopt an attitude of a winner, of a researcher. You have to get involved in your own role in the formation of your professional skills. Namely, you have to transform yourself into a Columbo, to strengthen your ability to produce an effect of optimization of those processes which lead to positive results, not to false ones.

How do you get involved in your own role? Your excellent ability in an area of activity and the attitude is forming the leverage that transmits the propellant energy necessary to achieve a superior performance. Before launching a career that opens yourself new perspectives, it is very important to build an attitude of investigator of facts and assumptions.

Probably, the motto of Columbo was always: "I will never, never give up until I will not discover the truth." This is the kind of mentality you must adopt when you face a difficult problem. You have to be very persistent, even stubborn in order to find the optimal solution. Moreover, if you are determined enough to go to the end despite all the obstacles that you encounter, you will surely find a solution that pleases you.

Do you risk losing your reputation?

What would have happened if Columbo abandoned that complicated case and would have left the conclusion of the investigation in the care of the authorities? You guessed it. He would have lost his reputation. All his colleagues from work would not have trusted him anymore, and would not ask so often for his help. In other words, Columbo would have become a common police officer, a simple detective, from whom no one would have expected too much.

It is so embarrassing to lose your reputation, and others, less talented than you, to outrival you through sustained efforts. That is why it is important to keep your spirit alive and to be always in alert. Being always ready to act with determination in any situation, try to find more effective solutions before others. Maintain yourself on favorable positions. Be stubborn and persistent in your efforts in order to achieve the proposed objectives.

Exercise a full control over your functioning, so that your performance could reach the level of excellence.


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